Illuminated Abbey (Whitby) 2016

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Caedmon – The First English Poet At Whitby

Caedmon is perhaps one of Whitby's most famous ancestors, and although he lived a very long time ago he is

The Synod Of Whitby AD 664

The History Of Whitby In 596 the missionary Pope Gregory sent a reluctant bishop, Augustine, to the court of Ethelbert of Kent

Whitby Abbey

The History Of Whitby - Whitby Abbey Whitby Abbey Illuminated For Whitby Goth weekend 2013 Set on a headland high


This page will be dedicated to Bram Stokers Dracula.

Historical Photographs Of Whitby

The History Of Whitby Whitby has a very diverse and unique history. The images in the gallery below are in some way

Whitby Youth Hostel

Right on the headland, 199 steps up from the cobbled quayside and smack next door to the famous ruined Abbey sits Abbey House. YHA's new home in Whitby.

Whitby Abbey – Britains Most Romantic Ruin

The History Of Whitby - Whitby Abbey named Britain’s most romantic ruin Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire has been voted as Britain’s most