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Old Pictures Of Whitby

Whitby Herring Boats

There are many galleries of old Whitby photographs cropping up online these days. The Facebook group “Whitby Memories” is an excellent place to find and share nostalgic images of Whitby. Real Whitby has recently been donated 4000 images of Whitby dating back to the 1800’s including pictures of : The ...

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The Dredger: digging the dirt?


The Dredger: digging the dirt? – by Al Roberts It emerges that not only does Whitby have a “bollard that never rises”, but it also had a “pump that never pumped” http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/the-bollard-that-never-rises-by-richard-inneson Just as the bollard has a run up of a loss of some £17,000, that figure pales into ...

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“Two for the Price of One?” An ‘In My View’ article by Nigel Ward IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST Readers may recall an article of mine in the ‘In My View’ series, entitled “Whitby Regatta – limited or not?”, in which I outlined my concerns regarding the present legal position of ...

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I See No Dredging

Scarborough Borough Council. Did Dredging Cause The Collapse Of The Harbour Wall.

Scarborough Borough Council deny that dredging caused the collapse of the harbour wall at Whitby, but many people believe different. Today's instalment of The New Bridgeneder asks can we trust SBC to tell us the truth.

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Ken Graham The Sycophant


With regards to the sycophantic ravings from the mouth of councillor Graham, he really should get his facts straight before making such erroneous statements regarding the funding of the marina. Quote From Gazette Article Here. Lets have your thoughts !!

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Whitby ‘Jet d’Eau’ Whaling Memorial


One rare fine morning, at the beginning of July 2011, I was standing at the most north-westerly corner of the graveyard of St Mary’s Church on Whitby’s east cliff, admiring the unique view of Whitby’s famous harbour mouth – scene of thousands of ‘farewells’ and ‘welcomes’ for Whitby’s once-proud whaling ...

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