Tom Brodrick To Lisa Dixon, Re Legal Action

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Tom Brodrick To Lisa Dixon, Re Legal Action

Open Letter To Lisa Dixon – Scarborough Borough Council From Tom Brodrick Regarding Threat Of Legal Action against Real Whitby And Its Authors

Think about it Lisa, do you not consider it unusual that you have to read my response to you from the informative site Real Whitby, because your boss Mr Dillon and Ms Jones will not allow you to receive an email from me?

Dear Lisa

SBC’s Executives Hiliary Jones and Chief Executive Jim Dillon prevent elected councillors and council officers from receiving my correspondence.

They have being doing this for two going on three years without any reasonable explanation. SBC never gave any reasonable dates or times when I could resume corresponding with it’s council officers or elected members.

It makes no sense, due to the actions of your boss Chief Exec Jim Dillon and Hiliary Jones, council officers and elected councillors are unable to receive open letters from myself.

Open letters being correspondence that is publically available for all to see, transparent, legal, polite and informative.

This could easily be proved to any court in the land, backed up by photographs, emails and situations that have been handled by the appalling leadership of Jim Dillon and Hiliary Jones, perfectly reasonable situations.

The adverse publicity that SBC bring upon itself under the leadership of Ms Jones and Mr Dillon, not forgetting the leadership of elected member Councillor Tom Fox is, from what I understand, all of their own making.

It is Cllr Tom Fox who should be challenging the positions of SBC’s top executives, Mr Dillon and Ms Jones, but unfortunately, if handled properly, it will then come upon the elected councillors to also look at Cllr Tom Foxe’s close relationship with Chief Exec Jim Dillon and also call his leadership into question.

But instead they all seek an alternative remedy, that is to abscond from their own positions of responsibility, that is to serve the public to the best of their ability, to instead BLAME THE PUBLIC.

Were they not taught a lesson from the Pete Budd affair?

I asked SBC what offending letters or emails had I sent and to whom. I asked them repeatedly and they refused to answer, not even one piece of evidence.

Do I threaten SBC officers with legal action? Am I of any threat at all?

So, Lisa Dixon, Mr Dillon, Ms Jones and Council Leader Tom Fox I will assist Real Whitby in any way I can, with well documented evidence that will prove that it is indeed SBC who are vindictive, malicious, unfair and perhaps even illegally preventing members of the public from engaging with SBC officers and elected Councillors permanently, no end date, like Guantanamo prisoners, no minutes, no agendas, without any democratic decision making by it’s elected councillors.

Who sanctioned such decisions Mr Dillon?

Lisa, you ought to just get on with the legal action, there won’t be a penny available from any members of the public.

It will probably cost SBC in the region of say £800,000 to £1, 200,000 the outcome being that SBC may have, at best, one or two articles removed and eventually someone will see common sense and change the management.

It’s odd that in all these years North Yorkshire County Council handle people reasonably, politely and reply to each and every email from each and every one of its constituents.

Mr Dillon, Ms Jones and council leader Tom Fox should make an apology, resign (taking with them as little public money as possible), as they really have no creditability left and bring in a whole new management team.

A team that will correspond reasonably, enter into discussions reasonably and unlike the current Chief Executive Jim Dillon make themselves a more public approachable figure.

It is bizarre for any LEGAL TEAM, whatever that means, to try and terrify an open and accessible public website?

Just pick out the bits you think are unreasonable and ask for them to be removed, altered or post SBC’s own take on the subject and issue a statement.

Just get on with it.

  • 1) Lisa, how on earth could you get a penny from people who do not have it? The first rule of litigation?
  • 2) Why have you not done this as articles appear? I’m sure a judge will ask you the same question.
    Is it because it’s election time?

I’m sure, as time will tell, you will find that Real Whitby’s editor and those who comment and submit stories will be more than reasonable with you, far more than you (SBC) have been towards them.

Just write to Real Whitby and explain what you disagree with.

Unless you let people know what it is you do not like then how on earth can they enter into reasonable discussions with you.

I can’t see a court being pleased that you have only let them know what it is that you don’t like on the day of the hearing.

Build your case, present your case as is legally required and if you do not get the response you are looking for then present your case to a judge who will decide if Real Whitby, its editors, commentators, individual publishers have a case to answer.

Think about it, do you not consider it unusual that you have to read my response to you from the informative site Real Whitby, because your boss Mr Dillon and Ms Jones will not allow you to receive an email from me?

As I’ve no doubt my response will also be read by Mr Dillon, Ms Jones and Ms Fox from the very website they wish to shut down.

