More Sex Crime Allegations at Scarborough Council

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More Sex Crime Allegations at Scarborough Council

More Sex Crime Allegations at Scarborough Council


More Sex Crime Allegations at Scarborough Borough Council


Were the context not so deadly serious, readers of Real Whitby could be permitted a wry smile at the extraordinary machinations of Scarborough Borough Council and its Leader, Councillor Tom FOX.

Having twice now succumbed to relentless pressure from Real Whitby to do the honourable thing by the victims of Jimmy SAVILE and Peter JACONELLI by striking those names from the honours list, Councillor Tom FOX continues to pursue a policy of ‘least said, soonest mended’.


Following widespread acknowledgement of Jimmy SAVILE’s horrendous paedophilia in the run-up to Christmas 2012, on 23rd February 2013 Scarborough Borough Council moved relatively swiftly to revoke the Freeman of the Borough status conferred upon SAVILE less than a decade earlier, in 2005.


The Scarborough News reported in the following terms:

Cllr Fox said since the revelations came out, he had been subjected to “continued abuse, insinuation and false allegations” with regards to Savile.

He said: “Reference has repeatedly been made to my role as a police officer working in the borough of Scarborough that I must have known that Jimmy Savile was a paedophile.

“I can categorically state that these rumours are without foundation, evidence of justification. I never encountered one single complaint about the conduct of Jimmy Savile.”

~ ~ ~

Cllr Fox apologised to the mayor for raising his voice during the statement, saying he was had “a lot of anger and frustration about this”, adding there had been a “tissue of lies” on the subject.

He added: “When I found out about it I was abhorred. I was very quick to try and bring about this motion.”

Councillor Tom FOX’s loss of composure appears to have been an oblique response to the question I first put to him four months earlier in October 2012:

  • “Would the Leader confirm or deny that, as a former ranking Police Officer in Scarborough, and as long-serving leading Councillor since that time, he was aware that elements within the Authorities were cognisant of concerns of the gravest nature in respect of the activities of Sir Jimmy Savile, yet nevertheless played a leading rôle in the lavish civic honours bestowed upon a man now widely reviled as the worst and most degenerate sexual predator in the Borough’s history?”

So did he know or did he not?

I raised that question many times – always without response. Reviewing Councillor Tom FOX’s indignant outburst in Full Council, I find it hard to imagine why he did not simply issue a measured denial at the first time of asking – that may have put the matter to rest.

The SN also reported that a £100,000 statue to SAVILE had been in the pipe-line. Councillor David JEFFELS was quoted, as follows:

Cllr Jeffels said: “People were very enthusiastic about it. No one had any indication or knowledge of his background.”

The Daily Telegraph also reported on the intended SAVILE statue, quoting Councillor Bill CHATT (Barrowcliff ward), thus:

William Chatt, an independent councillor, argues that the name should remain and the statue should still be erected.

“Jimmy Savile has done a lot for Scarborough,” he says. “These allegations do not detract from the good work he did when he was here, raising so much money.”

As we shall see, Councillor Bill CHATT (Barrowcliff ward) would seem to be unable to grasp the simple fact that “the good work” attributable to SAVILE can never in any way ameliorate, much less eradicate, his horrendous five decades of criminal sexual abuse and rape of minors.


On 13th February 2013, just over a week before the revocation of SAVILE’s Freeman of the Borough status, allegations against SAVILE’s long-time close friend and associate Peter JACONELLI emerged – and were duly reported by the Scarborough New: “Ex mayor was a sex pest”.

Shortly afterwards, Councillor Geoff EVANS received a choleric ‘phone call from an irate Councillor Tom FOX, berating him for bringing adverse publicity upon the Council. Leading Conservative Councillors effectively “sent him to Coventry”. Councillor EVANS subsequently tendered his resignation.


But on 18th February 2103, five days before the Scarborough News covered then-Councillor Geoff EVANS’ public denunciation of Peter JACONELLI, I had written to Councillor Tom FOX posing the following question:

  • “What is the intention of the Leader in respect of the many serious allegations, every bit as horrific as those against Jimmy SAVILE, against former Councillor and Mayor Peter JACONELLI, in respect of his status as Alderman of the Borough? Is there a process in train for the Council to adopt the same approach as in the SAVILE case?” 

Real Whitby readers will know (and be unsurprised) that I have never received a response. Again, I find it hard to imagine why Councillor Tom FOX did not simply issue a statement at the first time of asking. Why would he wish to keep his options open?

Councillor Tom FOX has clearly been determined not to respond to legitimate questions – and , indeed, seems always to take them personally. Why might that be?

Inexplicably, the revocation of Peter JACONELLI’s civic honours as Alderman and Mayor of Scarborough has taken over a year to materialise – three times as long as the SAVILE expulsion.

As reported in my recent Open Letter to Chief Constable Dave JONES, both the BBC i-Player coverage and that of the Scarborough News website has, for reasons unknown, been removed from their respective web-sites. The North Yorkshire Police have conceded that without the BBC “Inside Out” examination of the Real Whitby evidence, previous decisions not to investigate the JACONELLI allegations would have probably have never been reversed. The entire JACONELLI scandal has been kept as low-key as possible. Why? At whose behest?

