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NYP – A Touch Of The Tarbuck

NYP – A Touch Of The Tarbuck

  • observations by Tim HICKS on the news that the Crown Prosecution Service has indicated that the North Yorkshire Police case against Jimmy TARBUCK has collapsed.



Media Statement

North Yorkshire Police can confirm that a 74-year-old man from Kingston Upon Thames has been released without charge following an investigation into historic sexual abuse.

The man was originally arrested on Friday 26 April 2013 after information was passed to North Yorkshire Police by Metropolitan Police officers working on Operation Yewtree.

Following a detailed investigation, evidence was presented to the Crown Prosecution Service and a decision was made not to proceed with the case.

North Yorkshire Police take all allegations of sexual offences extremely seriously and will conduct thorough investigations. Our officers and staff are on hand to provide professional and specialist support to victims around the clock. Reports can be made by calling 101 or dial 999 if you are in danger or an emergency response is required.

For those victims who are unsure or do not want to report incidents to the police, there is independent and discreet support readily available at the Bridge House Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in York.

Call Bridge House on 01904 669339,

email sarc@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk,

or go to www.turntobridgehouse.org



I could not help but laugh when I read the passage “North Yorkshire Police take all allegations of sexual offences extremely seriously and will conduct thorough investigations”. That must be why it failed to arrest Peter Jaconelli for over fifty years, even though every schoolboy and parent in Scarborough knew about his paedophile offending.

The Operation Yewtree investigation

Operation Yewtee has three strands:

1.  Savile.

2.  Associates of Savile

3.  Persons unconnected with Savile.

Peter Jaconelli was a close associate of Savile and therefore falls within Strand 2 of Operation Yewtree.

Real Whitby has consistently alleged that Savile operated in Scarborough and Whitby in a paedophile Ring with Peter Jaconelli, who was well known locally to be a paedophile, but was left alone by the Police because of his influence as a senior Conservative politician, Mayor and flambouyant local businessman.

Consequently, North Yorkshire Police failed to arrest Jaconelli, (Britain’s most successful paedophile who operated untroubled by the police for all of his adult life) which would surely have led them to Savile, (Britain’s most prolific paedophile and rapist).

When Operation Yewtree first started investigating Jimmy Savile, North Yorkshire Police issued a statement, When the allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile were publicised, we carried out extensive searches of force records which did not reveal a local connection, denying that Savile had anything to do with North Yorkshire.

In fact, he had lived in Scarborough since 1960 and had attended a youth event organised by North Yorkshire Police at Selby Abbey in 2008, where he shared a platform with the Chief Constable, while he was simultaneously being investigated for multiple sexual offences by Surrey and Sussex Police. They even drove him around in his own North Yorkshire Police Squad Car!

So pretty obviously, the first Savile investigation that concluded there was no local connection was not conducted thoroughly.


Following evidence from Real Whitby to the IPCC, North Yorkshire Police was directed to conduct a second Savile investigation, which was conducted by Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross and was also a shambles.

More information here:


and here:


Cross simply ignored witness evidence and exonerated North Yorkshire Police from any responsibility for its failure to arrest Savile or Jaconelli

As a result of the BBC Inside Out documentary covering the reports published by Real Whitby concerning Savile Associate Councillor, Mayor and Alderman Peter Jaconelli (Deceased) and the failure of North Yorkshire Police to arrest him, North Yorkshire Police was forced to open up its investigation FOR THE THIRD TIME.

More information here.

North Yorkshire Police then issued the following statement:


Historic allegations made on Inside Out – statement”

Further to the historic allegations made against the late Peter Jaconelli, a former Mayor of Scarborough, on BBC1′s Inside Out (North East and Cumbria), 7.30pm, 10 February 2014:
North Yorkshire Police is considering the content of the programme, its effect on previous matters and the potential need for any future investigative work that would best serve the interests of those directly affected.  In so doing, North Yorkshire Police would encourage those individuals who took part in the programme, who were the subject of direct contact with the late Mr Jaconelli, to get in touch as soon as possible in order that their allegations and wishes are fully and properly considered.

The effect of this announcement is that North Yorkshire Police have had to re-open its Operation Yewtree investigation into Savile and his associates in Scarborough, as a result of its failure to conduct a thorough investigations on two previous occasions.

How can that be indicative of a Police Force that takes all allegations of sexual offences extremely seriously and will conduct thorough investigations?

What sort of Police Force is it that as a result of failures in basic policing (i.e. not interviewing many of the witnesses), has to conduct THREE investigations into a major national case of multiple instances of sexual abuse, within a year?  A situation that is absolutely unprecedented in the history of the British Police Service.  What is the explanation for this incredible situation?

Surely the fact that there are allegations of rampant Police corruption by Officers of North Yorkshire Police that protected Pater Jaconelli from arrest, cannot have influenced the investigations?

