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Monday 4th March 2013

On Monday 4th March Humber coastguard requested the launch of RNLI Whitby’s lifeboats to assist in a search for a person reported missing from Robin Hoods Bay.

The inshore lifeboat OEM Stone III was the first to launch and was asked to search close inshore from Whitby piers to the South cheek of Robin Hoods Bay.

The all weather lifeboat George and Mary Webb was launched soon afterwards and began a seaward search along the same lines as the inshore lifeboat.

A search pattern was established by boat boats but they were eventually released from the search by Humber coastguard 1½ hours after launch.

Both boats then made their way back to Whitby where they returned to station and were made ready for service at 3.30pm.

Saturday 23rd March 2013

Whitby Lifeboat, Eight Crew Towed to Safety in Gale

The RNLI Lifeboat from Whitby towed a crew of eight to safety through a Gale today after their boat’s steering and engine failed on the way from Holland to Scotland.

At 10.40am today Humber Coastguard received a radio call from the skipper of the sailing vessel ’Warnhw’ a former pilot vessel. The skipper informed the Coastguard that they had steering and engine failure and they were making their way to Whitby steering by hand.

Because the easterly Force 8 winds would make it difficult for the vessel to navigate into harbour on its own, Humber Coastguard decided that the vessel really needed assistance and so the RNLI All-Weather lifeboat from Whitby was sent to attach a tow to the ’Warnhw’. Because of the conditions in Whitby a decision was made to tow the vessel to Tees Harbour.

At just after 2.30pm Whitby lifeboat was joined by the RNLI All-weather lifeboat from Hartlepool. They also attached a tow-line to the ’Warnhw’ and helped bring the vessel safely in to Tees Harbour.

Graham Dawson Coastguard Watch Manager said:
“The weather conditions weren’t ideal for this vessel’s journey from Holland to Scotland but the situation became a lot more challenging when technical problems struck. The skipper did exactly the right thing by calling us on the radio to let us know about his situation before the vessel got in to real difficulty.

“If you are planning a voyage check weather and tides before you head out and consider postponing your journey if the elements are against you.”

Whitby Lifeboat Contact Details

The Fish Pier, Church Street, Whitby
YO22 4AE
Telephone : 01947 602216

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