Whats happening in and around Whitby right now ? Below is a list of the latest news reports we have from the Whitby area. We will try to keep it up to date as much as possible, but please be aware we are a team of volunteers so please be patient with us.

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Whitby News In Short

  1. Sharks Stealing Anglers Fish On Yorkshire Coast
  2. Drunk Throws Can At Jeremy Clarkson In Whitby – News Here.
  3. Jeremy Clarkson Crashes Car At Whitby – News Here
  4. Supermoon At Whitby – Pictures Here.
  5. Negative Responses To official Opening Of Whitby Park And Ride
  6. Thankyou To The Emergency Services
  7. Is Dads Army To Be Filmed In Whitby ??
  8. Best Take Aways In Whitby
  9. Lifeboat Launched For Missing Woman – Photo Credit Paul Eames
  10. Air Ambulance At Whitby Beach – Story here.
  11. Car crash at Cloughton – News Here.
  12. Lifeboat Rescue At Whitby – Story and pics here.
  13. Youngsters Enjoy Fly Fishing @ Lockwood Beck – Story and pics here.
  14. Yorkshire Coast Homes – Worst Landlord Ever Claims Whitby Pensioner – Story and comments here.
  15. Allotment Thieves Strike Over Regatta Weekend – Story Here.
  16. Woman found with severe head injuries on Henrietta Street (199 Steps) – Story and comments here.
  17. Whitby Folk Week Underway – Updates Here.