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Savile: Scarborough/Leeds/Manchester inter-connections

second of three short Savile investigation up-date bulletins by Tim Hicks

Savile was born in Leeds and worked in West Yorkshire as a miner. He moved to Manchester in the mid-1950’s, staying there until about 1966 or 1967, running dance halls in Leeds, Wakefield and Manchester. He spent a lot of time with his mother Agnes, who had moved to Scarborough, living there with her until her death in 1972.

He had a series of mobile homes and camper vans from the 1960’s onwards, which are also alleged to have been associated with offences committed at many locations.

He maintained her flat on the Esplanade, Scarborough for the rest of his life and bought a flat at Roundhay Park Leeds in the late1970’s. He also said he had a caravan in Scarborough for some time where he took girls, although this may have been a reference to one of his mobile homes. He visited Whitby occasionally when he was in Scarborough.

His first known victim was assaulted in 1955, his last on the train between Leeds and London in 2009.  For a more detailed biography see here,

and here.

The Scarborough/Leeds connection

Savile had a very close association with Leeds for all of his life and was associated with the following places in West Yorkshire, at one time or another:

  • His Flat at Roundhay Park.
  • The Leeds General Infirmary where he worked as a voluntary porter from 1966 onwards and abused the patients. He met his close friend Alan Franey who was a member of the management team there and Mr Franey subsequently became a member of the management team at Broadmoor, on Savile’s recommendation.
  • St James Teaching Hospital, where he abused patients
  • Wheatfield Hospice, where he abused  patients
  • Dewsbury Hospital, where he abused  patients
  • High Royds Psychiatric Hospital, where he abused patients
  • The Otley Sailing Club, Scout Group and Cycling Club, as well as other locations there.  He was very closely associated with Otley since running dances there in 1943 and regularly switched on the Christmas lights there as an official guest.

He was a man who thought about abusing children every “waking minute of the day” and so it must be a concern that he may have committed offences at some or all of the above locations. Given the understandable reluctance of some of his victims to come forward, many of his victims and the locations of his crimes will probably remain unknown.

However, one set of offences is very well documented and that is the 1966 Otley Council Ball, where Saville alleged the Chairman of the Council procured six girls to sleep with Savile and a millionaire friend of his.

Savile went on to claim that a Council neighbouring Otley entered into a similar agreement to procure six girls to sleep with Savile in 1967, but which had to be called off because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

From the above description, it appears that the girls concerned were under age and probably vulnerable to being enticed by Savile’s media status, popularity and guile.  In this context, Savile was witnessed taking a young girl he obtained from a local carnival to his room by a member of the staff at Broadmoor, and his charity work gave him constant access to these events. So it seems to be a credible allegation supported by witnesses and not denied at the time. Leeds City Council (the successor to Otley Urban Distric Council) commented to Real Whitby:

We’re as shocked and horrified as the rest of the country by the allegations against Jimmy Savile. Previous tributes by the people of Leeds and the city were undertaken in good faith based on what we knew of him at that time. Given the seriousness of the allegations we have removed his name from the civic honours wall of the Civic Hall. Our thoughts are with all those who suffered any form of abuse and continue to suffer distress as a result of his actions.”

The identity of the mystery Chairman of the Council that entered into this despicable arrangement and ferried underage girls around in an official car to spend the night with Britain’s most prolific paedophile has not yet been revealed.  However, concerning the millionaire accomplice, Savile had a very small circle of close friends and so far as we are aware, only two of them – Scarborough businessmen Mr Jimmy Corrigan and Mr Peter Jaconelli – are described as millionaires.

Jaconelli made his money from ice-cream parlours in Scarborough, was elected first Councillor, then Mayor, and died in 1999.

Jimmy Corrigan was “the Leeds-born millionaire regarded as much a part of Scarborough as the donkeys and the rock, died just weeks after discovering he was suffering from cancer in 2000.  The flamboyant showman and ‘slot machine king’ was a teetotal fitness fanatic and running partner of the resort’s other famous Jimmy, Sir Jimmy Savile.”

Given that Jaconelli’s preference was for boys, the inevitable conclusion is that he was not the millionaire in question.

It is clearly incredible that a Council Chairman could procure six young girls to stay the night with two grown men after a dance, ferry them around in an official car and arouse no suspicion.

For some time investigative journalist Neil Wilby has been alleging that paedophile Officers in West Yorkshire Police have been protected from prosecution.

