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Open Letter to the Chief Constable – NYP

Open Letter to the Chief Constable Dave JONES of North Yorkshire Police

  • following the revocation of all civic honours awarded to predatory paedophile Peter JACONELLI, Real Whitby contributor NIGEL WARD writes to the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, DAVE JONES.



Chief Constable Dave JONES – North Yorkshire Police



You are aware, I know, of the part that Real Whitby has played in the laying bare of information relating to the predatory paedophile Peter JACONELLI. The Motion to strip Peter JACONELLI [Con.] carried by Scarborough Borough Council on Monday 12th May 2014 has provided closure – inasmuch as closure can ever be achieved – to the more public aspects of the affair. Since then, eleven further allegations – including allegations of rape – have materialised.

For the victims – private individuals, many of whom have carried their projected guilt and self-blame for decades – there remains an unanswered question:

How could it be possible that genuine complaints to the authorities have been side-lined and subverted until now?

How can it be that, at the time of writing, neither former Councillor Geoff EVANS nor Trevor HARRINGTON (who first went public with allegations against Peter JACONELLI) has received any notification from the North Yorkshire Police – nor from Scarborough Borough Council – that their allegations have now been fully vindicated and JACONELLI rightly stripped of his civic honours, having been found to have merited referral to the Crown Prosecution Services with a view to prosecution had he been alive today? Could I ask you, please, to attend to that personally?

I applaud the instigation of Operation Hibiscus. It has been my pleasure to liaise with Detective Superintendent Steve SMITH, who impressed me as a man who takes great professional pride in the diligence and integrity of his extremely onerous duty – one that stands to unearth some bitter pills for the Force ( and the Council) to swallow.

Standing, as I do, in the perhaps unenviable position of go-between, I am repeatedly confronted by the same stumbling block; my sources all ask the same question:

How could it be possible that genuine complaints to the authorities have been side-lined and subverted as recently as a little over a year ago, and perhaps since?

The essence of the matter is this: there have been too many cases redolent of the acrid aroma of cover-up. I refer to events on the national stage; SAVILE, SMITH, and others, that appear to have been so well-protected that I would be a fool to mention all of the names in print. The sad truth is that the victims do not trust the Police.

Those two above-mentioned names are, of course, firmly rooted in Scarborough’s ‘Bottom End’. Much has been written on the subject of the arguably too-close relationship between Police Forces and Councils. In Scarborough, this perception is magnified many fold by the unique circumstance that the present Leader of the Council, Councillor Tom FOX [Con.] (himself a ‘Bottom Ender’), was formerly a Police Officer heading up, at one time or another, both the Scarborough and Whitby Police Stations.

Without even considering the articles (and readers’ comments) on the Real Whitby Magazine website, a few hours at the computer perusing the web-pages of several Scarborough and Whitby oriented FaceBook groups will suffice to demonstrate that which I know from personal experience – namely, that virtually every schoolkid (and most parents) in the Borough of Scarborough shared a common knowledge of JACONELLI’s modus operandi and close association with Jimmy SAVILE, John DUNN and others associated with SAVILE’s ‘Scarborough Team’, in and around the old town – the ‘Bottom End’, between Foreshore Road and St Sepulchre Street.

So the crisis in confidence in the Police at a national level has an added dimension here in the Borough of Scarborough. People are asking these questions now:

  • If the Scarborough Police DID NOT KNOW of these things, was it because they were deaf, dumb and blind – they simply were NOT DOING THEIR JOBS?
  • If the Police DID KNOW of these things, but did nothing, why were they NOT DOING THEIR JOBS?

These questions leave the North Yorkshire Police in a classic Batesonian double bind – damned either way.

Both questions deserve an answer, and if the victims – and the public – are to regain any semblance of confidence in the North Yorkshire Police, answers must be forthcoming. Credible answers. Compelling answers. True answers. It will not suffice to learn that Officers – either in recognition of their own failure or their own complicity – have elected to take early retirement, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of a full pension ‘entitlement’, free from further scrutiny.

But the second of these questions is, by far, the most disturbing. Did Scarborough Police Officers do nothing because influence was brought to bear from further up the chain of command? (“Drop this, lad, if you know what’s good for you”, “Handle this right, son, and your career path stands to move straight into the fast lane”).

Was it a question of money? Often, coercion comes down to the money. Or blackmail.

