Whitby Sea Angling Festival 2014

Whitby Angling Festival - Winter Uptiding festival 2013

Whitby Angling Festival – Winter Uptiding festival 2014

Dates For 2014 Whitby Angling Festivals

  • Spring – April 5th – April 20th
  • Summer – 21st June – 13th July
  • Autumn – 13th – 28th September
  • Uptiding Festival – Dates To Be Announced

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Whitby Angling Festival Details

Every year at Whitby, the local charter skippers hold 4 angling festival spread right across the fishing season.

In the spring festival anglers descend on Whitby from far and wide to target cod and pollack whilst competing for the first prize of £1000 cash.

In June and July the skippers hold their second and largest festival of the year.

Most species are on offer at Whitby at this time of year but cod and ling often make up the mainstay of the large fish species.

Anglers compete for a first place cash prize of £5000 awarded to the captor of the single heaviest fish over the festival.

The late summer festival takes place in September. Big lings and large cod are on offer at this time of year with fish over 30lb often winning the first place prize money of £1000 cash.

More recently winter uptiding (Fishing at anchor) has become popular with the regions boat anglers.

Two years ago the skippers decided to run a winter uptiding festival at Whitby and it became an instant success with anglers coming from every end of the country to take part in the event.

The uptiding festival has now become a regular fixture for the charter skippers and will be held again this coming winter in December.

shark fishing at whitby

Full details and updates can be found on the charter skippers website here.

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