The Onslaught

The Onslaught

  • Crime and Parliamentary affairs correspondent TIM HICKS comments further on the recent BBC Inside Out documentary on Real Whitby:

The Onslaught


The BBC1 Inside Out Documentary on Real Whitby mentioned the legal threats that Scarborough Borough Council had made against Real Whitby and showed the attempt to have journalists arrested and evicted unlawfully by force from Seamer Parish Council. However, for reasons of time, the BBC could not go into the full range of threats and abuses that have been deployed against Real Whitby.

In this article, I will be revealing the full story of the campaign of harassment that has been unleashed upon Glenn Kilpatrick, Nigel Ward, Tim Thorne and me as a result of our quest to raise issues in the public interest. This has become a campaign of insult, threats and intimidation by public servants that in some cases amounts to a campaign of harassment – sometimes acting criminally in joint enterprise – to conceal misconduct and restrict free speech. To give our readers the flavor of what we have had to endure and in no particular order:

Councillor Jane Kenyon


Real Whitby revealed that Councillor Jane Kenyon had a mobile telephone provided to her with the rental and telephone calls, paid for by the former North Yorkshire Police Authority of which she was the Chair (double-dipping). We maintain she should have paid for this through the allowance provided by North Yorkshire County Council for that purpose. We also revealed that she is the CFO of a bankrupt company in the United States, which she has not declared on her register of interests and commented on the Chief Officers expenses scandal. As a result, Private Eye stated that Councillor Kenyon, the Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority and Portfolio Holder for Scarborough Borough Council’s Legal Department had committed a criminal offence under the Localism Act.


Clearly it is a matter of overwhelming public interest that the Police Authority is led by a person that is openly alleged to have committed a criminal offence of deception on an ongoing basis in the national press. Councillor Kenyon responded by trying to have me and arrested for harassment,.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick

At the time of the above Private Eye articles, Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick was the Temporary Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, trying to be appointed as Chief Constable.  Clearly the support of Councillor Kenyon the Chair of the Police Authority in his campaign to become Chief Constable was crucial.

Instead of Councillor Kenyon´s complaint being dealt with by a uniformed Constable giving advice or sending a harassment warning in the normal way, as it would be if a member of the public like you or I was to make a complaint. The then Chief Constable Madgwick allocated a team to the case consisting of himself, the then Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pearson – a rising star in North Yorkshire Police, famous for her textbook investigation of the murder of Mr Mohammed Khan – two of the most experienced detectives in CID and the force solicitor Mr Simon Dennis.

Inconveniently, there was no evidence that I had committed any offence.

Detective Superintendent Heather Pearson


Initially Detective Chief Inspector Heather Pearson wrote to me claiming (falsely) that she had enough evidence to arrest me. This was a lie. She went on to state in her letter that I should report within a month to a police station in North Yorkshire to be arrested and interviewed under caution, in connection with these alleged offences, which it so transpired were unsupported by any evidence at all.

So it was that it came to pass that I was interrogated at Fulford Road Police Station, York in July 2012.  It was an interesting experience. Although I have issues with Superintendent Lisa Winward, the officer commanding policing in York, I must say she runs a tight ship. The custody team that processed me were impressive. Courteous, calm and efficient, each one of them turned out like a guardsman, with polished shoes and razor sharp creases, demonstrating pride in appearance and high standards, which I found reassuring at a stressful time. I was questioned intensively, in a dim airless room, about a case I originally raised with Superintendent Winward the previous year, about articles in Real Whitby and I was accused (falsely) of running a campaign of harassment against County Councillor Jane Kenyon and others.

At the end of the interview – in which no evidence of any criminal act by myself was revealed – the Senior Investigating Officer thanked me for my co-operation and stated that I had answered all of his questions honestly. I was then given a letter from (then) Detective Chief Inspector Pearson thanking me for my cooperation, stating that I still remained a suspect in her investigation (although no evidence of any offence had emerged, and no further action has subsequently been taken).

The letter went on to allege that I had posted articles on the internet about North Yorkshire Police which were misleading and demanded that I take them all down. Detective Chief Inspector Pearson was unable to specify what inaccuracies she was complaining of, but the inherent and unspoken implication was that if I did not do what I was told I would be arrested at some future date. I was then released from the police station without being arrested, not released on police bail, not cautioned, not receiving advice nor having a harassment warning issued against me.  Until Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick’s letter (below) that was the last I heard of it.

As it currently stands therefore, Councillor Kenyon (public figure, alleged to have committed a criminal offence under the Localism Act, member of a political party committed to openness and accountability but refusing to respond to this allegation) tried to have me (law abiding citizen, no trouble with the police, co-operated fully with police enquiries throughout) arrested for harassment, because I pursued what is now conceded to be a legitimate public interest into her failure to openly declare all of her interests.

