Oh what will become of our beautiful Whitby Town?

Everywhere we look, seems it’s all just tumbling down.

Is Whitby really falling right into the North Sea?

Well that’s what it looks like, if you were asking me.


Dredging shakes foundations in Sandgate’s little shops.

The cracks are appearing and the building it just drops.

Work on sewage pipes has caused much stress.

We fear historical buildings will all become a mess.


Church land cascades down on Henrietta Street

And Fortunes the smokehouse lies right in the heat

Established way back in 1872,

Now even this little gem is in danger too!


Aelfleda Terrace loses 5 houses in one go.

Was it caused by rain, or someone else we know?

Jet workers lived here, many years gone by.

Is the history in this town all going to disappear and die?


The Khyber Pass is closed, when rocks come falling down

Is anyone still safe, in poor old Whitby Town?

Whitby needs help, please don’t let it suffer anymore.

This historic little port is the place we all love and adore.


Our precious pair of lighthouses are fast crumbling with no care.

Closed now to the public and receiving no repair.

The east pier sits so sadly, marooned alone at sea.

The bridge to reach it long gone and repairs are not to be.


We love you beautiful Whitby Town with all your precious jewels.

We wish that we could mend you but we haven’t got the tools.

The council will not help us; they just don’t want to know.

Every time we ask them, they tell us where to go.


What will become of such a special historic little port?

Where many visitors come to play and anglers do their sport.

Can anybody help you? Is there anything we can do?

We need to rescue Whitby Town, a treasure through and through.


We have such lovely photographs and many memories too.

We’ll give them to our children, that might just have to do.

Unless maintenance is forthcoming and repairs are properly done,

Whitby will be a memory, a truly beautiful one