Was it a matter of complicity? Opportunities to indulge similar vile predilections?

Some of the witnesses are now speaking, in convincing detail, of a ‘commercial’ side to the Scarborough paedophile-ring; child prostitution, child pornographic photographs and videos. So perhaps it was a question of money. Perhaps it was complicity. Perhaps it was both.

But the single greatest impediment to a recovery of the public trust is easy to identify. Fresh-faced young bobbies in (say) 1970 may have risen to some substantial rank in the course of a thirty-plus year career with the North Yorkshire Police. Where are they now?

When I wrote to congratulate you, an ‘outsider’ from another Force, on your appointment as Chief Constable of the North Yorkshire Police, I cautioned you against placing too much credence in all you might hear from you immediate colleagues about the Real Whitby investigations. Now that our allegations against Peter JACONELLI have been totally vindicated, I hope you will give fresh consideration to that advice.

The public perception of the extraordinary hostility evinced towards Real Whitby by our ‘authorities’ is now escalating into overt suspicion. Why, do you imagine, has Scarborough Borough Council offered no thanks for our assistance – or apologies to the victims? Why is Scarborough Borough Council hunkered down, cringing at every new revelation?

Two of our most important North Yorkshire institutions would appear to actively resent the Real Whitby contribution. Only the Private Eye – that thorn in the side of establishment corruption – has published an acknowledgement of society’s debt to Real Whitby. Why?

Loyalty is a powerful human emotion, Dave. It is the glue that binds people together in the face of great adversity. But it takes many forms. And sometimes it is misplaced.

Neither BBC Look North nor the Scarborough News (mysteriously, the links to their website coverage are ‘dead’ – both videos have since been removed from the respective web-sites) covered a most extraordinary manifestation of misplaced loyalty at the Town Hall last Monday 12th May 2014. Perhaps it has escaped your attention. Certainly, the public has had no opportunity, until now, to consider it.

Following Councillor Mike WARD’s carefully measured words, Councillor Bill CHATT (who previously, remember, had supported the erection of a Jimmy SAVILE statue in Scarborough – after SAVILE’s crimes became public) rose to address Council in the following impassioned terms:

“Thank you, Mister Mayor. I was in t-t-two minds whether to a-a-actually stand up, then I thought, “No. I should!” I’m absolutely appalled by what Peter Jaconelli h-h-has been accused of but I’m absolutely appalled for his victims. But ….he was my ward Councillor he gave me my first job. When I was at Woodlands, I … er … Westwood, I used to walk along there and actually work for three hours in his shop. I saw how many people came to that shop and he gave support to. He was my ward Councillor for many years and I know the people up there went to him and got help, support, and in some cases even financial help to support them himself. I cannot detract from the fact that’s what’s gone on and I … I don’t even want to do that. But I really feel strongly about this and I will not be voting for it, because whatever happened, he worked damned hard as a Borough and ward Councillor, and I will not be voting for it.”

During the course of my investigations, many have told me the same story; Peter JACONELLI was a caring and generous friend to the people he served. But let us not forget that his serial abuse of his position of trust was criminal in the extreme. How could Councillor Bill CHATT fail to grasp that simple fact?

The Borough Council and the North Yorkshire Police share a duty of care to protect the public – and most especially, the young – from predatory criminals. This cast of mind – this misplaced loyalty – that moved Councillor Bill CHATT to defend Peter JACONELLI and Jimmy SAVILE, is symptomatic of a culture that has allowed SAVILE, JACONELLI and others (who will, in due course, be named – and shamed – on Real Whitby) licence to offend with impunity.

This same culture must ultimately share the blame for the abuse of children, the prostitution of children and the pornographic exploitation of children that is only now coming to light.

Commendably, North Yorkshire Police has arrested (and successfully convicted) a number of paedophiles in Scarborough in recent years; Alan FISHER, Kevin GAMBLE, Robert SMITH, Duncan BYRNE, James NORMINGTON, Steven BISHOP (who evaded justice by committing suicide), and Eric COATES – the son of former North Yorkshire County Councillor Raymond COATES – who evaded justice on grounds of ill-health).

It is this last name that brings me to the topic that I attempted to raise with you at the ‘Time to Talk’ public forum at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, on 24th October 2014.

