Reports in this weeks Gazette that Whitby’s streets are amongst the cleanest in the country has angered local residents. The report on the gazette website claims “WHITBY’s streets are among the cleanest streets in the country – and that’s official.

“Scarborough Borough Council has picked up a coveted Clean Britain 5 Star Award for having some of the cleanest streets in the country – one of 22 other local authorities from across the UK to be awarded with the 5 Star Award.”

However the article has resulted in a number of gazette readers contacting Real Whitby to express their dismay at the article. Residents from Franks terrace have said “Clearly these people never visited our area which is has to be one of the filthiest areas of town. Our streets are covered in rubbish, and if its not rubbish then its dog excrement you have to dodge on your way down the street.”

Angry residents of Fishburn Park have also been in touch. Well known local councillor Ian Havelock told Real Whitby “I was surprised at the Gazette headline – “Whitby’s streets among the cleanest in the country” – I have been campaigning for years about the disgraceful state of the streets on Fishburn Park,, however residential areas don’t really count, whilst the tourist “hot spots” get all the attention. I don’t think the judges came round here – do you?”

Fishburn Park

Fishburn Park - What A State !!

Ian also sent the following pictures in to show the Real Story behind Whitby’s litter problem. You can click on the images to see them in full size.  As always we look forward to your comments on another Real Whitby story.


Since originally publishing this article. Tom Brodrick has contacted Real Whitby with the below pictures of Silver Street. Tom says “I have two businesses along Silver Street. A  few weeks ago Silver Street as can be seen in the photos was shocking. It had looked like this for four weeks.