It’s the internet, it’s out there, it cannot possibly be wound back in.

It’s time for change, SBC has been engulfed in adverse publicity since the appearance of Mr Dillon, Ms Jones and Cllr Tom Fox. Its leadership cannot possibly survive and any legal action can only serve to keep its leadership in employment.

Lisa if you think that there is anything at all I’ve personally contributed to Real Whitby, even this response, that SBC’s Legal Team do not agree with then please let me know asap and I will consider removing the offending article-comment and make an apology where necessary.

Yours – Tom Brodrick

Scarborough Borough Councils Threat Of Legal Action Against Real Whitby. Read More Here


To read further comments by Tom and others, please head over to the corruption busters page on Facebook – here . Real Whitby would like to point out that it does not own facebook and does not own the corruption busters page, and we can not be held responsible for what is said there by other interested members of our community. We simply give you the links so you can read what is being said around the internet. Happy reading.

About the Author:

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  1. Ian Detute March 31, 2013 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    Well said Tom hit the nail right on the head.This is bullying at its lowest form.Good on Glen,Nigel,yourself and others who have the balls and integrity to challenge this corrupt (my own opinion please dont sue me lol)council.

  2. Brian Dodds March 31, 2013 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    Outstanding, very well stated Tom, they are running scared and this is the only option they have to try and recoup some credibility before the election. A hopeless task at best for a group of elected and paid people who do not have a shred of honour and integrity between them.

  3. Vanda Inman March 31, 2013 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    Well said Tom, since when did OUR Council become so disengaged with the electorate? I believe you have answered this already. Which begs the questions do we have a democracy here or are we held under a Stasi authority?

  4. Richard Ineson April 8, 2013 at 9:01 am - Reply

    Quite right Tom, this is posturing windbaggery at its finest. I hope that SBC carry out their threat of legal action, the publicity thus generated will surely prompt Pickles to send in the heavies. Just what are they thinking of? I was present at the ‘show trial’ of Pete Budd, the last case tried at Whitby Magistrate’s Court, SBC were represented by a Barrister who didn’t know, when asked by the Judge, whether she was being paid £400.00 or £900.00 per hour, she was backed up by various SBC flunkies about five all told. Pete Budd had plenty of support from many local people, but none of us was allowed to speak on his behalf, although the Judge was willing to hear us. This case cost the Council Tax payer £15,000, (the Judge said that normally the local authority, SBC would cover the costs of such a prosecution, SBC presented Pete Budd with the bill) to prosecute a prominent citizen and valued member of the community, for putting a few flags up – incidentally, these flags were thought to be so much an incitement o public disorder that they were photographed in situ, and used to illustrate the cover of some tourism brochures. Pete has continued to be harassed by SBC – he got a parking ticket for being parked on Upper Church Street, for FOUR MINUTES, whilst other citizens can leave their vehicles in the same position for hours at a time, without any risk of penalty.

  5. john smith April 8, 2013 at 9:23 am - Reply

    How can you people keep up the attack on people who have tried to work for our wonderful town. You call this bulling, what do you call what you are doing?
    I have been born and live in this town all my life,
    Things have not been great but we have had elected councillors town,county and borough,who were elected by the people to represent us, who elected you lot?
    When I was in the army we call what you are doing as a kangaroo court,
    They say a little knowledge is a dangerouse thing,
    And In the hands of fools who are not from Whitby?
    We used to look after ourselfs, that why this wonderful town has not been changed into
    a seafront like Scarborough, arcades and candy floss,all over,I was told as a child,
    If you don’t like something change it,
    I like you have access to a computer,and like you I would ask look at your members.
    I was always told judge others as you would judge yourself!
    Would you like others to accuse you of wronge doings as you have judged others?
    Is you life perfect? And have you never made a mistake? If you answer yes to all this
    Then you must be Jesus, the book according to Nigel ward

  6. Judith D April 16, 2013 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    The Labour party councillors at SBC have suggested that we should go to a single unitary authority and simply dispense with SBC altogether. Presumably Scarborough would then just have its own town council with one paid town council clerk just like Whitby. It would clearly save money and duplication of effort. In the light of the apparent long-standing animosity between the towns of Scarborough and Whitby, it sounds as though it couldn’t come a day too soon. But then I’m an incomer – what would I have a right to know?

  7. David Clark April 17, 2013 at 10:13 am - Reply

    Private Eye, Rotten Boroughs, “Lisa Majesty” article published to-day.

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