Whitby Park And Ride A Bad Idea For National Park

Dear North Yorkshire Moors National Park Planning

This planning application for a Park And Ride Scheme In Whitby should never ever have been remotely considered by the National Park.

Also I did not realise that it was only for 250 cars on hard standing with 200 on grass I presume with special mesh standing, This is a complete waste of £5,000,000 (Five Million Quid In Real Whitby Terms).

Do you realise that you can count 200 vehicles driving past into Whitby on a rainy day in 30 minutes, @ one vehicle every 15 seconds.

That’s only on one main route into Whitby.

Also an interesting point being that there is no Heart Beat, there is no Endeavour Sailing Ship and that there is a serious downturn in the economy.

For this to proceed would be very unusual. Was there any influence at all within NYMNPA when this idea was being pushed through.

The National Park is sacrosanct, for this to proceed, this major £5000,000 development, for a lousy 200 vehicles.

New technology, empty school Car Parks all over Whitby during busy holiday peak periods. Why dont NYCC develop a Phone App so as people can be directed to school Car Parks and raise revenue for the schools ?

As well as improve Mayfield road junction and parking notices throughout Whitby town none of which has been looked at.

There are So many alternatives that have never ever been explored.

Tom Brodrick
The Reading Room Gallery
24a Flowergate
North Yorkshire

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  1. pete budd  December 19, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Excuse me; Whitby is not part of the National Park, nor does it have a Marine Reserve, nor A Single Local Authority. Why would a National Park want a Huge Car Park if not for the money for its process?

  2. Tom Brodrick  December 21, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    What about opening up all school and college car parks in Whitby during the busy school holiday periods free to locals, thereby freeing up all of the streets for tourists during busy periods, ie school holidays.
    Locals must register first using their council tax certs as proof of residence, perhaps a tiny admin fee for a window sticker.
    All school Car Parks could offer parking during school holidays, providing much needed income for the schools through parking meters situated at each site.
    Again a phone app can offer all these parking alternatives, giving directions and the time taken to walk into town.
    Whitby West Cliff school
    Stakesby school
    East Whitby school
    Airy Hill school
    St Hilda’s school
    Caedmon school (At least 200 cars)
    Eskdale School (At least 800 cars)
    Community College
    Five years ago on a bank holiday traffic was backed well up both Flowergate and Skinner street inc all the way up St’Hildas Terrace. All of a sudden it ceased and I have never witnessed traffic backing up again. Probably due to the economic down turn and the loss of visitor attractions for example the tall ships ‘The Endeavour’ leaving for Australia and the ‘Grand Turk’.
    I have also witnessed the decrease in traffic seven days a week, twelve months of the year, I also witness the empty shops along Church Street and Baxtergate and the empty parking spaces, especially in the 40 minute zones at the weekends.
    What about the large parcels of land doing nothing in Whitby itself.. The old NYCC yard for sale and the SBC yard for sale, transferred as community assets to provide parking and income to be ring fenced for Whitby. Or the very large parcel of land along the old East Coast railway adjacent to Love Lane.
    How many villages offer parking along the train route, Lealhome, Danby, Pickering, Grosmont £5 day, all offering parking and alternative transport into Whitby. An App for a phone could list all the options & timetables of connecting trains and busses and provide exact walking distance with a map (usually on phone) to follow.
    Whitby could be a first offering these options, technology has taken giant leaps since the idea of a Park & Ride was first hatched.
    The Park and Ride could provide an ideal site during Whitby Regatta providing Water and sanitation to visitors, providing it wasn’t permanently occupied. Or provide parking and sanitation to motor homes, but then again there are already camp & caravan sites in the area.
    Upgrade Mayfield junction, provide electronic counters for each existing Car Park linked to NYCC’s own server so as an App can provide instant data regards spaces in main Car Parks followed by data for school parking areas. People may prefer to park in school car parks thereby providing a school with a little extra income.
    So many other options that have never been explored, let alone the economic downturn and loss of visitor attractions, just a Park and Ride, pushed through by a handful of secret individuals in un-named, un-minuted meetings behind closed doors. It’s a “we have the money therefore we must spend it” attitude
    The National Park is coming under enough pressure by the new mining proposals, it is sacrosanct, that’s why it exists, for the future of our children.

