Scarborough Borough Council Ignores Nolan’s Principles

Scarborough Borough Council Ignores Nolan’s Principles, so says Whitby’s Tom Brodrick of the Reading Rooms Art Gallery on Flowergate.

To set the scene, Whitby Town Council has recently been critical of Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) and some of its councilors and officers. I’m not going to go into to much detail of this other than to say evidence of this is available on our website.

In my opinion, as is always the case with Scarborough Borough Council, rather than looking at the matter at hand, and dealing with it if necessary.

They instead adopt one of several approaches to shoot down anyone who dares to be critical of them :

  1. If they think they can get away with it, they ridicule the individual who is being critical. Casting them as the village idiot or the “looney left”, often using the Whitby Gazette to help with their quest.
  2. If the person is not put off by the undignified attempts to ridicule them, Scarborough Council ignore the criticism, never answer any complaints and even go as far as banning the person from ever contacting the council again via email. Tom Brodrick himself can vouch for this tactic of SBC.
  3. If the audience is a big one, like the 30,000 readers who read Real Whitby every month, they take the underhand approach of trying to delete the means of communication used by those being critical. Like trying to have Real Whitby deleted from the internet, and threatening its contributors, who are many and varied, with legal action and even the possibility of being arrested for criminal behaviour. All this with no actual presentation of any evidence at all.
  4. If the critical body is one they cant deal with using any of the  methods above, they then write to those being critical, in this case Whitby Town Council, and tell them that basically they are not aloud to have such an opinion and should not be critical of Scarborough Borough Council in any way shape of form. Basically banning them from ever opposing any policy of the senior authority. In laymans terms “Shut up and go away we don’t like your attitude”

So my question would be, what is the use of a council who will not be criticised ? Scarborough Borough Council appear to spend time and money on the defense of justified criticism rather than actually acting to correct what it is they are being criticised of.

You may well ask, is the criticism of Scarborough Borough Council justified.

Well in defense of Whitby Town Council, I believe they are well and trully justified to be critical of SBC and in particular Councilor Cokerill.

I have witnessed Councilor Cockerill’s rude and unacceptable emails to Jackie Greaves of Whitby Angling Supplies.

Jackie dared to ask why Council actions had effected her business at a very busy time of the year for her. His rude, dismissive and abrupt tone of reply was unjustified.

Councillor Cockerill is supposed to be working with the people of Whitby rather than against them.

There are many more examples I could give of Councolor Cockeril’s behavior. I may save them for a later date.

So with the scene now set, here is Tom Brodricks letter to Scarborough Borough Council about Nolans Principles.


Dear Mr Kitson

Since when did SBC and the majority of SBC’s elected councillors abide by Nolan’s Principles?

The principles are how you should behave when dealing with members of the public.

In my opinion your behavior falls way short of Nolan’s Principles.

In my opinion the behavior of SBC towards WTC falls way short of Nolan’s Principles.

I’ve yet to find anyone who has received an actual reply from correspondence to your Chief Exec Jim Dillon!

Cllrs Mike Ward & Ian Havelock have yet to receive a single reply from Jim Dillon.

That’s hardly someone who abides by Nolan’s Principles.

Practice what you preach Mr Kitson.


Tom Brodrick

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4 Responses to "Scarborough Borough Council Ignores Nolan’s Principles"

  1. Real Whitby Webmaster  May 18, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Can you believe the attitude of some of These Scarborough Borough Councilors, in this Case Eastfields Brian Simpson. I was copied into an email to all SBC councilors, I was surprised when an email came back from one stating he would not correspond and asking not to be contacted again. I therefore chipped in and asked why the councilor would not respond. The following is the conversation from that point. Im Totally disgusted by this mans attitude :

    Dear Mr Kilpatrick,

    I respectfully request that you remove from any e mail lists you have, I have no wish to receive e mails from you or anyone else concerning Free Whitby or so called “corruption busters” I have no intention of corresponding with anyone connected to these organisations.

    I am making a request in a polite manor and do not expect a reply.

    Many thanks

    My reply:

    Dear Mr Simpson,

    1. I do not have an email list containing yours or any other councilors email address, so am unable to remove you from such a list.
    2. I was copied into this mass email by Tim Hicks.
    3. I have no connection to “Free Whitby” or “Corruption Busters”
    4. As a resident of Scarborough Borough, I am not surprised by your attitude, but must say Im saddened that you are not willing to receive emails from residents.

    Yours sincerely – Glenn Kilpatrick

    • Tim Thorne  May 18, 2013 at 11:33 am

      “Can you believe the attitude of some of These Scarborough Borough Councilors, in this Case Eastfields Brian Simpson.”

      Yes. In all probability Brian Simpson lost his County Council seat due to articles published on this website. I would imagine he is a tad miffed because this website has shone a bright light on his Broadband Allowances. Brian Simpson’s attitude to discussing the Broadband Allowances he has received with residents in his own ward was: ‘I don’t wish to discuss this with you.’ Par for the course.

  2. Nigel Ward  May 18, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Councillor SIMPSON has an appalling record:

    It is small wonder that he has lost his County seat. His style of flag-of-convenience local politics is utterly distasteful to the electorate – who only recently find an opportunity to learn more about the kind of behaviour that customarily escapes the pages of the Whitby Gazette and the Scarborough News. I would confidently predict that he will be summarily dismissed at the 2015 Borough elections – if not before.


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