The Sandsend Money Tree

A couple of years ago now I learnt of “The Sandsend Money Tree”. Two friends Karen Peacock and Maria Purvis had photographed it whilst out walking and shared the snaps with myself.

I had meant to go look for myself way back then, but as always, other things took priority and time passed by, until recently another friend Mike Marshall (Yorkshire Coast Fossils) mentioned he had come across it whilst out on a walk with his partner Jackie.

Whilst out on a walk myself with Mike recently he agreed to show me the Money Tree and so we trekked through the woods to its location.

For obvious reasons Im not going to reveal the trees exact location, but perhaps one day you may be lucky enough to stumble across it. If you do then please use the sites comments section to let us know you found it and that all is well with the tree.

Despite having numerous coins inserted into its bark, the tree seems ok and is indeed flourishing. I’m guessing the tree is relatively old as some of the coins are pre-decimalization and many are foreign.

I guess this is the sort of thing that can only happen in Whitby. Another mad Yorkshire conception, but yes Whitby does have its very own money tree.

So for those of you who doubted the existence of The Money Tree. Here it is :

The Whitby Money Tree - Sandsend Money Tree

The Whitby Money Tree, In Woods Near Sandsend.

The Whitby Money Tree

The Whitby Money Tree

The Sandsend Money Tree

The Sandsend Money Tree

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  1. Joanne McCudden  June 18, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    Will look out for it. You see these all round the country although they’re mostly dead. Good ones up at High force waterfall.


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