Photographers At Whitby Goth Weekend 2015

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Photographers At Whitby Goth Weekend 2015

All Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick –

Over the years the photographers at Whitby Goth Weekend have come in for a fair amount of stick from attendees at the event.

In particular the Photographers who hang about on Church Street and in the graveyard at St Mary’s seem to be amongst the least tolerated with many Goths saying they now refuse to go onto Church Street because of them.

On Saturday afternoon I spent some time on Church Street and In St Mary’s Graveyard. I managed to have a bit of a Chat With The Vicar and The Church Wardens. Based on my interpretation of that conversation it appeared they wished to be tolerant of most of the goths and photographers, but they also felt some had certainly overstepped the mark.

Whilst there I watched them ask several Goths and photographers not to pose on gravestones. It appeared they were tolerant of people being in the graveyard and having pictures taken there, but once a grave was touched then they were asked not to do that.

One Of the Church Wardens also explained that during the morning, one Girl had bared her breasts and put them over a grave. I have to say I found this to be wholly inappropriate, and you can begin to understand why the Church is unhappy with this.

Below are my pictures taken on Church Street and in The Graveyard at St Mary’s. To my knowledge non of the photographers in my photographs were involved in the indecent incidents I have discussed above.

My reason for being in the Graveyard was to capture a record of what happens there. The images will hopefully act as a social record of the town in 2015.

My post is not an expression of support or opposition to photography or Goths in Church Street And St Mary’s Graveyard. Simply an observation of what I saw happen there over the weekend.

Are You A Goth ?? Dressy Upper ? An Observer ?? Or Photograher ??, our comments section below is open for your thoughts on this post.

All Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick –

St Marys Graveyard In Whitby

Annoying Photographer In St Mary’s Graveyard. This guy shoved me out of his way, and when I challenged him he said I wasn’t taking a picture of the girls so I should move out of his way.


The Press Pack @ St Mary's Graveyard Whitby Goth Weekend 2015

The Press Pack @ St Mary’s Graveyard Whitby Goth Weekend 2015


Photographing A Goth laid In The Graveyard At Whitby Goth Weekend 2015

Photographing A Goth laid In The Graveyard At Whitby Goth Weekend 2015


Whitby Goth Weekend Togging the Togs (1 of 1)-24



Whitby Goth Weekend Togging the Togs (1 of 1)-44

Whitby Goth Weekend Togging the Togs (1 of 1)-31

Whitby Goth Weekend Togging the Togs (1 of 1)-53

Ive Got A Big lens

Ive Got A Big lens

More Pictures Of the Photographers.

All Photographs By Glenn Kilpatrick –

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  1. Richard November 2, 2015 at 4:29 pm - Reply

    Why don’t people take the wishs of our hosts and keep out of the grave yard possing for photos most taking there are out of towners i’m will to bet
    The people that run the event also ask them not to pose on the gravestones but are also egnored
    The church needs to stop people from entering to get their photos taken as its there land by impermelting the tresspass laws or charge them that will stop most of it has most that go up there wouldn’t pay

  2. Nathan Jackson November 2, 2015 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    Photographer shoved you out of the way. Assault surely. I am a steampunk with a Gothic tendancy and do venture along Church Street. I dont climb the 199 generally and will happly talk to togs who talk to me. Those that shove a camera barrel into my face will also get talked to. Have never draped myself across a grave and would give short shrift to any that asked me to. I have seen suggestions of photo permits or fines. With the quality of rudeness on hand it might be tricky to do but other CofE places do manage . The only serious way is for those that take photos and those that are shot to take a stand. I wont hold my breath.
    A question, is the graveyard a public place? Is access guaranteed or just permitted and are the paths rights of way?

