P&R: Open Letter to NYCC from Tom Brodrick

  • Hard on the heels of  RICHARD INESON’s analysis of the Whitby Park-&-Ride public consultation, TOM BRODRICK makes an impassioned appeal for the common-sense he thinks is unlikely to prevail.
  • Is the Whitby Park-&-Ride a “done deal”?


From: Thomas Brodrick
Sent: 20 August 2013 20:28
To: All Councillors and Richard Flintoin; David Bowe; Nick West;

Subject: Park & Ride Hairdressers Cllr Plant & Cllr Kenyon, Ombudsman’s reason . . .

Dear Mr Bowe and Mr West, Mr Flinton, Cllr Plant & Cllr Kenyon,

I’ve just had my hair cut at Contemporary Salon on Flowergate, followed by a coffee in Java Cafe on Flowergate, if you imagine 17 young members of staff in these two typical small business on Flowergate. Not to mention all the other multiple staffed businesses on Flowergate, Skinner Street . . . the entire West Cliff . . .

Mr Nick West states that  “there will be a period of tolerance while things are settling in. Most people will be RESTRICTED to parking in the zone where they live or where their business is based with ONE permit allocated for EACH (single) business at a cost of £77 pounds, with others available if an OPERATIONAL NEED can be shown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What like the numerous estate agents on Flowergate who employ numerous staff, cafe’s, restaurants, bars, furniture stores, clothes stores………. “others available if an OPERATIONAL NEED can be shown”?!? NYCC’s Mr West, please can you clarify, define and explain to us businesses what an “OPERATIONAL NEED” is supposed to mean?

Who within NYCC will be the Judge and Executioner of the “OPERATIONAL NEED” and how many staff will be employed at NYCC?

Young staff, paying their Business Rates, paying their taxes on their small meagre wages, running a car with thousands to pay their insurance bills, monthly.

Most live out of town, Skelton, Brotton, Guisborough, Saltburn . . .  and like many, many people who work / service the tourist industry and travel into Whitby from towns and villages nearby.

They work usually from late morning to late evening, after the P&R is closed.

Those who work in hair salons as an example, have to rush home to get kids from school when they finish work.

1) Can you explain to me in detail how the Park & Ride system will affect the lives of people who work in Whitby / Sandsend in these typical types of industry? (Will the Park & Ride travel to Sandsend?

2) Please can you tell me how these workers will get around this system when bus routes and social services are being slashed by NYCC?

3) If I regularly visit a friend across town in a different parking zone, one and a half miles away for a cup of tea each afternoon, 300 days a year, can you tell me how it will affect my routine and how it will affect my friends life when he only gets 50 tickets allocated each year, when I have to park up, walk to friends house, get ticket, walk back to my vehicle, scratch it, put in on the dash board and then walk back to friends house?

4) Then I perhaps visit another friend or the dentist in another area of town . . .  can you explain in detail the process I will have to go through?

5) Can you explain in detail how someone elderly will have to make journeys into town to visit an elderly friend, infirm, messing around with scratch cards, to and fro from their vehicles.  Can you tell me in detail how it will affect their lives, can you tell me why visits between people will become less and less and less, less care, less companionship . . . fewer visits . . .

6) There are many, many people too proud to register as disabled, many people who really struggle on, often with chronic pain, and many, many people on the verge of being eligible for a disabled badge, but don’t quite make it. Can you explain to me in detail how their lives will be affected?

7) Can you tell me, in detail, how all those volunteers who offer a free carers service to their friends, often on a daily basis, how much their routine will be affected / effected, how many visits they will cut short, or just not bother with, in detail can you tell me how their lives will be affected, both the carers and the person being cared for, the risk of isolation and solitude battering someone’s mind?

8) School runs, parents having coffee mornings, looking after infants, how their lives will be affected………

9) Where will all the notices go?

a) How many posts?

b) What will the notices look like?

c) How close together will they have to be?

10) Who within NYCC will be the Judge and Executioner of the “OPERATIONAL NEED” stated by NYCC’s Nick West “as a requirement for local businesses”, should they want more than one £77 permit?

10a) How many staff will employed at NYCC’s headquarters to run this entire scheme?

11) Why could you not just identify the finite problematic areas where residents are suffering from parking issues and come up with a cost effective residents parking scheme?

12) Can you explain to me in detail what research you carried out to see how individuals would react, regular people, to such a scheme and how they would react? (They can’t answer this, because no research was ever carried out).

13) Where will people visiting Whitby Hospital during the day be able to park? (the hospital has a tiny car park that is full during the day?

The public and small businesses were NEVER EVER considered in these secret meetings, meetings dammed by the Local Government Ombudsman as being biased.

The list is endless; this is the most complex, inconsiderate parking scheme to be imposed on the citizens, the workers (commuters as they put it) and the visitors of this town, perhaps in the entire United Kingdom. It will hit headline after headline after headline in newspapers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Imposing parking charges along a stretch of road between Sandsend and Whitby is criminal, why do people who want to visit and enjoy a beach have to pay a single penny? It’s their right, their entitlement it’s not a Fun Fair Ride Mr Flinton . . .

I look forward to your responses Mr West, Mr Bowe, Mr Richard Flinton, Cllr Kenyon, Cllr Plant . . .

I suspect, like the secret stakeholders steering meetings that decided this scheme, behind closed doors, no meetings minuted, no public participation, secret meetings dammed by the Local Government Ombudsman . . . names and contact details of those who held the meetings were withheld by NYCC citing the “data protection act” even though the meetings were held behind closed doors by County and Borough Councillors inc stakeholders (whatever that means), residents of Whitby excluded……..

This is one vast mistake NYCC’s Mr Nick West, NYCC’s Mr David Bowe, County Council Councillors Cllr Plant and Cllr Kenyon, it is the most ill-considered, ill-conceived plan if ever there was one, there were no Whitby residents represented / included.

This will cost NYCC’s ratepayer probably in excess of £6,000,000 pounds and will have such a dire ADVERSE effect, thrust upon tens of thousands people, residents, visitors, workers and those residing in nearby villages.

The worst part of it all is that NYCC’s Mr David Bowe, Mr Nick West and Mr Flinton have already made the decision, the Park & Ride has already given it the green light, it is going ahead, whether you like it or not, whether you protest or not, whether you agree or not, whether you fill in a questionnaire at Whitby’s Tourist Information Centre or not, whether you attend the Northern Area Committee or not . . . it is a DONE DEAL !

These questions will never be answered in detail, what individual workers, residents, visitors will each have to do. It will take too long and read like a disaster.

merry-go-round. noun.

  • A revolving machine with model horses or cars on which people ride for amusement. A continuous cycle of activities or events, especially when regarded as pointless: “the park & ride merry-go-round”

Tom Brodrick

The Reading Room

24a Flowergate


North Yorkshiire

YO21 3BA


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