Neither of those reports mentioned the fact the Councillor Bill CHATT, himself a former Mayor of Scarborough, had once again expressed the opinion that civic honours accorded to a criminal paedophile should not be revoked. His remarks in Full Council included the following:

“I used to walk along there and actually work for three hours in his shop. I saw how many people came to that shop and he gave support to. He was my ward Councillor for many years and I know the people up there went to him and got help, support, and in some cases even financial help to support them himself.”

This latest reference to money changing hands is far from unique. Several of the victims interviewed by Real Whitby investigators have referred to sizeable pay-offs changing hands in exchange for complaints being withdrawn and charges being dropped. A Barrowcliff man (Councillor Bill CHATT’s ward) asserts that a number of his contemporaries engaged in sexual activity of one sort or another with Peter JACONELLI quite voluntarily, on a regular basis – purely for the ‘easy’ money. Some boys allegedly went further than others, for commensurately larger payments. As Councillor CHATT has indicated, Peter JACONELLI was a generous man. Many of his victims have confirmed that he was opportunistic in his pursuit of sexual gratification.

A letter to the editor of the Scarborough News, published on 22nd May 2014, contains the following admission:

“Indeed, he once gave me a lift and put his hand on my knee, but when I made it patently clear to him that I was not interested, he dropped me off, and I profited to the tune of ten bob, which was a lot of money in those days.”

The writer seems to suggest that the fact that JACONELLI was prepared to pay for sexual services somehow de-criminalises his conduct. This is sheer nonsense. Peter JACONELLI turned innocent lads into male prostitutes. Councillor Bill CHATT knows this, yet still supports JACONELLI.

Councillor Tom FOX, in his Motion to Full Council, made no reference to the widely-held belief that as Chief Inspector in charge of the Scarborough Police, he must have been aware of JACONELLI’s modus operandi. If he was not aware, what prevented him from knowing what every other Officer in his command knew and had known for years?

In my view, Tom FOX needs to tell the public whether or not, as a ranking Police Officer in Scarborough, he knew, for example, about Police cars being requisitioned by Peter JACONELLI to chauffeur him over to County Hall in Northallerton, then on to Leeds for ‘rent boy’ nights out or sessions with SAVILE, before returning him safely to the marital home in the early hours of the morning.  If he was oblivious to these allegedly common occurrences, his competence as a Police Office stands open to question.


In stark contrast to his SAVILE statement, he wisely made no reference in his JACONELLI speech to any “continued abuse, insinuation and false allegations” or “tissue of lies” regarding his own knowledge of events. I invite him to do so; let us have a transparent account, please.

In his SAVILE statement last year, remember, Councillor Tom FOX was explicit in his categorical denial:

“I can categorically state that these rumours are without foundation, evidence of justification. I never encountered one single complaint about the conduct of Jimmy Savile.”

But unfortunately for Councillor Tom FOX,  BBC “Insider Out” viewers have heard and seen how one victim (and there have been more), accompanied by his father, did take a complaint to the Scarborough Police, though nothing came of it. Councillor Tom FOX has not denied it.

In his very low-key JACONELLI speech, there were no florid denials this time around.

And answer me this: why, when there are literally scores of photos (and plenty of film footage) of SAVILE and JACONELLI together, is Scarborough Borough Council pretending there was no connection between these two revocations of civic honours?

Which brings us to the latest turn of events.


In my Open Letter to Dave JONES of 18th May 2014, I made the following point:

  • If the Scarborough Police DID NOT KNOW of these things, was it because they were deaf, dumb and blind – they simply were NOT DOING THEIR JOBS?
  • If the Police DID KNOW of these things, but did nothing, WHY were they NOT DOING THEIR JOBS?

But if the Police will do nothing, what of the Council?

In an earlier article (“JACONELLI dénouement: Open Letter to SBC Leader Cllr Tom FOX”),I directly addressed the following question to Councillor Tom FOX:

  • “Will the Council now set in place a procedure automatically to suspend from office any Alderman, Mayor or Councillor whose conduct merits investigation by the Police into credible allegations of criminal wrongdoing of a sexual nature?”

Just as he ignored my legitimate questions in the past, regarding the revocation of the civic honours of Jimmy SAVILE and Peter JACONELLI respectively, Councillor Tom FOX has offered no response to my latest question.

I believe I know why.

Councillor Tom FOX already knows that yet another batch of serious allegations of sexual abuse, including rape, has been made against another Mayor of Scarborough in respect of multiple historical offences dating to the autumn of 1983 – though it is not suggested that the alleged perpetrator was Mayor at the time of the alleged offences.

I am certain that Councillor Tom FOX knows about this, because I have raised the matter with SBC’s Director of Legal & Democratic Services Lisa DIXON, who must surely have informed her Leader. How could she not?

Real Whitby sources have confirmed that video-statements by some of the purported victims (whose anonymity is protected by law) have already been recorded by the North Yorkshire Police, who have declined to comment on the matter.

This is standard procedure when an investigation is in progress.

One witness has stated that, when first reporting her allegations to a (named) Police Officer at the Scarborough Police Station, she was told that, given the identity of her alleged assailant, she would be “opening a jar of worms” and that she might want to reconsider the wisdom of filing a complaint at all.