A Police Officer, Inspector Mick Starkey, acted as Savile’s bodyguard and chauffeur, nine retired/serving Officers met with him every Friday for tea, cakes and (according to one member) whisky in his flat at Roundhay Park, Leeds, and a retired Police Officer was present as a ‘minder’ when he was interviewed by a journalist.

Another Police Officer, “Inspector 5”, arranged for Savile to be interviewed by Police at Stoke Mandeville Hospital instead of at a Police station, thereby making it easier for Savile to manipulate the interview.

According to Savile, “blackmail” letters were ripped up by these Officers during these meetings.

If this is so, then it is a very serious act of misconduct. Given the nature of Savile, it appears that these letters may have been making allegations that were in fact valid, in which case the Officers concerned had a duty to investigate the allegations instead of destroying evidence at the request of Savile. Alternatively, if they were false allegations made for the purpose of blackmail, they had a duty to preserve them as evidence and arrest the originators of them.

Apart from Starkey and Wetherby Police Sergeant Matthew Appleyard, we do not know who the other seven Officers were, or which Forces they were from, because both the Chief Constables of West Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Police are refusing to confirm this.

In stark contrast, the British Transport Police have very openly and helpfully confirmed that none of their Officers were involved.

The Manchester/Scarborough connection

One of Savile’s close friends was Mr Ray Teret (spellings vary), who shared a flat with Savile and was also his chauffeur in Manchester.

Savile has been accused of committing offences in Manchester in 1966.

We have confirmed with a reliable source on Savile, that Teret visited Scarborough and stayed with Jimmy Savile and his mother Mrs Agnes Savile (who died in 1972) on occasion, but it appears did not spend a lot of time there.


Savile had a flat at Eastcliff, Bournemouth, from 1972 until his death. It has been suggested that Peter Jaconelli had a conviction for an offence committed in Bournemouth, but this has proven impossible to verify, nor can we ascertain if Jaconelli  stayed at Savile’s flat in Bournemouth.

Interestingly, an allegation has been posted in the comments column of my last article concerning offences which may have taken place in Bournemouth at this flat.


Savile travelled widely, lived at up to five different locations at any one time, and moved frequently between them, committing offences at multiple locations.

The appearance of Scarborough businessman Corrigan in Leeds, and Manchester-based DJ Teret in Scarborough, does indicate the possibility that members of Savile’s entourage also did not confine themselves to their local area and in fact were also much more mobile than we had at first realised.

In next week’s final article on Savile, we will be developing this theme and focusing on the interactions between Savile’s Scarborough “Team” and the BBC.


Operation Fernbridge

If any reader has information they wish to pass on to the Metropolitan Police investigation into the activities of Cyril Smith, they should contact:

The Operation Fernbridge Incident Room on 020 7161 0500.

Operation Yewtree

If any reader has information they wish to pass on to the Metropolitan Police investigation into the activities of Savile and his associates in Scarborough and Whitby, they should contact:

The Operation Yewtree Incident Room, on 0208 217 6446

indicating they are doing so pursuant to the Real Whitby investigation.


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  1. kathleen parker February 5, 2013 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    Well done again on your investigations what a pity the police didn’t do the same.

  2. ML Walker February 5, 2013 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I’m amazed that a town close to Scarborough has not been mentioned. In this town, accusations were brought against individuals, by 2 girls aged 9 and 11, that included satantic abuse. These girls accusations were heard in much the same way as the Yewtree report. ln very little time other girls and individuals ‘corroborated’ these accusations of an active satanic ring and ritual abuse. The accused were summarily found guilty by the citizens and dignitaries of the town. Less than 10 years later petitions were raised to reverse these verdicts. Unfortunately only 3 of the 22 convicted were eligible to benefit from these reverses of judgement … the other 19 had been executed (one more was pressed to death because he failed to plead guilty or not guilty).

    The town was Salem, Massachusetts and only 60 miles from Scarborough, Maine. One would have hoped we had learnt from history but from what l’ve seen from these articles and comments it’s obvious we have not. lt is, in my view, being repeated.

    Who is going to be the new Paedofinder General l wonder and should paediatricians once more be afraid of their safety? How many readers understand the difference between paedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia? Look it up, it is important.

    A final point, one should be very wary of condoning the current ‘witch hunt’ … the next ‘witch’ could quite easily be you.

  3. Joe Clark February 5, 2013 at 5:08 pm - Reply

    I posted earlier and was corrected so I checked around a bit more.

    I was sure about there being 4 showmen James Lord Corrigans (all known as jimmy Corrigan) with direct connections to Scarborough, Bingos Halls, fairgrounds and amusement arcades. And there was!

