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SAVILE/JACONELLI: Yewtree/Hibiscus S’borough Paedo-Ring Time-Line


SAVILE/JACONELLI: Yewtree/Hibiscus Scarborough Paedophile-Ring Time-Line Crime and Parliamentary affairs correspondent TIM HICKS reports on the latest amazing revelations about the Jimmy Savile/Peter Jaconelli paedophile ring that was active in North Yorkshire from about 1947/51, with the full knowledge of North Yorkshire Police, until Savile’s death in 2011. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There have ...

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York Potash Now Set To Compete With Boulby


York Potash Now Set To Compete With Boulby TIM THORNE reports on a dramatic last-minute change of strategy on the part of York Potash Ltd in its bid to secure Planning Consent from the North York Moors National Park Authority. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Information on the website of the York Potash parent ...

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Introducing Scarborough’s own ‘Yorkie Gull’


Introducing Scarborough’s own ‘Yorkie Gull’ a brief introduction to the satirical cartoons of  ‘Yorkie Gull’, long-time favourite amongst the Scarborough ‘bottom-enders’ – keen observers of local government intrigue and connoisseurs of that timeless tradition in British politics – the pictorial lampoon. Join us now for a light-hearted look at some ...

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Jimmy Savile: the Hospitals investigation


Jimmy Savile: the Hospitals investigations – Corruption Buster TIM HICKS reports on the latest hospital investigations of systemic abuse allegations  at Rampton, High Rouds and Leeds General Infirmary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Regular readers of Real Whitby will have be aware that we have been pursuing an investigation into a paedophile ...

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Valley Bridge, Scarborough – still raining metal

Raining Metal

Valley Bridge, Scarborough – still raining metal an update on the never-ending Valley Bridge negligence saga, by John Henderson Some of our readers might remember our report on the issues of Valley Bridge, and the lack of repairs. Recently, the Scarborough News published a story about a man in Scarborough ...

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