This appears to be a carbon-copy of the treatment received by the BBC “Inside Out” victim, mentioned above.

Is this standard procedure, too?

However repugnant these recurring allegations of sex crimes having been committed by leading Scarborough dignitaries may be to Scarborough Borough Council (and it clearly is extremely abhorrent to Councillor Tom FOX in particular), this continuing policy of  ‘cover it up and play it down’ is totally unacceptable to the public – to whom the Council is ultimately accountable. Or should be. Hopefully will be.

So now is the time for the Council to ‘come clean’ about these new allegations. Can we have a statement, Councillor FOX, please, in response to my very reasonable public interest question?

  • “Will the Council now set in place a procedure automatically to suspend from office any Alderman, Mayor or Councillor whose conduct merits investigation by the Police into credible allegations of criminal wrongdoing of a sexual nature?”

That small gesture of transparency would start the process of rehabilitating our deeply discredited Council.

And, in the public interest and the interests of transparency, will the Council please name the former Mayor – if only to lift the burden of suspicion from all of the innocent former Mayors of Scarborough  – or is that, too, to be left to Real Whitby?




About the Author:

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.


  1. Glenn Kilpatrick May 29, 2014 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    What is it with this man Bill Chat ?? I was surprised to here he defended one pedophile and thought it a very strange position to take, but to hear he has defended 2 pedophiles gives me grave concerns regarding his ability to serve his community and serve as a councilor on Scarborough Borough Council. Personally Im appalled by his stance.

    Secondly to that Nigel, Are you able to tell us who this new person/councilor is who is accused of sexual offenses ?? Are the offenses against Children or Adults ?

  2. mg massey May 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    the biggest lie is “No one knew” WHAT? All the survivors and victims of these pedophiles knew. They simply were not listened to , nor was justice done. It’s then no wonder why the politicians the world over ,but especially in the UK, are playing a game we call in the USA “covering your ****”
    “What does a man avail to gain a fortune and lose his soul?” comes to mind when I think of these people.

  3. Val Hanson May 29, 2014 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    Judging by Cllr Foxes statements, he appears to be barely literate. Can someone give him a thesaurus so he can construct a simple sentence that we all understand. He definitely is the blind, deaf and stupid monkey. Time for some damage limitation Tom. Wipe your brow and stop digging that bloody great hole you’ve got yourself in……or you really will be abhorred.

  4. Wendy May 29, 2014 at 7:52 pm - Reply

    I look forward, with interest, to hearing whether this(up until now) very stupid man will take your, given the circumstances, generous offer of full disclosure or leave it up to Real Whitby to do it for him.
    His current and ex colleagues also need to decide if they are happy to go down with him mmn?

  5. Carole Gerada May 30, 2014 at 9:18 am - Reply

    Just for factual information: Geoff Evans was asked to leave the Council because he had an angry and rude phone call with an Eastfield resident. He was the one who was disrespectful, rude and angry with a pensioner for asking him a question which he did not want to answer. The question? What does Eastfield Parish Council do to warrant a 111% precept increase?

    I know this is fact because I know Geoff Evans and have been a victim of his rudeness in front of SBC officers and fellow councillors.

    I know this is a fact because I have spoken to the lady concerned and seen the reports of the incident in the National Press.

    I, too, would be interested to know who Nigel is referring to backed up by factual evidence. I fully believe there is substance in the report, but find it frustrating to read through all the old news only to find no new information….

  6. Stakesby Legs May 30, 2014 at 9:50 am - Reply

    Sounds to me like you’ve got a personal monk on with geoff evans, carole. but interesting you reckon you already knew about the sex maniac mayor and his police escort sex trips.

    so why didn’t you report it? good question.

    • Carole Gerada May 30, 2014 at 10:06 am - Reply

      No idea who you are, Stakesby Legs. But I am fully open, honest and accountable so always post comments in my own name because I have the courage of my convictions.

      If you knew me, you would realise that I have no personal gripe about anyone and there is witness evidence to that fact. As for knowing who the paedophiles are in this town – or any other for that matter – I do not mix in those circles and until the news reports and Nigel’s Views – I would still be none the wiser. If you wish to meet me so you can know me before passing unsubstantial accusations against me, I’d be very happy to meet up

  7. Stephen Vickers May 30, 2014 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    Looks to me like Tom Fox should be shitting himself, the real question on my mind where he’s concerned is ‘was he complicit?’ If we are to believe that he knew nothing about Savile and Jaconelli’s crimes then he must surely have been incompetent to the extreme. I personally think it more likely that he either turned a blind eye or was involved. As for Bill Chatt’s comments, he seems to be under the impression that raising money somehow wipes the slate clean for sex offenders, or that paying your victim means no crime occurred, A very worrying mentality for someone in a position of power to hold, I’d be curious as to exactly what he was doing for Jaconelli whilst working in his Ice Cream Parlour

  8. TJ Green May 30, 2014 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Well back in 1987 FOX deemed it fit to silence a man who raised the issue of child sex pests in Scarborough after finding disgusting photos of children in an amusement arcade by Slashing his face and telling him to keep his f**cking mouth shut, so well there you have it he KNEW! Guess ill be receiving the same treatment then, now I have told! K cera cera!

