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199 Steps At Whitby

199 Steps View Out To Sea And Across Whitby

Follow in the footsteps of Bram Stoker’s Dracula by climbing the town’s 199 steps (tradition demands you should count them as you go). Starting among a slew of idiosyncratic shops, the steps clamber up the cliffside, slowly revealing more and more of the red-roofed town. At the top you’ll find ...

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Historical Photographs Of Whitby


The History Of Whitby Whitby has a very diverse and unique history. The images in the gallery below are in some way related to Whitby’s history. You may click on these thumbnails to see larger pictures. If you have any images you would like to display in this gallery then ...

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Whitby Donkey Field – New Plaque

Digging The Donkey Field

The History Of Whitby A new plaque has been erected at the north-east corner of the Donkey Field (Jacky Field). Picture and transcription submitted by Nigel Ward, who has been working with Councillor Tom Brown to achieve ‘Village Green’ status for this historic green space in the heart of Whitby. ...

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Dracula In Whitby Blog


It has been many years since I first heard those fateful words! Since then, I have made the decision to retire to the seaside, to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast. If you know my story, you may think this a rather strange decision to make! But I get ahead of ...

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