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  • Do we have no more details than this ?? Dates, times, costs ?? child Care available ?? All the information you would expect to find. If I found this advert Id be most peed off if I couldnt find the info I was looking for. No point having an advert with no info.

  • Quote from David Perry: “I remember one coming through the bridge with only 1ft of clearance on each side. To do this successfully they'd have had to wait until the tide had started to fall, which would have given the captain better steering control. I remember it was a bit of an occasion as the gazette did a report on it. ” Must have been very special David for the Gazette to turn out. mind it was outside their office window

  • Cheers Dave, well Im home now and looking for business.

  • Dont forget your surf board.

  • Its a very sad world and sounding almost as bad as the competative sea angling scene when people think places are secret and only for them. Saltwick and its surf break was there long before you ever found it, and will be there long after your gone. Its people like you that give your sport a bad name. Shame on you, and even more so for butting into a day I was enjoying on the foreshore until you rudely butted into it.

  • Ive always been in favour of a mine for the jobs it would bring to the area. The one thing I massively disaprove of and always will is the decision to place it slap bang in the middle of a national park. Why, when their was so many near by alternatives to get the mine head outside the park have the planning committee decided to go against the reason for having a national park and allowed it in. I can only assume that the usual brown envelopes were passed about. We already know that many of the p…

  • Moors-Whitby WW1 events at Festival On The Moor Festival On The Moor’s WW1 Project “Ghosts Of Heroes” will be featured in a special programme of events at this year’s annual weekend at Botton Village between May 22 and 25th. ‘We’ve been working with young people in the Whitby area on a new project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund”, says Project – Co-ordinator, Jeanette Grainger. “The "Ghosts Of Heroes" project is continuing to get young people involved in heritage through looking at aspects o…

  • Traffic Wardens in Whitby

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    Is it true any cars not moved will be towed away tomorrow evening before the Tour comes through ??

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  • Heres a few from tonight taken at Rabbit Hill, a place we spent many hours as kids whilst growing up in The Love Lane area of town. It was actually quite emmotional to sit there and think of sledging down this hill as children in Winter, or the many hours spent roaming in summer. What really got me was the sound of the meadow pippets and Skylarks, a sound Ive barely heard since childhood. These photographs were taken with the farmers permission. The farm is not on a footpath and the farmer tells…

  • Thanks Lynn, I quite like the beach hut photos myself.

  • How fitting that last week we had the SOPHIE trust in town to help educate the children of West Cliff School about diversity and equality, and then within days, some of the grown ups of the town set about undoing that hard work in an instant.

  • Thats devastating Mark.

  • Hi guys, we have had a couple of complaints about the use of the word - "Tranny" as it has been suggested this is a slur on Transvestites. However in her own posts about this issue, Robyn refers to her partner and friends as "trannies". This is very confusing. At present Im reluctant to moderate the use of the word, but would appreciate some Clarity from Robyn who seems to be closer to the issue than others commenting.

  • 22nd April 2015…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea

  • Some More from April 2015…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…4e3428bf4c23f9f78e8aaa7ea…

  • Padlocks On The SwingBridge

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    Many apologies. In trying to seperate Alans post from the topic he posted it into, I have accidentally deleted all the posts. Sincere apologies on that. Can people wanting to debate the locks on the swing bridge place their replies below.

  • I found this worthy of viewing.

  • Im probably not allowed to say Twat or agree with you as Ill be further disciplined in my workplace. However when we meet next Ill probably smile nicely at you Margerat and tell you how much I align myself with a vast majority of your opinions.