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Courtney, A Short Story By Margaret Urwin

Whitby Harbour Snow With Trawler - Feb 2013

Well, here we are sitting in the waiting room at the Social Services again…me Mam’s in there with the social worker and I’ve skived school again to look after the little’uns. When me Mam said she was having another baby I just couldn’t believe it. God, you’d think she’d have ...

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Princess Daisy

Rainbow Over Whitby - June 2012

A short story for Real Whitby by Margaret Urwin, Read more from Margaret here Princess Daisy sighed as she looked out from the Tower across the smoky hazy blue distance of the Kingdom. She couldn’t remember just how long she’d been here in this strange Kingdom called Rehabilitation, but she ...

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Vince’s Solution By Margaret Urwin

whitby stories by margerat urwin

Vince’s Solution  is the second in a series of short stories by Whitby author Margaret Urwin. Real Whitby would like to thank Margaret for taking the time to write for the site. “You do see that she’s got to be killed, don’t you?” said Vince Turner to his wife. Marcie ...

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