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The Socio-Economic Impacts of the York Potash Project


The Socio-Economic Impacts of the York Potash Project –  a report by Vanda Inman outlining further data relevant to the forthcoming planning decision on the York Potash Project. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the ERS Report (Final)  April 2013 “York Potash is estimated to a create up to 6,089 jobs during ...

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Potash Planning: “Crank it Up!”


Potash Planning: “Crank it Up!” a short bulletin by Vanda Inman. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An update on one of the three main outstanding ‘issues’, that of hydrology, has been submitted in response to the Potash ‘Project’. “The Environment Agency OBJECT to the planning application submitted on the basis that inadequate information has ...

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York Potash, Sirius Mineral, A Fair And Balanced Article

York Potash Drilling Rig Just Outside Whitby

“Creating a large scale, low cost, long life mine with a sustainable footprint” Further Reading : In most of its literature, Sirius Minerals talks about about the financial benefits of its North Yorkshire Potash Project. Little is said about the location of the Mine being in a National ...

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Sirius Mining / Minerals And North Yorkshire Moors Potash


Where is Indiana Jones when you need him? There are records of 12,000 archaeological sites and features in the North York Moors National Park, of which 700 are listed ancient monuments. Around the 2,000 BC period, the Germanic Celtics inhabited all areas of the moors, destroyed much of the original forest, exhausted of nutrients, these people moved on, leaving behind land that was incapable of supporting anything but a heathland vegetation and about 3,000 Bronze Age burial mounds. Nowadays, our climate is influenced by the shelter of the worst of the moist westerly winds provided by the Pennines and the proximity of the North Sea. The North York Moors are drained by two main river systems. The northern part being drained by the River Esk its tributaries flowing west to east and emptying its load at Whitby.

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