YHA Boggle Hole, Fylingthorpe, Whitby, North Yorkshire: hostel review

BOGGLE HOLE YOUTH HOSTEL ROBIN HOODS BAY - YHA hostels have reinvented themselves – and changed almost as much as our writer has in the 20 years since she last stayed in one.

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Dracula’s birthplace: how Whitby is celebrating the count’s anniversary

If you stand on the pavement outside the Royal Hotel on Whitby’s West Cliff and look out across the harbour town as the sun goes down, you can pretty much see, in their entirety, the early chapters of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Turfed out by his landlady, an Irish hack went roaming around Whitby – and turned what he saw into a horror classic. On the 125th anniversary of Dracula’s birth in the Yorkshire town, our writer retraces Bram Stoker’s trail of gore

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Dracula's Yorkshire residence is a magnet for fans of the dark side, and a great place to pick up hot tips for chilling reading.

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