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Scarborough Evening News Reader Survey

101 Things To Do In Whitby

Here is Tom Brodrick’s response to the recent survey of readers by Scarborough Evening News

Dear Mr Asquith

Whitby has very poor political representation.

Yes we “vote them in” but it’s not quite as simple as that.

There are serious issues with abuse of expenses for example.

A shocking case involving the “metoo” voucher scheme and Cllr Joe Plant.

Many many allegations regards Cllr Jane Kenyon and the Police Authority.

Many many examples of abuse of milage allowances and NYCC Councillors.

Many examples of SBC / NYCC Councillors claiming twice even three times for Broadband Allowances where members also served on the Police Authority.

The list goes on, SBC never answering FOI’s properly if at all.

Whitby’s web news “ has hosted many of these factual well researched stories.

Whitby Town Council are regularly abused by SBC who choose not to reply to many letters from WTC even letters from SBC’s own Councillors !!!

Yet your newspaper seems to be shy of real “grown up” news stories.

Without more serious good reporting, serious reporting on local politics, democracy and real serious issues, politics in these parts gets kicked well into the long grass.

Democracy does not flourish without good honest editors and good reporters.

Then again good reporters won’t work for peanuts or for companies where staff moral is low.


Tom Brodrick

Tom Brodrick
The Reading Room Gallery
24a Flowergate
North Yorkshire
YO21 3BA

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6 Responses to Scarborough Evening News Reader Survey

  1. James Miller Reply

    July 30, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    I did this survey Tom. I think I am on their email list because I used to be active in local politics. I reckon that the most important question that they asked was what action Ed should take to improve the Scarborough News. I gave the obvious answer. ‘Resign’. But I doubt if this arrogant man will do that.

  2. Nigel Ward Reply

    July 31, 2013 at 9:37 am

    @ Tom Brodrick:

    I refer you to my article of 21st May 2013, here on Real Whitby:

    You are perfectly correct in your opinion that “Democracy does not flourish without good honest editors and good reporters”. Any publication in which personal and pecuniary self-interest sets the agenda fails its readership in the most fundamental way possible. The Whitby Gazette and the Scarborough News are nothing more than pricey little advertising rags. But worse than that, they are accessories after the fact to some of the most disgraceful abuses of authority in the County – perhaps in the country.

    Fortunately, more and more people are seeing through the superficial reportage – with its liberal dosage of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes – and looking elsewhere for accurate and reliable information.

    Remind me again; what rhymes with “bankers”?

  3. Jane Swales Reply

    July 31, 2013 at 10:03 am

    I hope you’re not suggesting that Mr Asquith is deliberately keeping bad news (for him) from the public?

    Surely it should be on his front pages – along with the steady slump in Sirius share values?

    It makes one wonder if the local estate agent fraternity has abandoned ship, with varying degrees of melodrama.

  4. markey Reply

    July 31, 2013 at 10:34 am

    (I am not a journalist. Neither do I have any connection to persons working for either paper)

    First, the papers.

    A bit unfair to the Gazette + Evening News – all local papers are, in the main, ad rags/local listings. That’s why they’re call local papers! To be honest, you’ll struggle to find decent investigative journalism in the broadsheets.

    The reduction in journalists and all that is down to the unbelievable zombie f-up that is Johnson Press. I’d guess the Editor just has to do his best with the limited budget he’s given. Its not his fault!

    Secondly, Potash.

    I commented on YP and the price of Potash on another thread. The failure of the cartel is significant. I would guess Boulby is to be hit pretty hard too, never mind the pie-in-the-sky mine.

    Thirdly, EAs.
    I hope you’re not inferring to the recent ‘incident’. Its a bit insensitive and he does have family around.

    • Jane Swales Reply

      July 31, 2013 at 3:48 pm

      Every estate agent in the county has been bulling up the virtues of property with significant mineral rights for three or four years now. If you are singling out the purchases underlying the Tim Lawn affair, you are overlooking other park people who are also under investigation by the police. In a world of opportunistic speculation, from every leach hangs a smaller leach, and from each of those, another, yet smaller, unto the Nth degree. Where on that gradient the estate agents reside is anybody’s guess. None of those in favour of the potash is motivated by altruism. The bigger the leach, the more spectacular the blood-letting as the bloated hopes and expectations rapidly deflate.

      • Richard Ineson Reply

        August 4, 2013 at 12:17 pm

        Well said Jane, greed begets greed, but sooner or later, it all ends in tears, and generally it’s the innocent bystander who gets it in the neck – the banking crisis is a good instance of this, Fred Goodwin won’t have been affected by his incompetence, but we are paying for it. Fred’s just struggling to get by on his £750,000 pension plus a few directorships, it’s tough at the top. Trebles all round.

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