It therefore came as a surprise to me to get a letter from no less a person than Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick himself, informing me that a file on me had been sent to the CPS, that this required I should not comment any further and that if I continued to express opinions or comments on North Yorkshire Police, I would be arrested. He also threatened me again with a civil action for libel, but of course is unable to say what it is that I have said, written, or done that could possibly justify such grave action.


Now this letter raises a number of issues. These are:

  1. Why I was threatened with arrest and interrogated for five hours at York Police Station by CID in July 2012 when there was no evidence whatever of any offence?
  2. If indeed I had committed an offence, why was I released without being arrested, put on police bail, cautioned, receiving advice or having a harassment warning issued, unless it was because the allegations were completely without any substance at all?
  3. What is it that I have done that I am such a desperate and dangerous target criminal for North Yorkshire Police, that it justifies the deployment of a team consisting of the Deputy Chief Constable, three of the top detectives in North Yorkshire Police, including a Detective Superintendent and the Force Solicitor, to obtain a conviction – when there is no evidence of any offence?
  4. Why is the Deputy Chief Constable of the largest County Force in the UK, spending his time on a minor harassment complaint that is normally processed by a Uniform Branch Constable.  Does he not have anything else to do, or has political influence been exerted on him to influence the case?
  5. Why is Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick personally intervening in a case concerning a journalist in which he is personally involved and therefore has a conflict of interest?
  6. Why is the Deputy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police involving the CPS in an attempt to restrict a journalist’s ability to comment on matters of overwhelming public interest concerning his force and his actions?

Given that I answered all of their questions, have not desisted in any way from publishing articles or taken down the articles I have written, why is it that the CPS has not moved to prosecute me?

I am not a lawyer, but as I understand it, harassment is a summary offence, which must be dealt with within six months. Therefore, not only was the complaint made in July 2012 unsupported by any evidence, it is also now time-barred. So what was the purpose of the Deputy Chief Constable’s letter in October 2013, other than to deliberately cause alarm and distress to me, and deter Real Whitby from continuing its investigation of allegations of corruption in North Yorkshire Police, including the Peter Jaconelli and Jimmy Savile cover-up and the Chief Officers expenses scandals?


Did Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick write to Councillor Kenyon concerning her non-disclosure of her interests in Belvedere Computers Inc or her offending under the Localism Act 2011? I think not.

Pardon me a cynical moment, but could it be that Police powers are being abused to conceal misconduct because political influence is being brought to bear? Surely not.

Superintendent Lisa Winward Winward


In July 2011, I met with Superintendent Winward at Fulford Road Police Station to raise concerns that a Police Inspector had been implicated in a serious criminal fraud against an old-age pensioner and there had been failings in the investigation of this matter.

Superintendent Winward was articulate, immaculately turned out, clear, well organized and methodical.  It was quite an impressive performance on her part.  She has subsequently gone on to pass the FBI leadership training course at the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia, USA, and was promoted subsequently to the position of Staff Officer to the Chief Constable. Clearly a rising star. Yet nevertheless, and despite having irrefutable evidence put to her of misconduct by one of her Officers, in response to the evidence I provided:

  1. Superintendent Winward abruptly terminated the interview before I could finish putting my evidence to her.
  2. Nothing was done to investigate the evidence I had put before her.
  3. In July 2012 correspondence I had sent to Superintendent Winward in connection with this case was given in evidence against me, in an attempt to frame me for harassment of the officer concerned and his wife.

Despite being grilled at Fulford Road Police Station for hours, no evidence of crime by myself emerged.

During the interview, one of the detectives conceded that there had been misconduct by the Officer, although no action has been taken over this.

Chief Constable Dave Jones


Chief Constable Jones is refusing to release the witness statement provided by Councillor Kenyon in her attempt to have me arrested, to release the transcript of the interview under caution, or to respond to correspondence from Real Whitby because he asserts – bizarely – it is not in the interests of “the efficient and effective use of publicly funded resources”.

IPCC Commissioner Nicholas Long

Commissioner Nicholas Long of the IPCC referred to me as “intolerable” because I had continued to raise the case of an eighty-four-year-old disabled widow who had been forced out of her own home by an estranged relative. He did however support my request that there should be another safeguarding conference to consider her case, which Chief Constable Jones of North Yorkshire Police then ignored.

The IPCC are refusing to comment on County Councillor Kenyon’s undisclosed interest in Belvedere Computers Inc, or the provision of a mobile telephone and payment of her calls by the former North Yorkshire Police Authority which she should have paid for with her allowance from North Yorkshire County Council (double-dipping).


