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These Group outlines are about to change. But at the moment the current one is below.

The Whitby Photography Group On Facebook Is for Photographers with a connection to Whitby, The Esk Valley and Surrounding North York Moors.  A group for photographers old and new to share photographs, discuss techniques and anything else remotely related. This group is open to everyone and newcomers should be encouraged. Even if you just like snapping your kids and want to get better at it please join us. This is not an elitist group and the emphasis is on sharing and helping.

“Photographs do not have to be of Whitby. This is not a group for strictly Photographs of Whitby, It is a group for Photographers from the area or with a Whitby connection to share their shots, help others and ask for assistance themselves.”

Please think about the images you are uploading and make sure they are your own work. Please also think before replying to a post – keep it constructive. Argumentative, hostile, offensive posts and/or images that have an adverse nature to this lovely group WILL be removed and offenders blocked. On the flip side of that…You may not always like an images content but the capture may have been taken in an artistic and composed manner. Praise this, not the content or simply move to the next image.. If an image offends that much, hide it from your timeline and if really necessary let one of the mods know which image/post and why.

How Is The Group Administrated.

We have a small and Private Group on Facebook, called The Think Tank. The group has roughly a dozen members. Not all members of the group are Admins on our social media pages. But all members of the think tank offer advice, and they support each other in running and moderating the groups.

Moderation decisions are discussed before and after we moderate anything. Most decisions are made by the wider group.

Who Are The Admin Team On Whitby Photography

  • Glenn Kilpatrick.
  • Allan Heseltine
  • Clare Welford
  • Dave Agnew.

Real Whitby Currently Runs A Number Of Groups On Social Media. The following list may be worth you looking through.


How To Contact Real Whitby Regarding Any Of Their Social media Pages ??

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