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Dracula’s birthplace: how Whitby is celebrating the count’s anniversary

Abbey And Night Moon 2012 020

If you stand on the pavement outside the Royal Hotel on Whitby’s West Cliff and look out across the harbour town as the sun goes down, you can pretty much see, in their entirety, the early chapters of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Turfed out by his landlady, an Irish hack went roaming around Whitby – and turned what he saw into a horror classic. On the 125th anniversary of Dracula’s birth in the Yorkshire town, our writer retraces Bram Stoker’s trail of gore

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The Valley Bridge Negligence Saga


The Valley Bridge Negligence Saga a report, by NICK HENDERSON, on the twenty-year saga of the negligence of Scarborough’s iconic gateway – Valley Bridge – and the dearth of information that would provide some accountability for that negligence. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On 24th September 2013, I travelled to County Hall, to meet ...

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Official: Peter Jaconelli innocent

Totally Locally Whitby Christmas Market Glenn Kilpatrick 092

Official:  Peter Jaconelli innocent The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have cleared North Yorkshire Police of misconduct in the Jaconelli and Savile investigations. Crime and Parliamentary affairs correspondent Tim Hicks writes with an update to our ongoing Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli  investigation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recently there have been a number ...

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EXCLUSIVE! Durham Police confirm fraud investigation


OPERATION COUNTRYMAN II (6) EXCLUSIVE:  Durham Police confirm fraud investigation Our crime and parliamentary affairs correspondent TIM HICKS continues his exposure of misconduct in North Yorkshire Police and Scarborough Borough Council. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Councillor Jane Kenyon, her partner Councillor William Miller and Dales Timber Limited. Regular readers of Real Whitby ...

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“Operation Countryman II” (5): Jaconelli: NYP responds


“Operation Countryman II” (5):  Jaconelli:  NYP responds In my last article on corruption in North Yorkshire Police, I finished with the following passage: “Following on from the blatantly perverse West Yorkshire Police investigation, in which that force exonerated itself from any responsibility for its failure to arrest Savile and which ...

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Attempted Termination of Real Whitby: Update

Real Whitby In Private Eye

Attempted Termination of Real Whitby:  Update Regular readers of Real Whitby will know that on the 28th of March, Scarborough Borough Council wrote to our Internet Service Provider demanding that they to terminate our website hosting service. Three contributors to the site, including myself, were also threatened with legal action on ...

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Whitby Council votes for free speech, “deploring” SBC threats


Whitby Council votes for free speech, “deploring” SBC threats an “In My View” article by Nigel Ward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First Published April 2013 The story that has attracted tens of thousands of internet-users to the support of the Real Whitby Magazine newsblog has finally made it to the inside pages of ...

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