    • Val Hanson May 30, 2014 at 6:12 pm - Reply

      ‘Slashing’ – do you mean cutting his face with a sharp implement designed to inflict a wound?

      • Alex May 30, 2014 at 10:56 pm - Reply

        Is there any way of getting these people ‘sorted’ as they appear to be above the law.

        • Zen May 31, 2014 at 8:44 am - Reply

          There is only one law that really sorts people out,
          it is The Law of Karma,
          and it is the only law everyone is equal under,
          and the only law that is never corrupt.
          As the gap between bad event and retribution
          is often a fair bit of time,
          most people never really notice karma.
          It took 8 years
          before a nasty police barrister
          ( elevated to Judge Andrew Chubb )
          burnt to death in most unusual circumstances.
          As he had read a something I wrote on Karma,
          this probably speeded up the process
          ( over which no human has any control ).
          So if a number of people
          occasionally focus their minds,
          and place themselves and the person complained of
          under The Law of Karma,
          and preferably notify the person of your action,
          they then have to choose in their mind
          their response,
          which is heard by The Keepers of Karma.
          Chubb died within one hour
          of demanding a divorce from his wife,
          and police screwed up the crime scene,
          their was an inadequate autopsy,
          two inquests,
          and a lot of unanswered questions.
          We all know the country’s laws are deeply flawed,
          so my first response to anything,
          is to go to the highest law,
          the fairest law,
          the most efficient law,
          the cheapest law;
          The Law of Karma.
          In 2013, Plymouth police
          ran me through a rigged Magistrates Court
          because I exposed a nasty duty solicitor,
          Alan Harris,
          of Alan Harris Solicitors, 1 St Andrews Street,
          whose nasty little game
          is blackmailing boys and young men into sex,
          with the knowledge of local police,
          for at least 20 years.
          In other words,
          Plymouth’s very own Jimmy Savile,
          who was arrested years ago in a public toilet
          with a 15 year old boy.
          No charge resulted,
          and a steady stream of boys
          have been handed to him on a plate
          ever since.
          I take it
          that no sane person
          would think this to be a good idea?
          Alan Harris Solicitors
          have been frequently notified of these posts,
          yet no injunction has come my way,
          probably because targets of his abuse
          are ready to give evidence,
          and Alan Harris would need to swear on Oath
          for any injunction
          that these allegations are untrue.
          Within the criminal class of Plymouth,
          Alan Harris is well-known as a sex-blackmailer,
          and within a primitive fear-based society,
          unpleasant forms of submission
          are seen as ‘normal’,
          because fear distorts everything it touches.
          As Devon & Cornwall Police are bent,
          I confidently expect
          that at some stage they will arrest me,
          although I have been posting for some time now,
          and the fine from my 2013 conviction
          remains unpaid
          ( and never will be ).
          On arrest,
          I cease to eat or drink.
          If I die,
          I ask two things:-
          1. that someone finish off Alan Harris.
          2. that the concepts
          (R)evolution –
          is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind,
          become widely known,
          because they are foundation stones of change –
          unifying factors for separate campaigns.
          I have learnt in my life
          that the greatest obstacle to Truth
          is the system itself.
          Evil acts by the system are so common,
          The People regard them as ‘normal’;
          this has to change
          if this country is to evolve.
          Best wishes to Real-Whitby!
          Zen 🙂


  9. Nick May 30, 2014 at 6:48 pm - Reply

    I think I’m going to have to scrub my brain. A statue to honour Jimmy Savile? Maybe there should be one for a certain A Hitler because he liked dogs!

    Ex Chief Inspector and now Councillor Tom Fox appears to have answers to provide as to why the activities of Messrs Savile and Jaconelli were never looked into. I am also of the opinion that there was involvement with others further up the food chain. Please check out the following links:
    Also, try typing in “Leon Brittan” into your search engine. Enjoy!

  10. Brian Dodds May 31, 2014 at 8:54 am - Reply

    When all this scandal first hit the public eye I thought then that those in the clown hall would do everything possible to sweep it under the rug. It isn,t only the sex scandals, if you look at all the other malpractices that have been brought to the attention of the voting public it is a very damning indictment of our local politicians. I can see no justification for any of these self serving hypocrites to be re elected when the time comes, but there are enough sheeple in this town who will blindly put their cross on the paper in the same space as always. There needs to be a system in place where a citizens committee can examine evidence and make a binding decision on the future of any elected member or paid public servant who is proved to be guilty of any malpractice. What a shame we do not live in a place where the people have enough common sense to throw water on a fire instead of putting more fuel on it. Great job, as usual Nigel, let,s keep the pressure on and eventually there might be a house cleaning done at the clown hall.