Mr Simon Dennis North Yorkshire Police Force Solicitor

Mr Dennis wrote to my solicitor (referring to me as “your client Hicks”) describing me as “vexatious”.  I find these terms offensive.

I also consider that being falsely accused of a criminal offence and threatened with arrest by North Yorkshire Police for expressing opinions it does not like and regards as “vexatious”.  But of course Mr Dennis does not apparently have any concerns at all about that.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Read (retired).

Mr Read is the Head of the North Yorkshire Police Professional Standards Department and was formerly the Assistant Chief Constable (Protective Services) of North Yorkshire Police with responsibility for Special Branch prior to his retirement.

He has previously accused me of having threatened Police Officers, but was unable to produce any evidence to support this allegation. Nor did any evidence emerge subsequently, despite CID grilling me for five hours.

Following criticism of North Yorkshire Police by Lord Maginnis in Parliament, Mr Read started making enquiries into my background using the email address of a female colleague, withholding his name and collar number, and signing himself anonymously as “Professional Standards”, although this is contrary to Force Policy. Having a former Special Branch man making anonymous covert enquiries into my background causes me concern.

Mr Read’s penchant for illegal covert operations did not stop with me. The IPCC have confirmed that he initiated the request to the Austrian State Police, via SOCA and Interpol, to have another contributor to Real Whitby arrested in Austria, over false allegations that he had kidnapped and abused his mother. The Austrian Federal Police investigation and the lady’s Doctor confirmed that these allegations were completely without foundation. This prompted the following comment by Lord Maginnis of Drumglass in the national press:

“The Hofschröer case has been on my desk for several years now. A widow in her 80s was dispossessed of her home in a way that implies collusion between certain family members and the Social Services. A son who has come to the rescue has been harried by the North Yorkshire Police (that particularly dubious Constabulary merits careful investigation) to the extent that he and his aged mother have been pursued through an Interpol warrant to their “refuge” in Austria.”

Professor John Laird, Baron Laird FRSA of Artigarvan, has also raised concerns about “Corruption amongst Police Forces the length of this country….systemic corruption from a section of the police at all levels in the operation of all types of crime and involving officers from Professional Standards” in Parliament, which were supported in parliament by Lord Maginnis. A recent example of corruption in Professional Standards Departments is shown here, in support of these remarks.

Lord Maginnis also raised concerns in Parliament at the appalling spectacle of an undischarged and undisclosed bankrupt working as Chair of a Police Authority.

During the interrogation under caution at Fulford Road Police Station, the Senior Investigating Officer asked me two questions about emails I had exchanged with a contributor to Real Whitby. I did not remember them at the time but subsequently I checked my emails and, sure enough, there they were.  So how did North Yorkshire Police CID know about them?

Well GCHQ maintains the “GCHQ Watch List”.  If you are wanted in connection with an alleged offence (as I was) and are resident abroad (as I was), GCHQ will monitor their telephone conversations, email and internet history on request from the Police.

How can it be right for Detective Chief Inspector Pearson to threaten to mount an operation by a foreign Police force in the jurisdiction of a foreign country and have me remanded in custody, then extradited to the UK, when there is no evidence of any offence, as part of what is obviously a politically motivated smear campaign?

Abuse of intelligence by corrupt police officers is a cause of concern in the UK.  Recent cases include “officers spending tens of thousands of pounds of public money on themselves, passing confidential information to criminals, running property scams and stealing property”. Last week the cases of Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence were alleged to be linked by Police corruption, misuse of Police intelligence and unlawful surveillance. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, vowed to win back the public’s trust after a damning report into misuse of Police intelligence in the Lawrence investigation.  London Mayor Boris Johnson said:

“It is sickening to learn that a police officer charged with investigating the murder of Stephen Lawrence was potentially in the pay of the family of one of the killers.”

Who authorised electronic surveillance by GCHQ of a journalist investigating Police corruption, when there was no evidence of any offence being committed?

How can it be right for a civilian working for the Police with no authority to arrest anyone for anything, (let alone international kidnapping) could have initiated an international arrest operation for kidnapping, through Interpol, which was completely without any evidential foundation?

Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan


The IPCC recently referred a complaint from me about Commissioner Mulligan to the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel, which “resolved to:

1. Invite the Commissioner to revisit and reflect upon the current procedures and practices within her Office for handling complaints and correspondence, especially in those circumstances where an individual may repeatedly write in relation to a particular matter and a decision has not been taken that such correspondence is oppressive, vexatious or otherwise an abuse of process.

2. Request the Commissioner to apologise to me for the apparent failure to respond to his correspondence, and for not explaining clearly, properly and fully the limits and extent of her responsibilities and power to deal with the concerns he raised.”