    There is lots of local knowledge that ‘Scarborough Jim’ was friends of Savile but not much local knowledge now that ‘Batley Jim’ was friends of Saviles also. He left the area a long when he was a young man. He went on to open the world famous Batley Variety Club and a Rolls Royce driving MILLIONAIRE. Passing away in 1999 in York.

    Jimmy (James Lord) Corrigan who owns amusements on Scarborough seafront in his mid to late 30’s is the son of ‘Scarborough Jim’ and well known a good friend of Savile.

    Jimmy (James Lord) Corrigan was father of ‘Scarborough Jim’ who owned an Amusesment Park called Luna Park in Scarborough who died in the early 1970s.

    There was also Michael who developed what is then became the Penthouse disco, Patrick who had a bingo and amusents in Scarborough and Filey and 2 Alberts, father and son, who had bingos and amusements on Scarborough seafront who moved to Bridlington and opened an amusement park and bingos there.

    I am sure but not certain you getting different bits of stories, if they are actually true about the different Corrigans and putting it all on one Jimmy Corrigan?All the Corrigans were at one time or another millionaires at one time or another (and a few still proberbly are). They had a lot of friends but also had many enemies as well.

    Savile had a lot of millionaire friends!

  4. Joe Clark February 5, 2013 at 5:59 pm - Reply
    Ref to the above broken link,please copy and paste to see Savile comments

  5. Margret S February 5, 2013 at 8:23 pm - Reply

    I was right……the trial is heading due south……..Whitby-Scarborough-Leeds-Manchester-Bournemouth…….umm……where next….and with whom!

    Can’t wait for part 3……human sacrifice…..dam….sorry……spoilt the surprise!

    You can come out now Jane……your in the clear……you should have thought of this cunning plan ages ago!

  6. DKP February 5, 2013 at 9:43 pm - Reply

    Is it open season for “shoot the messenger”? Mister Hicks is collating open source material. Or is that the problem?

    • Margaret S February 6, 2013 at 6:09 pm - Reply

      “Open source material”

      Internet…..tabloids…….whispers………..umm………must be true then………

      Come on…….

    • disco February 8, 2013 at 3:08 pm - Reply

      Don’t know Tim Hicks but I’ve met Nigel he’s a cool dude. He’s dead passionate about all his projects and has Whitby at his heart.

      These links should be an inspiration to all readers of what can be done with direct action.

      Youtube video about Nigel’s fight for freedom against the council.

      S/boro paper about Nigel’s victory against them.

      Keep up the good work guys.

  7. Jean Chapman February 5, 2013 at 11:31 pm - Reply

    Mr Hicks

    I have been sent a link to your stories about your many reports on Jimmy Savile.

    How very wrong you are about the late Jimmy Corrigan.

    I knew JC for 30 years extremely well indeed.

    A paedophile! 6 girls at once! A satanist! For 5 decades!
    Complete nonsense.

    Evidence? Witnesses? Victims?

    Why have the police not named him!

    He was diagnosed and written off at school as being stupid by ‘the system’. It is now called dyslexia.

    Actually JC and yourself have a lot in common. He hated corruption in public office and mistrusted what he called ‘them’. He started what you now do. He was THE Corruption Buster investigator.

    Every year all councils had to make their accounts available to the public before Freedom of Information laws came in.

    JC paid his own accountants to audit Scarborough Councils accounts. He then passed on his findings or complaints to The District Auditor,The Obdudsman and the local paper. He did this every year until his death in 2000.

    I questioned if it was worth it, he replied “worh every penny”!

    Perhaps the reason you are so unhappy with your local council nowadays is because he hasn’t been with us for 13 years keeping ‘them’ on their toes. The council were more wary of JC than you could only dream of.

    Ask any old councillor or officer. He made their lives hell.

    Have you spoken to any of his friends? I bet Real Whitby hasn’t bothered to contact any of them.

    JC was indeed friends with JS but then again so was the Royal Family. Savile certainly was not a loner!

    The Jaconelli brothers had ice cream parlours 50 yards either side of JC’s office for at least 25 years. The Corrigan family all knew the Jaconelli family as most people did on the seafront did. JC certainly did not socialise with Peter as JC didn’t like him for many reasons.

    John White and family rented one of JC’s many properties in Scarborough in the mid 80’s where the abuse happened. Thats the connection! He stayed a couple of seasons and disappeared owing a lot of rent. When White was caught in South Yorkshire it is fortunate for him that JC was dead as he would have happily told a few more of Whites wrong doings!

    An individual posts they think they “seem to remember” him being cautioned in public toilets 30 years ago!