I asked you, “Are we all equal under the law, Dave?”.

There are so many cases now that suggest that two levels of justice operate in our area; one, as it is applied to the common man (or woman), and another – reserved for those who enjoy a special status contingent upon their positions in public life.

  • The Chair of the Police & Crime Panel, County Councillor Carl LES [Con.], exposed by Real Whitby and the BBC ‘Inside Out’ documentary over-claiming his Mileage Allowances simply repaid a sample over-claim of £34 – and thereby evaded prosecution.
  • The former Chair of the North York National Park Authority Planning Committee, (then) Scarborough Borough Councillor Tim LAWN [Con.], was also exposed by Real Whitby (and the Private Eye). He resigned – and thereby evaded a diligent investigation of his mineral-rich land dealings that, by rights, should also have led to prosecution.
  • Most flagrant of all is the case of the former County Councillor and former Chair of the now defunct North Yorkshire Police Authority, now Councillor Mrs Jane KENYON-MILLER [Con.] (Portfolio Holder for Finance, Procurement & Legal Services at Scarborough Borough Council), whose financial history reads like the script for ‘Houdini meets the Godfather’; the incorporation of Belvedere Computers Inc and subsequent flight from California, the vanished grant-funding for the United Reform Church; the spurious benefit claims, the company theft of Agricultural Fencing & Groundwork Supplies Ltd and the subsequent strategic liquidation of Dales Timber Ltd; the ‘annexation’ of Whitby Regatta, and other cases as yet unpublicised.


These are just a few of the matters that have been deftly occluded by the Councils and the Police.

All equal under the law, Dave?

Should the public be so gullible as to believe that if a member of the public – ‘the common man’ – deliberately drove his car at Luke SEAVERS (a ‘known trouble-maker’), then punched him in the face, as Sgt Colin PHIPPS did (if the evidence of the CCTV camera is to be taken at face value), he would be acquitted – as Sgt PHIPPS was acquitted?

Luke SEAVERS claims that he was told he would be charged with assault and threats to kill against the Police for the incident, but within 24 hours all that had vanished – no doubt, in the face of that CCTV evidence. (“I don’t know why I bothered coming to court”, said Luke SEAVERS).

And these alleged threats by the Police bear a disturbing resemblance to the historical allegations of Police brutality causing actual bodily harm (victim’s mouth ripped open with a cell key – “keep your mouth shut”), and perverting the course of justice, posted by one ‘malcolm’ on Real Whitby on 29th November 2013, against a PC CLARKE and a PC THOMPSON, and (then) Inspector Tom FOX, respectively.

Having made enquiries at the Borough Council in December 2013, I was informed by Scarborough Borough Council’s Director of Legal & Democratic Services Lisa DIXON (Councillor Jane KENYON-MILLER’s counterpart), on 7th February 2014, that the matter had “been referred to the Police’s Professional Standards Department [sic] – the body that Police & Crime Commissioner Julia MULLIGAN [Con.] has publicly castigated as being “not fit for purpose”.

All equal under the law, Dave?

Small wonder that public confidence in the Police has all but evaporated.

So I am hoping that you will do what your overseer, the Police & Crime Commissioner, has signally failed to do, these past eighteen months – offer me the courtesy of a substantive response, for publication on Real Whitby.

I hope to hear that alleged criminality on the part of elected and paid public servants will henceforth be rigorously investigated by your Officers, in accordance with their Constable’s Oath of Office – without fear or favour – and that, where the evidence against them is compelling, reports will be passed to the Crown Prosecution Services, prosecutions will follow, and if guilty, they will be convicted and sentenced as would any member of the public – all equal under the law.

I hope that you will do this, Dave. And I hope that you will do it before the media frenzy erupts over fresh  historical allegations now emerging against another former Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough . . .

Yours, with kind regards,




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  1. Brilliant, outstanding, there should be no way that letter could be ignored, I don,t believe it is “head in the sand syndrome” up till now the authorities have been just plain ignorant and evasive.I can hardly wait to see if this letter provokes a suitable response, I don,t believe there will be any more attempts at intimidation now. not after all the nationwide publicity. But whether this gets things moving in the right direction or not remains to be seen, damn good job Nigel, well done mate.

