Whitby Lifeboat

Whitby Lifeboat Ready For Action By Paul Eames

Whitby Lifeboat Ready For Action By Paul Eames

Whitby Lifeboat

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Whitby Lifeboat – Latest Call Outs

August 23rd 2014

ALB and ILB called off late last night after a lady was reported missing somewhere between east pier and Black Nab. Low tide made effective searching from our boats difficult so Seaking 128 was tasked to search close in along the area and after a detailed scan of the coastline the search was called of with nothing found.

August 16th 2014

ILB called to a young boy who got into difficulties in the water off west pier. A member of the public managed to get to the boy and bring him to shore where the ILB and RNLI lifeguards treated him. Air ambulance arrived to evacuate to James Cook Hospital.

Whitby Lifeboat Contact Details

The Fish Pier, Church Street, Whitby
YO22 4AE
Telephone : 01947 602216

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August 15th 2014

Both boats called to a yacht which had gone aground off west pier inside battery parade. Heavy surf was gradually nudging and lifting the vessel closer to the pier. Using the Dclass we sent in a veering line. This wasn’t straightforward due to the conditions. We eventually secured the line and gradually re-floated the yacht taking him beyond the surf into deep water. While preparing the tow he fortunately managed to restart his engine and we gave an escort into harbour. Job well done by all! – Pictures Here.

May 14th 2014

At 3.20pm Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Whitby’s inshore lifeboat OEM Stone III to assist two people cut off by the tide.

The inshore lifeboat with its three volunteer crew launched at 3.24pm and made best speed to the casualty’s location. They found the two people at the bottom of the cliffs East of Whitby.

Whitby inshore lifeboat landed on the beach and proceeded to try and evacuate the casualties. Due to hazardous conditions and with waves crashing over the inshore lifeboat, the Helmsman made the decision to send the casualties towards the back of the cliff, At this point Humber coastguard tasked rescue 128.

Caualities And Crewman winched to clifftop by Sea King Helicopter

Whitby Lifeboat Gallery

Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick And Paul Eames.

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