The Yorkshire Post published this letter, from me, Sept 13th:

The poor piers of Whitby! Now, through total lack of maintenance, care and attention, it’s not possible to access either end of the iconic twin piers.

And Scarborough is to blame. Whitby’s governing town is only 22 miles down the road. It might as well be a million. The needs of the jewel of the Yorkshire coast are constantly ignored. While the coffers are dug into to fix, renew and enhance, the infrastructure, facilities and attractions of Scarborough.

Years ago, a storm put an end to the narrow bridge leading onto the East Pier. The understanding is that around £40,000 would see it replaced. But even that meagre amount of money is not forthcoming.

Now the end of the West Pier is out of bounds. Apparently the girders, holding the access bridge in place, are so severely corroded it’s not deemed safe to have people walking on it. A notice declares that this shocking damage was spotted during “a routine” inspection. And access was banned within hours. I – along with most residents – suspect there was nothing “routine” about this inspection, on the basis there has neither been regular checks, or maintenance work (ie repainting of the girders with marine paint) to keep this severe corrosion at bay.

So yet again historic, quaint, charming, Whitby, is swiped with a bully-punch from Scarborough.

A symbolic act of abuse, several years ago, signaled the beginning of the poor-cousin era. Whitby lost its “town hall”. Scarborough sold the magnificent Georgian property (deeded to Whitby for the use of it residents), that housed it, to a property developer – and shoved the town’s business into an empty shop-front.

Whitby is forever being cited in tourism top-ten lists, for all the best reasons. But the huge fear now is that it will soon make the top-ten for “most neglected”.

Closure For Whitby's West Pier

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