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Scarborough Borough Council In Private Eye

101 Things To Do In Whitby

By Tom Brodrick

Scarborough Borough Council – It’s finally over………..

Dear Chief Exec Mr Dillon, deputy Hiliary Jones, legal prosecutor for Scarborough Borough Council Lisa Dixon, not forgetting ex-copper Council Leader Tom Fox, why are you heaping so much negative press on this beautiful Borough through Private Eye? I’m surprised anyone will want to be employed or associated with SBC at all at this rate.

What is it now, five consecutive months in Private Eye, it just couldn’t get any worse.
Hiliary Jones, at her request, on approx £100,000 a year wage, not forgetting pensions and ultimate pay off, called into my shop she explained to me that things would definitely change.

That was, I think, six years ago!

When Jim Dillon Chief Exec, £120,000 per year wage, not forgetting ultimate pay off and pension, arrived to lead Scarborough Borough Council, it has been nothing but a shambles with huge sums of money being spent on “management” CONSULTANTS.

Two heads of SBC pay themselves approx £230,000 in wages, plus many perks, expenses……. Other “management” staff on salaries not far beneath them, spent enormous sums of money on “management” consultants to help them run the council.

Why hasn’t the Conservative leader of the Council, Cllr Tom Fox, not objected to such an arrangement? Hasn’t SBC Cllr Tom Fox queried the embarrassing situation SBC finds itself in, month in month out……………..

Scarborough Borough Council has lost all of its housing stock because it just couldn’t make it work. Thankfully Yorkshire Coast Homes are showing them how to do it.

SBC has contracted out all of its Theatres and venues because they just couldn’t make them work, thankfully a company has taken on the leases and is showing SBC just how it’s done.

SBC has now lost all revenue from trawlers landing fish in Whitby as they have made it too expensive to do so, lost its Shell Fishing facility, lost its Ice Machine, in turn leading to the closure of various small local businesses who also had a supporting role.

SBC had to go to cap in hand to North Yorkshire County Council because they could not maintain Whitby’s famous Swing Bridge.

SBC Executives Mr Jim Dillon and Ms Hilary Jones have stood by as many historical buildings in the Borough crumble. Inc the Valley Bridge in Scarborough, again going cap in hand to North Yorkshire County Council.

SBC have closed down their very expensive office in Whitby and all the staff have vanished.
I could go on, but it’s completely pointless.

IT’S OVER. Mr Dillon and Ms Jones, collecting car parking revenue and sending out council tax letters, then paying your-selves enormous sums of money is not a Council with a role in life, indeed, not an executive with a role in life.

It is time North Yorkshire County Council took over Scarborough Borough Council once and for all ! Sack all leading management roles saving millions, employ more front line staff and provide them with better working conditions and wages not forgetting equipment.

This idea of closing down Scarborough Town Hall and re-locating all staff to a derelict building miles out of town was bizarre to say the least.

It’s over and if SBC were being led by a good management team they would be saying exactly the same thing.

You can hire in as many consultants as possible in order to keep you in office with your very high wages but the sooner North Yorkshire County Council take over Mr Dillon, Ms Jones, Cllr Tom Fox’s Scarborough Borough Council the better.

Scarborough Borough Council can then operate like Whitby operates, as a Town Council with voluntary elected Councillors without expense claims. It would probably save SBC £400,000 per annum supporting fifty Councillors and their expenses.

Executives can not hide behind legal threats issues by another SBC executive?

Private Eye was correct in stating that SBC have refused to tell anyone what it is they find offensive. What kind of executive behaviour is that?

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4 Responses to Scarborough Borough Council In Private Eye

  1. Sally h Reply

    April 18, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    Imagine a situation where money could be gathered in and you were paid an enormous salary ……. but you collected more than you needed ( on purpose ) so that someone else could also be paid to do your job!

    In reality though that just wouldn’t happen . Everyone would protest. Not in Scarborough. SBC is saturated with vintage conservatives serving only themselves and their egos .

    Why would a retired police inspector move over to local government if not so that he can go on feeling important ?

    They should all of been buried with Margaret Thatcher .

  2. kathleen parker Reply

    April 18, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Well put! They might as well go now cos they’ve nowt left to oversee now they’ve got rid of just about anything of value!

  3. Brian Dodds Reply

    April 18, 2013 at 10:29 pm

    The truth of the matter is Tom, that there isn,t anything offensive for them to point out, apart from the fact that they find it offensive that some peasants like you guys at Real Whitby and some others like me have the gall to criticise them. They know what they,re doing is wrong on so many levels, and they know that we are also aware of it, but they believe they are above criticism and we should keep our mouths shut and pay them homage, they are nothing better than criminals, at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask.

  4. Stephen N McCabe Reply

    April 20, 2013 at 6:04 am

    Well said Tom Brodrick & other commentators. The SBC should be buried but not at the cost of Thatcher’s beanfeast for the Tory hangers-on.
    Thanks Private Eye for keeping this bunch of idiots in the spotlight.
    Whitby may yet rise again!

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