Vacancies on Whitby Harbour Board

A recruitment drive to fill two vacancies on Whitby Harbour Board has been extended.

More interest had been anticipated in the positions on the pilot board, established by Scarborough Borough Council to provide alternative strategic governance for Whitby Harbour, in line with the recommendations of the Department for Transport’s Municipal Ports Review.

However, there were no applications for the vacancies prior to the 4 October deadline.

Whitby Harbour Board chairman, Cllr Mike Cockerill, said: “People in Whitby care passionately about the harbour and its future in relation to the town’s economic prosperity – as a result we anticipated there would be quite a few applications for the vacant positions. Naturally, we have been surprised by the subdued interest, but would hope that by extending the deadline, we can generate some enquiries.”

Candidates looking to be considered for a board position, should be able to demonstrate ability and a proven track record in their chosen profession or other activities, such as community work. Commitment and experience can be as valuable as qualifications.

They will need to work with senior professional staff, so experience of achieving results through demanding board or committee work is seen as important, as is the ability to grasp complex issues quickly and express themselves clearly.

Successful candidates will also need to live within a reasonable distance of the port of Whitby and familiarity with local issues in the region surrounding the port would be highly desirable.

The harbour board performs a strategic role aimed at providing improved leadership in the areas of accountability and decision-making; strategy and business planning; management and performance review; and municipal port finances.

The complete board for the pilot scheme comprises eight members in total. Four of these are independent members with local and/or specialist interests and could include port stakeholders, business leaders, specialist interest groups and other stakeholder groups alongside four Scarborough borough councillors. Meetings are usually held every three months and take about half a day.

The appointments are for the duration of the pilot scheme until March 2013 with the possibility of them being extended subject to the final review of the pilot scheme.

For further information or an application pack, contact Jane Groom at or call 01723 232437.

2 Responses to "Vacancies on Whitby Harbour Board"

  1. Al Roberts  October 18, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Whitby Harbour Board chairman, Cllr Mike Cockerill, said: “People in Whitby care passionately about the harbour and its future in relation to the town’s economic prosperity. Naturally, we have been surprised by the subdued interest”

    Whitby Town Council said in Dec 2009,” “It looks like they are setting these boards up for two years to say we tried and failed”.

    Could it be that the “subdued interest” is a sign that WHB will fail to survive when the trial period expires in Feb 2013?

    • DKP  October 18, 2012 at 10:50 am

      Perhaps the self interest overwhelms the subdued interest and the arrogance overwhelms the ignorance.

      Verey few people in Whitby care passionately about the harbour, or are aware that it presently rests in the incompetent hands of a desk-jockey from Filey, or would give much of a toss if they found out.


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