  3. ian thwaites November 2, 2015 at 8:02 pm - Reply

    We were at the gothic weekend as we love it and Whitby it’s like our second home we don’t mind people taking photos but show respect especially in the graveyard even on the streets we also found that some photographers were ignorant pushing their way through there’s no need as for the brahm stoked we went up there as well we didn’t have a problem so maybe you were unlucky all in all it was great but just shows respect please

  4. Les Scott Aston November 2, 2015 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    I have been a Professional Photographer for 26 years, I have also suffered the consequences from Vicars/wardens in and around churches during weddings due to disrespectful amateur photographers previous behavior. ‘Their’ image is all that they care about and one only need look at these shots above to see the scrum to get that all important shot. I shoot many Cosplay portraits and am sure there are many attendees that I would love to sit for me, however, I will not be attending W.G.W. because of the above.

    Like the paparazzi, they give ‘real’ photographers a bad name.

  5. Rachel November 3, 2015 at 9:27 am - Reply

    I’m an OLD Goth but also one of the “well known” fancy dressers. I frequented the graveyard regularly as I liked to get plenty of images of the costumes I’d spent all year creating. However, since St Mary’s requested that we didn’t pose up there I have never been up. It’s not about the rights and wrongs or morales of it, its about common decency and respect for the people who look after this beautiful place.

  6. Jayne November 3, 2015 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    It’s utterly tasteless. Groups of camera club types like vultures on a carcass, the people who encourage them by posing on graves are exhibitionists, not there for the music or to enjoy the social aspect. A great shame.

  7. Angus Stephenson November 5, 2015 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    Hi Glenn,

    This is all very interesting. I came to Whitby this weekend with a friend more-or-less by chance. We set off from York intending to go to Scarborough but the traffic warnings on the radio said there were bad delays on the A64, so we turned off at Malton to go to Whitby instead. I’ve been to Whitby (and Scarborough) many, many times, and I knew the WGW was taking place and I am well aware not everybody loves the Goths and dressers-up, or indeed the photographers that they attract, so I am not going to pretend naivety. Walking through the churchyard on Saturday afternoon, I was struck by the throng of photographers near the door of the church, photographing a very pretty young girl, sat beside a tomb monument, who was dressed in Victorian mourning clothes. I thought about taking her picture and got my camera out but didn’t take a shot…something made me feel very uncomfortable about it. I can be seen in the group in one of your pictures, putting my camera away…grey-haired, in my 60s, wearing a tatty, brown Barbour jacket. Instead I decided to take pictures of the photographers, rather like you, from behind the tomb and I am in a few of your shots. So we have a photographer’s photos of me taking photos of photographers taking photos of the girl by the tomb. How post-modern is that?

    I’ve been a professional archaeologist most of my adult life and have had to do a fair bit of photography for my job and would describe myself as a reasonably good amateur. You can see my shots of WGW on Facebook in an album called Seaside…not many Angus Stephensons about….I am the green teddy bear one with the Newcastle United scarf. I would, however, describe myself as a professional expert in dealing with matters of taste relating to the exhumation of dead bodies, and making sure that people aren’t unnecessarily upset about such things, which is ultimately what it’s all about. We all have all sorts of views about life and death and can usually agree to differ on this and that, without antagonism and confrontation.

    I came back to Whitby from York for a second helping on the Sunday. Again I found that by-and-large you couldn’t hope to find a nicer, more amiable bunch of people in spectacularly beautiful surroundings, happy to take part in what is essentially a frivolous load of harmless nonsense. But not all…I am pretty sure I witnessed what you have described above, as the pushy, self-important, downright aggressive attitude of a couple of photographers on the east side of the church, with a couple of girls in half-face, voodoo-style make-up. You can see the same guys in our Saturday shots.

    What is their problem, I wonder? Well, I know what I think….

    Best wishes,

    Angus Stephenson

  8. Charlotte Clarke November 10, 2015 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    Perverts springs to mind look at the age group of the photographers vile!!! Us old Goths would not pose at the Graveyard we have more respect than that plus we are all still in bed with hangovers after partying at the Spa. Find this all very sad

    • Vince Collier March 26, 2016 at 10:49 pm - Reply

      Nice to know you still go to Whitby you “Old goth”. Miss you.

      • Vince Collier March 27, 2016 at 12:18 am - Reply

        That’s what you called yourself.

  9. […] can read more about this on Whitby photographer Glenn Kilpatrick’s site, with some example photos. Some goths, who come for the music side of things, started to express their dislike of being […]

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