  3. Richard Ineson  December 22, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Tom Brodrick is right, this park and ride scheme is fatally flawed in many ways. It will indeed, be bad for the National Park, the loss of valuable and picturesque agricultural land, the bus shelter/waiting room, designed without any thought as to making this building fit in with its surroundings, the giant traffic island, etc.etc. all madness.

    But it will not be just bad for the National Park, it will be even worse for the residents of Whitby who are going to pay for it all – £415,000 spent already on consultants and not even a blade of grass cut, to show for this money.

    We have been promised that ‘priority will be given to residents as regards parking’ a lot of people, who have not studied the small print, have fallen for this smoke screen.

    Take for instance, the east side of Whitby, which has been allocated 63 parking spaces, this for an area which has the least on street car parking in Whitby, and an area which contains over four hundred buildings including holiday cottages, hotels, B&B, cafes, shops, pubs not to mention the long suffering residents.

    The only people who will benefit from this scheme are the proprietors of these self same, pubs, shops, cafes, B&B, hotels and holiday cottage owners who will get another few hundred visitors per day, in the peak season, to fill their pockets.

    Meanwhile, the residents will pick up the £5 million bill for this ill considered Park and (get taken for a ride) scheme.

    I have covered the details,in other articles on Real Whitby, of how the so called ‘public consultation’ was manipulated by the three STAKEHOLDER STEERING GROUPS whose memberships were dominated by the commercial sector and in particular, by the tourist associations, the members of these secret groups were unelected, unmandated, anonymous and are unaccountable.

    My prediction is that that the P&R scheme is going to be a scandalous waste of public money and will be a ‘white elephant’ on a grand scale. As Tom points out, this scheme was developed at a time when the ‘Heartbeat’ television programme was a weekly, hour long, free, advertisement, for North Yorkshire in general, and Whitby and the immediately surrounding area in particular, we also had a boost from the visits of ‘The Endeavour’.

    This period has passed, the commercial sector had the advantage of these ‘golden years’ to provide for the future, an opportunity which was missed – look at Whitby over these past four weeks, just like a ghost town, where was the ‘Christmas market’ or the ‘Continental market’ or the street entertainment? I can suggest a theme tune for this town and its traders, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

    Hopefully,Eric Pickles is looking at this potential fiasco, and perhaps there might even be doubts at County Hall about proceeding with this extreme folly. My advice? Cancel it, write off the money already wasted, come back to it when the period of austerity has passed, Osborne says that this will be post 2018.

    The, have a proper open and transparent public consultation,take notice of what the public, in particular what the residents, have to say, and then draw up proposals for a fair and equitable scheme which really does balance the needs of residents, the commercial sector, and visitors to the town.

    No more secret STAKEHOLDER STEERING GROUPS please.

  4. Nigel Ward  December 22, 2012 at 11:37 am

    I see here a lively contender for the 2013 Private Eye ‘Money Wasters of the Year’ Award.

  5. Nigel Ward  December 22, 2012 at 11:41 am

    On am equally serious note, readers may be interested in Tom Brodrick’s article on this topic:


  6. Dave Red  January 2, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Please correct me if I am wrong. I am sure that I read somewhere that the park and ride scheme is essential to the plans of the potash company. The high incidence of traffic that will be created by workers travelling to the mine from the A171 along the B1416 down the hill through Ruswarp past the school (20mph zone) over the bridge over the river Esk and up Oakley Bank and past Sneaton to Redgates still on the B1416. At the end of their shift this route will be traversed in reverse. The alternative is to travel into Whitby along Mayfield Road turn right at the traffic lights over the new bridge and on towards Scarborough several miles eventually turning right onto the B1416 and then two miles to Redgates. I believe the workers at the mine will be asked or ordered to park their cars at some location and a shuttle bus will operate to take them to the mine. I feel sure that I read somewhere that they would be parking at the park and ride facilities. All workers will not be arriving from the Teesside direction. Some will travel from the Scarborough direction. Whichever way they arrive at the mine there are only two directions to approach from.

  7. Tom Brodrick  January 4, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    Costra Nostra. No more secret STAKEHOLDER STEERING GROUPS please.


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