  11. Tom Brown May 31, 2014 at 9:52 am - Reply

    For a long time I have wondered who is protecting these people from Tony Blair down to the SBC spies from prosecution.
    But I now know its a new world order conspiracy via COMMON PURPOSE (GOOGLE IT)

    • Zen May 31, 2014 at 10:09 am - Reply

      Tom –
      I think we can get very distracted
      by seeking definitive answers,
      when we are 7 billion people on Earth,
      all causing ripples and waves.
      The one thing we can be certain of,
      is we exist,
      and that we each have Power of Thought.
      I believe Earth exists
      in order to give us opportunity
      to explore and experience ourselves
      as spirit within a human body vehicle.
      I believe we are given complete free will,
      and that our every thought, word, and action,
      is recorded by an overseeing authority
      ( I am not in the slightest bit religious ).
      I believe that we all make errors,
      and that sooner or later,
      by some incredible mechanism,
      these errors are balanced out
      in ways
      that provide further opportunities for growth
      for the maximum number of people.
      I believe that in a primitive fear-based society,
      few people understand cause and effect,
      and so do harm to others
      in order to survive.
      I further believe that some within the system
      DO understand cause and effect,
      and feed on the energy of fear,
      which they constantly stir up,
      and harvest from.
      We live in an age
      that is suffering from information overload –
      we are bombarded with more information
      than most people’s minds can properly digest.
      The energy of television, for example,
      is designed
      to jungle and jangle within the nervous system,
      constantly disturbing the mind,
      and leaving it open to manipulation.
      We are encouraged to be aware of,
      and to be emotionally involved with,
      events half a world away,
      involving people we do not know,
      will never meet,
      and are merely images displayed upon a screen,
      in a way chosen by the media’s vested interests,
      while people who are our neighbours,
      we pass by,
      without knowing their names,
      or what their situation is.
      We are being taught by the system
      to keep back from REAL LIFE,
      right in front of our eyes,
      reserving our interventions to distant places,
      leaving everything else
      firmly in the control of the system.
      We can never understand
      the full complexity of the system,
      but we can always fully participate
      in real events that enter our daily lives,
      because Life has an uncanny knack
      of knowing what events to bring our way,
      that stretch us as human beings.
      The more we trust the process,
      the more that Life reveals.
      🙂 Zen

  12. Carole Gerada May 31, 2014 at 10:13 am - Reply

    Hmmmm. It seems to me that some of the contributors are not in touch with some of their readers.

    For example: Zen. The Law of Karma has been proved faulty. 1. Bad things happen to good people.
    2. You yourself who preach the Law so eloquently are a victim of it. Is it from something bad you did in your past life? How on earth does that make it a good Law for anyone to believe in?

    3. Good things happen to bad people. Is that because of the good they did in their past life? In other words – Karma punishes good people and rewards bad people. Pretty screwed up if you ask me…

    As for the politicians getting reelected time after time – that is be because the voting public check with their neighbours as to who they are voting for – and vote the same. Yes, even readers of this site. I know that because when I have been campaigning as a non-politically affiliated candidate, I was told that by a few of your audience who live in Eastfield. Admittedly, many more said they would vote for me – IF they were in town on the day, could be bothered and had nothing better to do. The last election I came 3rd – after Labour and UKIP (Eastfield By-Election 2013 following Geoff Evans departure). No other candidate bothered to speak to the resident who brought down his demise – except me. But the political party machines were out in force against me, being a sole representative of residents in the community I live in.

    So if people expended as much energy as Nigel in fighting for what they believe in instead of spouting off anonymously against the system – there would definitely be change.

    I, for one, have been in the system and affected local changes for which residents have thanked me. Indeed, my fellow Parish councillors have embraced me after realising that all I stood for was open, honest accountability. So I feel I can retire from a long hard fight after serving my time as a local councillor for 4 years

  13. Deborah Mahmoudieh May 31, 2014 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    We are living in the ‘meritocracy’ = the more social-credibility you have, so all the more social-powers will trurn a blind eye and/or contrive to cover-up and ignore your crimes; so your support for charity is a means to get close to sick and vulnerable children that you enjoy sexually abusing and/or permits you to abduct a couple of lads from a Jersey children’s home to visit Edward Heath on a boat near Jersey and when he’s done, just dump the victims over-board… – that’s ok because we will only focus on how much money you earned for those charities because really, we only CARE about money and MI5 is using you to entrap politicians who are then put in power and controlled via blackmail i.e. we NEED child-predators running our nation don’t we? The WHOLE goddamnned money system = CHILD ABUSE.

    • Tom Brown June 1, 2014 at 10:38 am - Reply

      You’ve got your finger right on it Deborah
      During the Heath days if a man could be indicted on ordinary homosexuality never mind the peado kind he would be wide open to blackmail.
      An organisation like COMMON PURPOSE(GOOGLE IT) uses this kind of thing to take controlled, ergo THE COMMON MARKET (a wolf in sheep’s clothing.)
      They are still doing it now.

  14. GERALD. May 31, 2014 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    They say Hitler was a charming man, polite, well spoken, he, through Kensian economics in the 1930’s, helped millions of Germans get beyond the unemployment of the 1920’s, raised billions, so would councillor BILL CHATT be in favour of the German’s spending a £100,000 on a nice statute to Hitler ? Ignoring that Hitler also destroyed lives, three million dead opposition Germans in the 1930’s alone.

    So not only what did councillor B.Chatt see and hear in Jaconelli’s parlor, but more essentially, whom did he see there ?
    Have any others he saw since become councillors ? if so for which party/s? Have any become publically known figures ? If so whom ? Apart from councillor Chatt himself.

