Pictures Of Whitby By The Sea

Whitby has many connections with the sea. The pictures in this gallery are in some way connected to the seaside. The photographs

Whitby’s East Pier Bridge – Still Unrepaired

East Pier Time Counter The east pier bridge was removed [fergcorp_cdt_single date="11th april 2001"] , and still remains un repaired today. Whitby's

Whitby Town Is Falling Down

Whitby Town Is literally falling down whilst Scarborough Borough Council stand by and watch. Our beautiful town, loved by so many from across the UK and worldwide, has been subject to underinvestment and a defunct repair and upkeep policy from Scarborough Borough Council that many parts of the towns heritage (our heritage) finds itself on the brink of collapse into the sea. Recent emails to Real Whitby from local campaigner Tom Broderick have highlighted how dredging may have caused the collapse of the harbour wall piling of the east side harbour close to the swing bridge.

Towering Incompetence & Neglect

It is only ten days since I published an article highlighting the incompetence and neglect that characterizes the performance of

The Leaning Tower Of Whitby

Well, its a lighthouse actually, and Dianne Green The Historic Buildings Inspector for Heritage England is concerned that action may be needed

Whitby’s East Pier Lighthouse Will Remain Closed

Free Whitby campaigner Nigel Ward has been involved in ongoing talks with Scarborough Borough Council and English Heritage over various issues regarding

Nero, The New Bridge-Ender

Scarborough Borough Council stand and watch as Whitby crumbles into the sea. Satirical cartoon by the Whitby Cod Head.

Whitby’s East Pier Lighthouse – Rotting Away

Letter To Mr John Riby From Nigel Ward, published with kind permission of Nigel and tagged with the keywords : Letters &