Well, its a lighthouse actually, and Dianne Green The Historic Buildings Inspector for Heritage England is concerned that action may be needed to correct the lean.


English Heritage - Concerned About East Pier Lighthouse At Whitby

In a series of emails to Scarborough Borough Council, Whitby’s Nigel Ward had expressed concerns over the deterioration of the east pier lighthouse at Whitby.. More recently Nigel wrote to English Heritage to express his concerns about the state of disrepair of the lighthouse.

In the latest reply to Nigel, Diane Green states “We are concerned to hear that the lighthouse on the East Pier is in poor repair and also that it is leaning and indeed that its angle of inclination appears to have increased.”

“If the lean was an historic one and if it was now stable we would not be unduly concerned but if for some reason it has begun to move then action will be necessary. I am making enquiries with Scarborough District Council and will come back to you when I hear from them.”

Nigel is determined that the East Pier Lighthouse should be kept in a state of good repair. Real Whitby will follow this story over the coming months, so please book mark our site for all your future updates.

This story was initially posted on Real Whitby in January 2011.