  2. Oh my goodness. I don’t believe the authorities have been plain ignorant or evasive. It’s much more sinister than that. Unearthing one paedophile usually leads to the discovery of another ten by association – and this case high profile people. They have many methods up their sleeve in their struggle to appear ‘respectable’. Respectably wins friends and influences people. Cllr Bill Chatt’s statement makes no sense at all. You can’t be ‘appalled’ for Jaconelli’s victims, but remain a supporter of his good works. Cognitive dissonance at it’s best. Nigel, you have balls of steel, the courage of your convictions and the support of thousands. You have my respect and admiration.

  3. peter gallagher

    Well said.youve worked wonders Nigel.

  4. Nigel,what can one say about your commitment to investigating and rightly reporting council and police corruption in north yorkshire. A brilliant letter that will inevitably reach the eyes and ears of those who use their positions to arrogantly believe they have a right to practise corruption on a full time basis. You also have my admiration for what you are achieving.

  5. It is as plain as a pikestaff
    that two levels of ‘justice’ operate.
    Wherever one looks in local government and police,
    lies, deceit, and cover-up are not far away.
    Devon & Cornwall Police I know well,
    and the stench of corruption assaults the nostrils.
    As government officers of all types
    have such difficulty being properly honest,
    We, The People, must act,
    and steadily make such dishonesty untenable.
    For this reason I applaud REAL WHITBY,
    and hope that local activists everywhere
    will band together,
    organise training courses,
    and create local independent media.
    Two things are certain;
    first, democracy is a broken reed,
    and second,
    government employees
    are easily blackmailed into silence
    by those set in authority over them.
    I suggest a page be set up,
    easily found on Real-Whitby,
    which details government employee’s experiences
    of blackmail applied.
    Best wishes, 🙂 Zen

  6. Brilliant job again Nigel – hearty congratulations!
    It’s tempting sometimes, when in a charitable mood, to ascribe some of these actions you’ve discovered to be simple incompetence on the part of such as local authorities, including the now defunct Police Authority. Incompetence at such a level beggars belief, these authorities reek of corruption. You have given Dave Jones the facts, and a chance to stand up for what is open and honest; it is to be hoped that he avails himself of that opportunity, and cleans these Augean stables where he can.
    Keep up the good work Nigel, and let’s hope that in the not too distant future your efforts will no longer be required!

  7. I 100% second Val’s comments (and Nigel’s, of course). It is very evident to members of the public that there is strength in the network of politicians and political organizations – any Councillor representing a political party and not the residents inclusively and now the police due to elections for PCC’s. These groups are strengthened by public funding and grow their numbers to maintain their power of the majority of people who actually vote. Because if we lived in a truly democratic country, the government would be interested in why the majority of people entitled to vote choose not to. Also every time there is an election people who do vote usually vote for change by choosing the party not currently in power, thereby diluting any real opportunity for change due to political parties all dividing members of the public by fighting for a political vote. We don’t need politicians and clubs for people in power. We need individuals like Nigel who treats everyone equally and does not sweep wrongdoing under the carpet for fear of their mates and themselves being caught out misappropriating public funds and abusing their power to achieve their greedy aims. I’m so sick of lying politicians and have learnt that the only way positive change will occur is if local people represent their wards and are not politically affiliated.

  8. From across the pond and dealing with the cover ups here, I can tell you that it was more likely a case of “go along to get along” as we say here. Coercion, bribes, threats , whatever, child trafficking and porn are big business.We all know how much the elite love their money above all else. Even to the exclusion of human life. Is it then so difficult to accept that the ruling class are a bunch on inbred white boys. EXactly like our inbred white boys here but with different accents.(and different semantics) Power has corrupted some.. Let’s hope this man will truly bring to bear on Scarborough council their complicity and evil in ignoring this cancer of corruption for far too long..This is one survivor of child sexual abuse who will never let the light go out on my candle ..I am holding it up and hope others will join you NIgel in holding their candles up as well. Time for some good clean daylight to wash all the filth away.

  9. Courageous, plain and clear.
    This dogged determination to do the right thing should be applauded in the national press. My complete support for this continued line of open questioning. Well done. Keep on asking the straight questions.

