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Whitby West Pier Footbridge by Jackie Greaves.

Whitby West Pier Footbridge  by Jackie Greaves.

Article By Jackie Greaves It’s coming up to that exciting time of year again when dads, grandads, enthusiastic children and even the girls, often with pink spinning rods, are planning their first mackerel fishing from the pier. Piggy banks are being raided to buy spinners and feathers. Bright little faces are waiting for the first […]

Towering Incompetence & Neglect

Towering Incompetence & Neglect

It is only ten days since I published an article highlighting the incompetence and neglect that characterizes the performance of the pilot Whitby Harbour Board and its Chair, Councillor Mike Cockerill (SBC and NYCC), from whom I had hoped to learn the circumstances in which the mast of the Scoresby Monument could have reached such […]

whitby photography by glenn kilpatrick