    Male prostitution, actually there is no such thing as a child prostitute, its a fiction of legalism, if they are under the legal age for sexual activity, then its ‘rape’ irrespective of any money involved. No underage child can plead ”prostitution’, legally it’s not allowed, all who indulge in sexual activity with them are paedophiles.
    Any money exchange is attempted bribery, to attempt to cover up sexual abuse or rape, attempted perversion of justice.
    ‘Under age prostitute’ is a common legal fiction, meant solely to provide cover for ‘rapists’ in the courts, after all the clients/punters are often wealthy or well placed socially, publically known, so the child is pillaried, traumatised, mentally tortured, blamed.
    This fiction is also perpetrated by many politicians, of varying political persuasion, councillors and M.P.’s. And why not, after all there may be times when councillors, M.P’s, may avail themselves of such ‘services’, if not, then their friends, political or otherwise may.
    The next time someone is in court due to underage prostitution, victim or perpetrator, the demand from the public, should be that the perpetrator-client-punter be charged with sexual abuse and/or ‘rape’, attempted bribery, attempted perversion of justice, paedophilia.

    Does councillor B.Chatt remember any names of boys he saw in Jaconelli’s parlor, does he still know any of them ?
    We write knowing there may be a chance that councillors, even an occasional M.P. or more, may read the words, but without themselves having any morality the words will mean nothing.
    For hundreds of years the bible has been continuously studied, yet in all that time none have found any morality within it, irrespective of the ‘moral twittering of preachers. Not for no reason is there an ‘authorised’ version, though who its authorised for is never really explained.
    Why is it still authorised ?

    • Val Hanson May 31, 2014 at 3:45 pm - Reply

      Concisely explained Gerald. Thank you.

      Quite fitting that Hitler allegedly contracted syphylis from a prostitute in Vienna, who was allegedly Jewish! Oh, how the mighty fall.

      One could reasonably surmise, by his own submission of association, and subsequent public support of Jaconelli, that Bill Chatt knows a lot more than he is willing to say. Or was he so young, naive, trusting and completely oblivious to what was going on under his nose? What motivates someone to stick their head above the parapet and defend the indefensible? Or is it simply, that time has precipitated Mr Chatt to be parted from some of his grey matter?

  15. GERALD. May 31, 2014 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    Councillor B.Chatt should be asked by his fellow councillors to provide a list of all people he knew that used Jaconelli’s parlor, and all he knew that associated with Jaconelli as friends. The police should ask as well, if they haven’t already.
    Then they can all be questioned, maybe some of them can even shed light on policing at the time. Maybe some will remember the young B.Chatt himself.

    The silence has already been broken, the armour pierced and the bleeding begun, some of what was hidden is now seen, old friends become enemies just to distance themselves, more will come into the light.
    Time passes and along with it old policing methods and contacts, new, young officers take their place, so there will be some people awaiting the knock on the door, trembling, waiting for their public facade to be destroyed.
    If it was just Jaonelli and Savile, then it would have been dealt with, even the ordinary constable must realise that behind the silence hide more with public reputations.
    How much do the present constables really want to be real police officers ? Even if it meant arresting old bent coppers……….

  16. Kathryn May 31, 2014 at 9:33 pm - Reply

    It’s great that you are all raising awareness about sexual abuse but what saddens me is that while there is a lot of ‘talking’ and ‘blaming’ the charity that I work for HOPE based in Scarborough but covering Whitby and Ryedale too, is at risk of closing. We work with men, women and young people affect by sexual abuse and have supported some of those directly affected by Saville and Jaconelli. It’s a shame the council couldn’t donate the money for the statue of Saville to us so that we can go on helping these survivors and those that are yet to come forward. No-body seems to want to support us though, we aren’t a fashionable charity!!

    • Nigel May 31, 2014 at 11:05 pm - Reply

      @ Kathryn:

      Thank you for your comment.

      Working as you do to assist victims of sexual abuse in coping with the sometimes lifelong consequences, you will, I am sure, know better than most that it is matter of great importance to many – especially those that attempted in vain to report their assailants – that their allegations are at last vindicated.

      They were not ‘crying wolf’. They were not ‘fantasizing’, they were not ‘opening a jar of worms’. They were telling the truth. That commands respect, and with it, the return of dignity and self-respect.

      They were victims of crime.

      Many of the victims with whom I have spoken have been emphatic in their opinion that it is not a matter simply of blame – it is a matter of dignity being regained through the knowledge that those who abused them – as well as those who prevented a reckoning at the time – have finally been held to account.

      They are owed at the least a sincere and contrite apology. At the very least.

      I would agree with you that the Council should now give very serious consideration to making the £100,000 SAVILE-statue fund available to HOPE and any other local charities performing similar invaluable work.

      I certainly know Councillors who would sponsor that suggestion by Proposing (and Seconding) a Motion to Full Council to that effect. I would like to approach them.

      Very kind regards,


      • Kathryn June 1, 2014 at 7:42 am - Reply

        Thank you for the your reply. We certainly need to raise awareness of HOPE. It is a very much needed service and the only one to specifically work with and provide counselling to survivors in our area. Not many people speak out for sexual abuse survivors as most people would prefer to pretend it doesn’t happen. The letters printed in last weeks Scarborough News were disgusting and I emailed a response to the Editor which I note hasn’t appeared in this weeks paper! I hope it is next week or I will email him again as it is extremely damaging to survivors to see such dismissive attitudes and is exactly why many don’t speak up at all. Thanks again for showing your interest in HOPE. We have a website if you want any further information.