  10. Jaconelli has been said to have been ‘active’ since around 1950 or earlier as a paedophile.
    Sir Alexander Cadwallader Mainwaring Spearman, Conservative for the seat of Scarborough and Whitby 1950.. He held his seat in every election until 1966 when he retired.
    Michael Norman Shaw, Baron Shaw of Northstead, the 1966 general election, when he was elected for the safe Conservative constituency of Scarborough and Whitby. He held that seat until it was abolished for the February 1974 general election, when he was re-elected for the new Scarborough constituency. He continued to represent Scarborough until he retired at the 1992 general election, making a total of 30 years as an MP.
    Lawrence William Quinn, New Labour, he was Member of Parliament for Scarborough and Whitby for two terms 1997 and 2001 elections,
    Robert Goodwill, conservative, 2005 won in general election for Scarborough and Whitby, sitting M.P.

    So should letters seeking statements concerning the issue, both from the remaining living M.P.s, including the sitting one (believed to be still amongst the living.) and requests for statements from the local.county Chairs of the political party’s be sought ?
    Should the Chair’s be written to ?

    If the local boobies (sorry that should be bobbies) sergeants, inspectors etc, can be overruled from above, then so also can Chief Constables, past and present, be overruled from above, the Police Authority of local councils was a function of the councillors, so who was doing the overruling ?
    How does one ‘go beyond’ ?

    All councillors past and present ( except the occasional odd one out.) plead complete deafness to the cries of minors regarding abuse, or so we are led to ‘belief’. ,

    In ‘God’s own County’, as Yorkshire has long been known, it appear that no priest, preacher, missionary, pastor etc, ever hear a single word from any abused child or parent. Either that or all have taken the vow of silence.

    Plato’s ‘Republic is a democracy, but its base is a slave owning society, democracy for the rulers only.
    Thomas Moore’s ‘Utopia, in which we now live, was/is an exploiting society, class divided.

    This society is the only one left in Europe that still has openly feudal laws in the Statute books, what really is needed is a democratic revolution, the final removal of all remaining feudal laws.

    The middle classes still see themselves as servants to the ruling class, not as servants to the mass of the electors, and that includes the councillors irrespective of party affiliation. .

  11. Well done Nigel. Can I make a few relevent comments with regards to Jane Margaret Kenyons time as Chairman of NYPA, while holding that position she was,and still is in breach of the Revenue and Taxation Code of the State of California. USA. through her Directorship of the California Corporation Belvedere Computers Inc. C0999400. suspended by the FTB. in 1982. Mr. T.W.Miller. is listed as the Corporatios

  12. “The former Chair of the North York National Park Authority Planning Committee, (then) Scarborough Borough Councillor Tim LAWN [Con.], was also exposed by Real Whitby (and the Private Eye). He resigned – and thereby evaded a diligent investigation of his mineral-rich land dealings that, by rights, should also have led to prosecution.”

    I’m not sure that is entirely fair on North Yorkshire Police.

    The information regarding Cllr Lawn’s land purchases probably should have been referred to North Yorkshire Police by Scarborough Borough Council’s Monitoring Officer, Lisa Dixon.

    The standards complaint made about Mr Lawn at the time does specifically mention his land purchases. The complaint also mentions his non-declaration of Hollybush Minerals. When the standards complaints decision notice was sent to me, it didn’t mention the land purchases at all.

    Having asked Lisa Dixon why she didn’t report the land purchases to the Police which didn’t elicit a reply, I am at a loss to explain her conduct in this matter.

    Obviously the proper people to investigate the land purchases matter are North Yorkshire Police and they have not been given the chance to do so, yet. They may take a lead from this article.

  13. I would like to thank you all for your extremely supportive remarks. Salute!

    Clearly, it would be inappropriate for Dave JONES to comment on those elements of my Open Letter that relate to the deliberations of the IPCC (and/or any external Police Force that may be tasked with investigating the performance of the North Yorkshire Police) in respect of the three investigative ‘strands’ defined by Operation Yewtree (i) SAVILE, (ii) SAVILE associates, and (iii) others.

    In my view, the same cannot be said of the other matters that I have raised.

    Underlying these particular cases is the wider concern that equal justice under the law is not applied in these parts.

    It is apparent from the remarks made here in the comments section that I am not alone in believing that the significance of ‘Lady Justice’ being depicted blindfold – and with her scales evenly balanced – has been lost to our local authorities.

    That is a matter for regret.

    The main purposes of my efforts is to restore that significance. I thank you all again for your supportive and constructive remarks.

