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Whitby Goth Weekend 2015 – An Awesome Weekend

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Things To Do At WhitbyDates for Whitby Gothic Weekend for 2015 – Autumn 2015 – 30th October to 1st November

Whitby Goth Weekend - Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick -
Whitby Goth Weekend – Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick –


Whitby Goth Weekend 2015 Photographs Are Here.

The History Of Whitby Goth Weekend

The Whitby Gothic Weekend (WGW) is an established and popular gothic festival located in Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK.

The WGW’s official line is to provide musical entertainment with bands and DJs, although the culture of the WGW has far outgrown that simple agenda. Whitby Gothic Weekend, often abbreviated to WGW or simply referred to by attendees as Whitby, is a twice-yearly festival for goths in the beautiful seaside town of Whitby North Yorkshire.

The event is organised by Jo Hampshire who runs Top Mum Promotions. The roots of the Whitby Goth Weekend rest with a group of around forty pen-pals who had met through New Musical Express Magazine  The group of friends first came to Whitby in 1994. Whitby was the choice venue because of  its Dracula connections.

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In the following years the locals came to accept the event and the goths were welcomed back on a yearly basis, before the event became a twice a year weekend in more recent times.

Whitby Goth Weekend Photographs
Whitby Goth Weekend – Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick –


Sophie Lancaster

After posting some of my images to Facebook and reading some of the most bigoted and disrespectful comments Ive ever had the displeasure to read, I have decided to dedicate all Goth related pages and photographs on this website to the memory of the the late Sophie Lancaster. I urge all our readers to show respect and tolerance to all people we meet regardless of their looks or chosen attire. You can read about Sophie here.

Whitby Goth Weeekend November 2012
Whitby Goth Weekend – Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick –


2015 Whitby Goth Weekend Itinerary – Full details on the Whitby Goth Weekend Website.

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Whitby Gothic Weekend – Our Favorite Pictures

You can view photographs from all The Whitby Goth Weekends Here.

Whats On At Whitby Goth Weekend 2015

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  1. For your Information, Jo Hampshire is not the Official Organiser of Whitby Goth Weekend. She was the brains behind it, 17 yrs ago after she sent an advert to NME looking for a pen pal. She arranged to meet in the Elsinore Pub, and over 200 ppl turned up.

    But that was 17 yrs ago, Jo Hampshire still runs the Official Whitby goth weekend production company (Topmum) which hosts events at the SPA Pavilion. There are now plenty of smaller production companies such as Kev and Michelle's Pitch Black events at the resolution. –!/group.p

    and Hazel Wainwrights team that host the Sexy Sunday and Manic Monday nights at the Met Hotel see exceprt from Whitby Gazette

    These are just two of the other excellent production companies working hard on behalf of the gothic community for events at whitby during the generically named whitby goth weekend. This doesnt take into account events that were held at the lord granby, the Shambles, the angel etc throughout the entire town.

    Please take at look at this group on facebook for a veiw of just what happens around the town during that weekend, and not just the events at the Spa such as your article seems to imply!/

    Yrs –

    Plenty o Horne

  2. I have no problem with the split as I support the original (and best) event Topmum’s Spa Events…. Means less crowds, less tourists, fewer photographers.
    Just like the old days

  3. I am a regular goth weekend goer and photographer and love it all… the place, the people, the outfits and the usual feel good atmosphere…..
    take a look at my site which includes many goth images from whitby!

  4. We came across Goth weekend by accident two years ago – on holiday, bored, Hallowe’en, lets go to Whitby for fish and chips, and there you all were. We were being stared at because we were dressed like a middle aged boring couple but we absolutely loved the atmosphere, the joy, the good humour, the imagination, the shop windows. For a couple of hours we forgot our mediocre working selves and just enjoyed your event, so much so we have booked a Yorkshire holiday to return to Whitby for that same fish and chips in amongst you all in November. Sorry about the photographers attitudes, sorry that things have gone a bit sour for some. We hope this event is as fun and successful as 2010 seemed to us, as innocent onlookers.

  5. I was going to come up to Whitby for this weekend but on balance I am probably too miserable. Also, isn’t that the weekend that Scarborough Borough Council is going to close the whole of Whitby for repairs?

  6. The Goth events are fantastic for Whitby and they must be fantastic for all the Goth folks who attend or they would not return year after year.
    Keep coming back folks and keep enjoying yourselves.
    I am intrigued by the Steampunk look !

  7. i carnt wait to go to the whitby goth festival ive always wanted to go but never could

  8. I visited Whitby on Friday and was so impressed with the warmth of the atmosphere and the people who had taken the trouble to design and make fantastic outfits. They were so creative. I asked several individuals and couples if they would mind me taking a photograph of them and everyone was friendly and charming. It was lovely to meet them. It was one of the highlights of my stay in Whitby. WGW is a brilliant idea and long may it continue.

  9. Larissa Nikolaus

    Hi all, what’d be the easiest way to get to the goth weekend from Ireland (Dublin)

  10. My first historic visit to Whitby was in April 1977 with the London Dracula Society where I posed on the East Cliff as “the Count” for the press, and a BBC film crew. [Dracula Society Tour Whitby 1977 – YouTube]

    This is simply to announce my new themed web-site on Face-Book entitled, “Dealing with Dracula”, which details the format of a playing-card game I had previously devised in 2012. Essentially, all that is required to play the game is a standard deck of cards, but if you own a Gothically designed one, that would be a plus as well.

    My new game centers around an established one for three or more players, known as “Find the Lady”, which for my purposes now has Bram Stoker’s novel as it’s main background while heavily featuring the historical character of “the Bloody Countess” as the biggest threat to the individual player.

    The site can be easily reached via my personal Face-Book page. Next time you are in Whitby, do bring a deck of cards with you! Have fun!

  11. Whitby Gothic Weekend is such fun. We can forget our conventional day jobs and let rip for a few days. Dress as outrageously as you want and meet like minded people. Even if you are not any kind of a goth as I’m not we have a great time dressing up and people watching, making new friends. What’s not to like 🙂

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