Returning to Mr Jimmy Tarbuck

According to the BBC, the seventy-four year-old man referred to in the press release was Mr Tarbuck, who was arrested in April 2013and released on Police bail until yesterday.  North Yorkshire Police stressed that Mr Tarbuck’s arrest was “not part of Yewtree, but a separate investigation” by its own Officers.  A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service stated We have determined that there is insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction in relation to all complaints and have advised North Yorkshire Police that no further action should be taken”.

I firmly believe that allegations of historical abuse should be investigated rigorously.  I also recognise the difficulty of gathering evidence in a historical investigation.  However, it disgusts me that North Yorkshire Police does not have the integrity to investigate itself with the same standard it relentlessly pursued a celebrity – thereby destroying his reputation – but will then issue the above self-righteous statement asserting that it takes “all allegations of sexual offences extremely seriously and will conduct thorough investigations, when it obviously does not in the ongoing case of Peter Jaconelli and the allegations of Police corruption among its own ranks over its failure to arrest him and his associate Jimmy Savile.

Coming Next

In his statement to Scarborough Borough Council on the 28th of February 2014, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council Councillor Fox indicated that he had “this week received confirmation from the police that they expect their investigations to be concluded shortly.”:

That  was nearly a month ago.  When the report is released by Detective Superintendent Smith, as usual, Real Whitby will take it  extremely seriously and will conduct thorough investigations.


Peter Jackonelli Scarboroughs Ice Cream Magnate.

About the Author:

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.


  1. Warren Marris March 25, 2014 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Not often I read this stuff, but I wanted to say that I wholeheartedly agree with you that all historical cases should be robustly investigated.

    But surely the bigger issue is how these cases ever managed to get so far WITHOUT being investigated and how we ensure it NEVER Happens again…

    I also speak with an open heart over the idea of “Historic Allegations” due to being accused by a Minor of Sexual Abuse myself that she has admitted she did indeed lie about…

    Now, Picture the scene if you will… When she accused, She also refused to go to the police (She made her allegation to a Local Authority Social Services team who SHOULD HAVE PRESSED CHARGES due to her age… THEY DID NOT!)

    Until she admitted her crime just a few weeks ago, I was living with the very real possibility that sh may later make the same claim in years to come…

    If it were to b investigated now, I could prove that I am innocent, as the places I was at the time have records…

    But 5, 10 or 15 years on… I may not be able to…


    Historical allegations, especially against celebrities will always be “Tainted” – It should never have had to come to a scandal such as this in the first place…

    Will things change? That now comes down to us… If we do not unite and demand the Powers that Be get their act together, Then we are just waiting for another scandal.

  2. Mark Lewis March 25, 2014 at 10:02 pm - Reply

    1. Savile.
    2. Associates of Savile
    3. Persons unconnected with Savile.

    That just means EVERYONE right?

    Has the BBC ever been made accountable for the historic sexual allegations and crimes of so many BBC employees and contracts?

    • Tim Hicks March 26, 2014 at 7:59 am - Reply

      Dear Mark,

      Thanks for your comment.

      In the context of Operation Yewtree, I think that Strand 3 represents others that come to the attention of Operation Yewtree as a result of the Savile investigation that are not associated with him.

      Mr Tarbuck appears to have fallen into that category and consequently because he was not associated with Savile the information was forwarded to North Yorkshire Police.

      Operation Yewtree does forward information onto the BBC investigation.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Best regards,


    • Tim Thorne March 26, 2014 at 11:49 am - Reply

      I believe the BBC investigation into Savile will be concluded in June or July. It will be interesting to see if it is a full and frank account of the matter or a whitewash which is very reminscent of the authorities.

  3. Kathy Murray March 26, 2014 at 8:45 am - Reply

    What strikes me with all the celebrity or powerful pedo pigs is its rarely one victim of their abuse that comes forward but multiple and yet not enough evidence .

  4. steven george March 27, 2014 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    I have noted that the difficulty in historic abuse allegations, is always going to be the passing of time, and the ease in which it may be possible for some to lie, but many victims tried to tell , or did tell at the time, and were ignored, punished or worse,therefore one is left with the MO as a yardstick, and locations, plus the manner and behaviour of offenders responses, to judge the truth.
    I know what it is to be repeatedly , both laughed at, and punished, would that I had been able to face Savile in a court of law just once, or my father, or the teachers, no listened or cared, even now people still doubt.

  5. Inga March 28, 2014 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    Well, I got just the same vibes I got back in the seventies in London.. My vibes have never failed me..

  6. Nigel March 28, 2014 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    Ever closer . . .


    “However, they were now investigating a complex paedophile ring, with many more victims than previously thought.”

    Durham Constabulary – forty years ago. Right next door . . .

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