  14. Brilliantly well written! I do hope Dave replies!

  15. Police routinely bend the law to suit themselves.

    Lawyers rarely question this,
    as do politicians,
    because fear of the police is very real
    in a primitive fear-based society.

    is a very simple concept,
    with a very positive message,
    which is completely without roots
    in this primitive fear-based society.

    Until it comes into common acceptance,
    deep within the psyche of The People,
    the system’s spearhead of oppression – the police –
    will continue to lie, cheat, deceive, and perjure,
    perverting the course of justice,
    just as they have always done,
    without the slightest check or hindrance.

    On three major occasions in my life,
    police have lied,
    and the system simply closes ranks to cover it up.

    The system is evil,
    and it has to go,
    root and branch,
    because it is too slimy and dishonest
    to trust in the slightest to reform.

    Their word is worthless.

    🙂 Zen

    • I’ll second those sentiments Zen. I’ve got first hand experience of bent cops being paid off to: see no evil, hear no evil …..and speak in defence of evil.

  16. Brilliant, just brilliant letter, Nigel my friend.
    I second the “balls of steel ” comment.
    The people whose names have not yet been mentioned
    Must be suffering from diarrhoea right now, to put it
    As politely as possible.
    There are far too few people like you on this planet.
    I see Keith Lindsay Cameron has recently decided to
    Put himself into the political arena, standing as an independent MP.
    Would that be feasible in your case? Would it give you more power
    Or less?
    I look forward to learning the future developments of this case.
    Keep your back covered
    We need you, now more than ever

  17. ” the police –
    will continue to lie, cheat, deceive, and perjure,
    perverting the course of justice,
    just as they have always done,
    without the slightest check or hindrance.”

    But there are checks and hindrance’s, lawyers and judges in the courts. Judges have the right to prefer charges from the bench, and fully expect the prosecution service to deal with them. So why don’t they ?
    It’s not a ‘police state”, so they are limited to what others allow them. So the question is why are they allowed ? In who’s interest is it ? Perversion of the course of Justice by people in authority is a tool for terrorism of the mass.
    It’s more correct that the system has to go, be changed, and as we all know, change is the only really fixed constant.
    People will move to implement old ideas first, to attempt to retry them in practice, prior to moving to new ideas.
    Council Elections. >>
    Overall in England, the New Labour Party saw 2,101 Councillors elected (up 338),
    The Conservatives 1,359 (down 231).
    The Liberal Democrats 427 (down 307).
    UKIP 163 (up 161), the Green Party 36 (up 16).
    Residents Associations 53 (up 14).
    The Liberal Party 2 (down 2). the British National Party 1 (down 1).
    Independent Community and Health Concern 1 (down 2)
    And there were 68 Independents elected (up 15).

    UKIP openly admits to being a conservative party, but when examined its to the left of Camerons party, many from the left wing of Cameron’s party have joined UKIP, along with others from New Labour and the Lib-Dems.

    Of the 161 gains of UKIP, 80 are said to be within ”God’s own County”,Yorkshire.

    So the three party’s, that are in practice one party (Cameron as the heir to Blair, as Blair was the heir to Thatcher, with full support from Clegg. And New Labour is still Blair inspired.) Conservative, Lib-Dems, New Labour, have all been given a good kicking by the electors, with Yorkshire fully in the lead.

    New Labour (The old labour party was euthanized and buried in 1997.) as a new middle class party is in a ridiculous position, losing in the old labour heartlands, the North and Midlands, yet gaining conservative and Lib-Dems voter in parts of London, and elsewhere. The newly gained New Labour voters, ex-conservative and Lib-Dem will soon be pulling Millibands strings.
    So overall, the electors are moving left.

    Further we see a rise in the number of Independents, up 15, residents associations, up 14, the movement and changes represent a further breaking from the old institutionalised parties. Some electors are breaking openly, some involving in political tactical voting.
    The country is in need of a new political party, one based on new concepts of what constitutes Democracy, one committed to the removal of all feudal laws still on the statute books. Two items that in themselves will bring large scale change. Removal of feudal laws, will bring changes in all patterns and practices throughout the court systems also in policing. Democracy will completely revamp all the Councils, local and regional.
    The more who come forward in coming elections the better, whether to stand themselves, or to work with those who do so, all are needed, every candidate will need to be supported.

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