        • Tim Hicks June 1, 2014 at 7:58 am - Reply

          Dear Kathryn,

          Thank you for your comment. I have also found the rubbish printed by the Scarborough News to be despicable. I was accused in one letter of having bigoted preferences because I oppose children being sexually abused and I am opposed to child prostitution.

          Nigel and I have found this investigation a harrowing experience, but one which must be undertaken in the public interest. I admire you for helping the victims of this abuse, some of which was horrific.

          I think that your response should be published and it is despicable of the Scarborough news to evade criticism by censoring your right to reply. If you would like to send your responses to me I will ensure they are published in Real Whitby.

          With admiration,


  17. Zen June 1, 2014 at 12:18 am - Reply

    Sex-abuse exists in a primitive fear-based society because no-one ever looks the subject right in the eye, and is totally honest and frank about it.

    Education is either socialistically-coldblooded, or fudged, and at the very age when youngsters are becoming sexually active ( which seems to get younger by the year ), most people are terrified to be anywhere near children, out of fear of being labelled a paedophile.

    With instant access to the internet, children can explore fantasies, and are open to exploitation by adults, and the wide swathe of adult casualties demonstrates that plenty of adults get sucked into a maelstrom of emotions that over-ride common sense, until PC Plod smashes in the front door with a battering-ram at 6 a.m..

    Children then become the plaything of predatory professionals seeking to advance their careers, police, lawyers, doctors, and social workers, and whatever happened in the abuse ( which can range from absolutely awful to great fun ), the prosecution has a huge vested interest in ‘persuading’ the child to become a huge victim ( which often lasts for the rest of their life, guaranteeing fat fees for professionals ).

    Children are frequently taken by Social Services, and placed in council care homes, where thousands of cases of abuse and rape exist, which have been covered-up by authority as a policy. I can think of nothing more evil than stealing children, because fees are now being paid for each child to social workers by care organisations, who charge an arm and a leg for children who have been ‘labelled’.

    Rape of children is a taboo subject, but the rape of boys and young men by people set in authority by government, is an even more taboo subject, leading many to suspect that the rape of boys, and the photographing thereof, is part and parcel of the hidden controls within the establishment. After all, if one has a picture of a cabinet minister in bed with a 13 year old boy, with both very clearly engaged in sex, that cabinet minister is putty in your hands, ready to do almost anything, in order to retain the fruits of office.

    People are deeply suspicious of government and police on these subjects, because The Truth is always concealed – the system is an experienced liar and perjurer – it comes naturally to them.

    I speak with some experience on the subject, as I know a number of people who have been raped by one solicitor in Plymouth, who is being protected by police, and by rigged courts. To put it simply, a local conspiracy exists, which is designed to keep one isolated, and to smear you wherever possible. This process is not accidental, and appears to be a nationally-approved government policy.

    If it were simply a matter of standing up and speaking The Truth, with noble public representatives coming to the fore, assessing the evidence, and if convinced, taking immediate action, then The Boys of Plymouth would be protected. As it is, I am perfectly certain that Alan Harris is still at it, because he is addicted to the power trip of adrenaline that comes from someone submitting to his demands.

    And talking of local groups, publicly-funded, to assist targets of sex-abuse, I contacted those in Plymouth, suggesting they contact their members, and if any had been abused by this solicitor, to give them my contact details. I hit exactly the same brick wall one receives from police, again suggesting that ‘action’ ONLY takes place when ‘authorised’ persons receive information, and it is run through hidden protocols, to see if it should be concealed or not.

    I only wish a group with the clout of REAL-WHITBY existed in Plymouth, because it grieves me that a vile man like Alan Harris is free to rape, with police and court protection. But that, sadly, is the reality.

    That said, all power to your work with targets of sex-abuse ( I dislike using the word victim, as it tends to stick ).

    🙂 Zen

  18. Zen June 1, 2014 at 9:41 am - Reply

    @ Tim & Nigel

    Tim wrote:-

    “Nigel and I have found this investigation a harrowing experience”.

    The people who do these things, and the people who cover-up for them, know this, and count on it to keep most people silent – particularly those targeted for sex-abuse.

    The REAL evil, is not the perpetrators, or those in government covering it up, but the many, many people who know it is going on, but who choose to remain silent, in order to protect themselves, knowing that the abuse will continue.

    I spoke out against sex-abuse through blackmail by a solicitor who has been raping boys and young men for decades, whose name and activities are common knowledge in Plymouth, yet not one public figure in Plymouth stood beside me, and I was run through a rigged Magistrates Court, and smeared as mentally unstable.

    This is how the evil system works.

    🙂 Zen

  19. Carole Gerada June 1, 2014 at 11:27 am - Reply

    Hello Zen. It sounds to me like you would be the best person to start “Plymouth for Real”. You could link it to”Whitby for Real” providing they agree to being associated with your site. That will ensure wider coverage of this very important subject and others will be moved to speak to you.