    JC had gambling and bingo licenses from the Gaming Board all his life until he died. You can not get or keep these if you have any form of criminal record.

    JC did not finance or own Michaels night club. It was his cousin Michaels venture. If he had have been an investor it would not have gone bankrupt!

    What is interesting is that you quote a small number of the posters comments as evidence that suit your theory and ignore the ones that show your assumptions are clearly incorrect.

    It’s a great shame JC isn’t still with us as he would have made Lord McAlpine look like a soft touch!

    Jean Chapman

    • Nigel Ward February 6, 2013 at 11:06 am - Reply

      @ Jean Chapman:

      Tim Hicks (author of the above article) has asked me to respond to you:

      “Dear Ms Chapman,

      Thank you for your comment. I feel I should point out that it was the Daily Express that first mentioned Jimmy Corrigan on the basis of two witness reports.

      We have made a point of regularly posting a link to the Express article, which includes a forthright and robust defence of the late Jimmy Corrigan by his son; so the articles put the other side. In addition, you yourself have had the opportunity of posting your views and your robust defence of your friend here on Real Whitby and have therefore had a right of reply both to the allegations made in the Express and in Real Whitby.

      I am glad that you have exercised it.

      Best regards,

      Tim Hicks.”

      • ML Walker February 19, 2013 at 11:28 pm - Reply

        @Nigel, once again you seem to be the spokesperson for Mr Hicks as l’ve noted a couple of comments where Mr Hicks has asked you to comment on his behalf. Would you please clarify as to why Mr Hicks does not comment himself? l find it somewhat odd that he does not do so.

    • Gilbert Gordon February 18, 2013 at 12:03 pm - Reply

      That’s right. Maybe 15 years ago or more, a journalist at the Scarborough Evening News told me that Corrigan uncovered the practice of “Golden Carrots” and “Golden Handshakes” for senior officers at the council from their accounts.

      Because of his investigation this practice soon stopped after the paper ran the exposé.

  8. heymak February 6, 2013 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    Dear Mr Hicks
    First you insinuate that its Scarborough borough council who provided the 6 girls,then Otley Council.Don’t you really mean Batley Council, Also you insinuate that the girls provided and vetted by the council were under age,i cant believe you on this point, the link to the story does NOT say that. Regards

  9. Barbara Wilson February 6, 2013 at 6:18 pm - Reply

    I think the issue here is: Is Mr Hicks certain he has got his facts right? He seems to be evading the question.

    A clear answer to a clear question would resolve that issue.

    • Margaret S February 8, 2013 at 10:43 am - Reply

      …….”certain”……..”facts”…….lets think for a minute…….

      …….only dead people…….or living ones named elsewhere……from “open source material”……umm

      Unless…..that is…..someone NEW…..who is ALIVE….. is revealed……time to test the theories?

      So far……only thing “certain” is lack of “facts”………

      Apart from that, very interesting………

      Ps……….don’t know why some of my comments are not being accepted……….Please could the moderator explain the rules so I don’t have the same problem in future…….many thanks in anticipation……

  10. admin February 18, 2013 at 2:49 pm - Reply

    Margeret, you are no longer under moderation control as a new contributor so anything you post should go live straight away. There are only a few things that puts you back in moderation control, 1 is if you post a lot of links (to protect us from spammers), 2 is if you use a different email address, screen name or ip address, as this makes our system see you as a new user again. I have checked our trash and spam folders and there are no comments from you in either so I assume you havent pressed post button after making your comment.

  11. AnarchyUK February 18, 2013 at 5:28 pm - Reply

    Perhaps Tim Hicks should hold a seance or is there another medium in the house?

  12. Jean Chapman February 19, 2013 at 9:13 am - Reply

    I have now read many more comments re Jimmy Corrigan, in this and newer stories by Mr Hicks. It seems the people who knew him, or lived in Scarborough, very much voice doubt on his involvement.

    Even Real Whitby’s own Scarborough resident “blogger”, Mr Thorne, says he doubts it.

    The comment above by Gilbert Gordon certainly confirms what I stated about Jimmy Corrigan and his scrutiny of the councils financial affairs.

    You and your readers must ask themselves; Would a man, who was a pioneer in exposing people in positions of power, really have such skeletons in his closet? I very much doubt it!

    I can tell you it made him a lot of powerful enemies in the process.

  13. […] son in this Daily Express article of 28 October 2012. Interestingly in the comments section on a Real Whitby post here is suggested as a council corruption buster himself having personally paid for Scarborough […]

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