Pictures Of Whitby By The Sea

Whitby has many connections with the sea. The pictures in this gallery are in some way connected to the seaside. The photographs

Whitby Piers – History, News And Photographs

Whitby Piers (East And West) can be found at the mouth of the River Esk in Whitby.

Runswick Bay Kayak Fishing Festival

Runswick Bay Kayak Fishing Match And Festival Runs Over The Weekend Of June 15th and 16th 2013 Runswick Bay Kayak

Whitby’s East Pier Bridge – Still Unrepaired

East Pier Time Counter The east pier bridge was removed [fergcorp_cdt_single date="11th april 2001"] , and still remains un repaired today. Whitby's

Duck Nesting In Whitby Harbour On Sea Otter 2

Ducks Nesting In Whitby Harbour On Paul Kilpatrick's Boat Sea Otter 2 Well this really takes some believing, I went

The Whale And The Sea Otter

ASTONISHED fishermen enjoyed a close encounter of the huge kind when a young whale attempted to befriend them at sea. The juvenile

Roy Townsend RIP

Pictured here outside the Railway Station is Roy Townsend with his record breaking Esk Sea Trout. Roy was a local legend on

Fleet Must Work 17 Times Harder Than It Did 100 Years Ago

The UK's modern fishing fleet must work 17 times harder for the same catch as their sail-powered Victorian counterparts, a study has