Stupid Whitby Tourists

The Stupid Things That Tourists Say In Whitby.

Another Real Whitby List, this time its a compilation of all the stupid things you ever heard a tourist say whilst in Whitby.

The Stupid Things You Hear Tourists Say In Whitby

The Stupid Things You Hear Tourist Say In Whitby


  1. Some guests at my Dad’s hotel took a walk up the 199 steps one night. It was so foggy they couldn’t see further than St Mary’s church. They came back and told me the abbey looked nice now it had been repaired. True story – Ricky Castoldi
  2. Do you sell different coloured jet or only black ? – Rich Bunton
  3. I overheard some tourist telling her husband that the abbey was 199 years old and that’s why there is 199 steps – Becky Pearson
  4. I used to empty the bins with the council. Doing bins years ago on Grape lane and a woman asks me is this where Captain Cook lives so I said he used to a few years ago – Ian Detute.
  5. Years ago I was with my wife walking down pier road, and some woman said to her fella ” It stinks of fish…. whats that smell?” as they were walking past the fish market – Andrew Breckon
  6. As if this place doesn’t even have a beach. The tide was in – Jacinth Simpson
  7. Is that where Dracula lives, pointing at the abbey - Ian Detute.
  8. In Poundland,  how much is this ? – Marissa Hodgeson
  9. “Whys there so many bird cages?” ……….whilst looking at the crab pots opposite Big A – Faye Liddle
  10. When I worked at a local cafe and heartbeat was on television still, I had customers asking “Which way to Aidensfield” I told them there was no such place it annoyed me to death – Becky Pearson
  11. In Goathland what time does the village open as if it was a film set for heartbeat – Janet Green
  12. ‘That seagulls smiling at me’ springs to mind. that was the ex before it tried to steal her Magpie chips. she works in law so understandable – James Crome
  13. I have been a shop assistant for roughly 25 years and i constantly get asked where the shopping centre is or do we have a shopping mall a M&S – Janine Moth Kaiser.
  14. Calling the Abbey A Castle – Roz headlam
  15. Walking up Caedmon’s Trod and the kids being annoyed there isn’t 199 steps – Roz headlam
  16. Stood on Tate Hill Pier and saying “I’m surprised there isn’t a way across” – Glenn Kilpatrick
  17. Heard a conversation at the bridge end regarding yachts passing through, Why can’t they just collapse their masts?? – Linda Havelock
  18. Lets watch the bridge lift up too let the boats through – Graham Shepherd, Janet Moth Kasier
  19. When I lived in Whitby, a tourist pointed at the Abbey and said, “that wasnt here last time a I came” – Kat Rodgers
  20. I was walking down east pier with my 13ft beachcaster and a women says ” is that fishing rod bigger than you”.  Then she was stood talking to me about height for bloody 1 hour – Chris Mcarthey
  21. Whitby is nice,  but shame about that scratty beach in the corner – Carol Moorehouse

Our list was complied with the help of our Facebook groups members. Please feel free to read the initial conversation here.

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5 Responses to "Stupid Whitby Tourists"

  1. matt longley  March 29, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    best 2 oh look theres a post office , and oh look theres a poundland ( the buggers stopped n started taking pic so no where else in the country as post offices n poundlands

  2. stan hart  March 30, 2014 at 9:34 am

    When tourists stop coming and spending their dosh, then you might have something else to think about!

    • Tim Thorne  March 30, 2014 at 1:40 pm

      I wonder if the tourists will feel so insulted they’ll come to Scarborough instead…

  3. stan hart  April 3, 2014 at 10:16 am

    It’s best not to bite the neck that feeds yer.

  4. Elaine  July 30, 2014 at 12:23 am

    I’m a tourist, if I was daft enough to cone out with some of these then I’d happily expect it to be commented on.

    Some people need to realise whitby is far superior to Scarborough, much more picturesque, and the people have got a sense of humour ;-) x


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