    You could also stand as a candidate in the next election in 2015. Not difficult to do and if election rules are the same as for North Yorkshire, apart from certain criteria, all you need are 10 signatories who are registered in your constituency – or the one you wish to stand in – a strong commitment to helping others with a mandate to match it. Then with the courage of your convictions, you WILL succeed in bringing awareness and change. I can guarantee that because against all the odds and extreme pressure against me – I succeeded because I never waivered from my integrity to my mandate and my support base grew to include those who refused to work with me in the past. So change is possible for communities where committed individuals are prepared to put their heads above the parapet, gain support and win the day! I wish you every success.

    • Zen June 1, 2014 at 12:05 pm - Reply

      Hello Carole,

      I am writing a book, and I use other people’s comments to spark responses for the book, so I wrote a detailed response to your previous comments, but it failed to post on REAL-WHITBY.

      So “Thank You!” for both your posts.

      As far as Plymouth is concerned, I do not live there, I have no powerbase there, and police have smeared me as a mentally unstable homeless man, who is banned from the city centre for 10 years.

      When I look at The People of Plymouth, I see a large number of deeply unhappy people, and the reason for this is simple; when people are damaged, particularly by authority figures set above them, it severely impacts not only their lives, but also ripples out into society around them.

      This then becomes ‘normal’, and we have a situation in Plymouth, where thousands of people KNOW Alan Harris is a sex-blackmailing pervert who gets off on seeing people go down on their knees, but as the system is blocking resolution of the issue, and as ‘democracy’ is a broken reed, no-one does anything about it.

      I stood up, and the system spoke. Many people in Plymouth will be taking note, and keeping their heads below the parapet, for this is how a primitive fear-based society has it’s laws enforced ( for willing obedience to just laws is NOT what the system wants, because it limits the arvest of losers, who give in to fear ).

      My family took a huge amount of money out of Plymouth ( example – we supplied 4.5 millions tons of limestone to build Plymouth Breakwater, which was the Channel Tunnel project of the early 19th century ), and I wish to put something back, because Plymouth has a great deal to offer, and it is ludicrous that so much poverty exists.

      However, until I find people ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me, I will look just like police allege I am – a mentally unstable lone nut.

      The objective is to empower The People of Plymouth to create change for themselves.

      Were The People of Plymouth to expose by themselves a serial rapist of boys and young men, without the slightest help from police or democracy, it would be a shot in the arm for he People, and would send a shockwave through the unelected bureaucracy that runs this country.

      If you want to know JUST HOW CORRUPT local government and police can be, here is a link to my personal experience ( not a 5 minute read! ):-

      This is the project I founded in 1989, which was destroyed:-

      Put simply, I am TOTALLY repelled by the existing system of government and law; it is an insult to The People, as long as it continues to exert it’s tyranny, but you can only understand the extent of that tyranny, when you experience it.

      As society isolates those targeted by systemic tyranny, society never, ever learns, and simply cycles through the same errors, shuffling the cards of names, places, and events.

      So nothing ever really changes.

      This is why I created the concept of (R)evolution.

      (R)evolution – is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind.

      (R)evolution indicates a powerful desire for change, but places a distance between those who want a clenched-fist red flag-type of revolution.

      I recognise that resistance to the system is already massive, but it is simply The People digging their heels in, hating the system. So the sensible thing, is to create (R)esistance, which creates simple positive things that every single person in the UK, who desires positive change, can do, every single day of the week.

      I firmly believe in the positive goodwill of The People, which has been raped and exploited by the system for generations. Simply by releasing that goodwill, and supplying a few simple tools, change could occur in this country by fait accompli.


  20. LOUISE June 1, 2014 at 7:07 pm - Reply

    Well done Guys Nigel, Tim, Tim, keep plucking back the layers. Have to say Zen, it seems that lying is in the criteria for being a Councillor even at Parish level.

  21. Carole Gerada June 1, 2014 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    Hello Louise. Which Parish Council are you a councillor of? Even if your fellow councillors are liars, stick to your mandate and remember why you got elected. Your fellow councillors did not elect you, your fellow residents did. You work for them and owe it to them to remain honest if you want to affect change positively in your community. You will – I can assure you. Take care.

  22. GERALD. June 2, 2014 at 8:35 am - Reply

    PANORAMA – Savile: The Power to Abuse is on BBC ONE on 2 JUNE at 20:30 BST.

    Guardian >>
    The joint BBC investigation between Panorama and The World At One, which airs on Monday on BBC One and BBC Radio 4, asks how the DJ got so close to the heart of Britain’s establishment and why in 1972 the BBC failed to take effective action that might have saved young people from abuse.

    It comes ahead of the publication of BBC’s own review to be carried out by Dame Janet Smith. That report, whose publication has been repeatedly delayed, is expected to uncover up to a thousand victims and reveal a culture of ignorance which protected Savile.

    A more detailed report is in the Americal newspaper ( the British press seem to only prefer short articles.)

  23. Nigel June 6, 2014 at 3:55 pm - Reply

    I tip my hat to a lady of true integrity. I wonder if a copy of this letter will be sent by Lisa DIXON to each of the Scarborough Borough Councillors?

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