The full report is available on

Needless to say, no such apology was forthcoming. Despite the fact that Real Whitby revealed over-claiming by Councillor Carl Les, who was forced to make a repayment, Police and Crime Commissioner Mulligan is still refusing to respond to correspondence because she has designated me as “vexatious”.

Although the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner inherited the assets of the former Police Authority, Commissioner Mulligan is also refusing to comment on the allegations about Councillor Kenyon’s undeclared holding in Belvedere Computers Inc, or her double-dipping with her telephone allowance. Indeed it is a common theme running throughout this matter that no one will comment on or process a complaint about these two issues; they are always perfectly stonewalled.

Councillor Kenyon herself has only commented once, which was to the NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole Dunn (shortly to retire) to claim (falsely) that she had not been associated with Belvedere Computers Inc for many years and therefore she claimed the issue of declaring her interest does not arise. She is in fact still the CFO and Belvedere Computers Inc remains a suspended company, still in existence until the debts it owes are paid off. Enquiries with the United States Federal Marshals Office and the California Franchise Taxes Board have confirmed that there is no warrant for the arrest of Councillor Kenyon or her partner Councillor William Miller and that it is not actively pursuing the debts of the company, due to the passage of time.

Dr J Martin, Local Government Ombudsman

When I complained about a report that Dr Martin had authored for the Local Government Ombudsman’s office, she responded by threatening to have me arrested by the Police. I submitted a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman’s Office, which was ignored and unlawfully suppressed.

Subsequently, one of Dr Martin’s colleagues alleged that I was implicated in misconduct and did make a complaint to the Police. Result, I was unlawfully threatened with arrest and interviewed under caution. Again, no evidence of any offence by myself emerged, although it transpired that the Police investigation had been deliberately misled by the complainant.

Mr Ian McCombie, Solicitor of Gordon’s LLP


Miss Kenyon threatened to “issue proceedings for damages and an injunction if necessary” through her solicitor Mr Ian McCombie of Gordons LLP, who demanded that an article I had written be removed from Real Whitby.  Needless to say, Mr McCombie declined to specify any inaccuracy in the article and of course, no action for defamation emerged. I would comment, in passing, that the correspondence from Gordon’s was by email – not headed paper – and in some cases was not even signed and is unquestionably the most unprofessional I have ever received.

Scarborough Borough Council Legal Department

Scarborough Borough Council featured in the BBC Inside Out documentary. The Director of Legal & Democratic Services (lead Solicitoe) Mrs Lisa Dixon wrote to our internet services provider alleging we had committed criminal offences and our content was defamatory and asking for the website to be “terminated”. Miss Dixon also wrote to Tim Thorne, Nigel Ward and myself in the same arrogant offensive terms making the same false allegations. However, the Police have not proceeded with any prosecution and – as usual – Mrs Dixon was unable to produce any evidence of any inaccuracy or defamatory comment.

For this outstanding performance, Miss Dixon has featured in two articles in Private Eye, bringing discredit on the Council.


When Whitby Town Council debated the attempted closure of Real Whitby, the SBC lied to it, denying that it had asked our ISP to “terminate” the website.

Worse. The BBC alleged in the broadcast that Mrs Dixon had written trying to have the Real Whitby Website terminated. SBC again denied this. So Chris Jackson (Inside Out presenter) showed to hundreds of thousands of viewers that Scarborough Borough Council Legal Department had blatantly lied to the BBC. When faced with the opportunity of appearing on the BBC to refute this, neither Councillor Kenyon or Mrs Dixon had the balls to do so (please excuse the expression, ladies).

As the BBC programme revealed, Real Whitby had revealed misconduct by Councillor Tim Lawn, which the Council did act upon. Again this was covered in the national press, vindicating our concerns, showing that we had acted properly in the public interest and confirming the importance of a free press in a democratic society, no matter how embarrassing it is for those like Councillor Lawn and Councillor Kenyon who have been involved in misconduct.

Instead of being thanked for our assistance, Scarborough Borough Council stated on the BBC that the content of the Real Whitby site was “malicious, harmful, abusive, inaccurate, misleading and defamatory” (apart from that Mrs Lincoln, did you like the play?). But, of course, SBC was again unable to specify one example of this alleged malicious, harmful, abusive, inaccurate, misleading and defamatory coverage it complained of, confining itself to a vague and non-specific assertion that this was “self-evident” and therefore the Council didn’t need to give a reason for its actions. How very convenient.

In other words, the Council was unable to specify any inaccuracy, but nevertheless concocted a reason to restrict freedom of speech by attempting to close down Real Whitby without lawful cause – and then lied about it.

Compare the treatment that Real Whitby has received with the way Councillor Kenyon has been treated. Councillor Kenyon and Mrs Dixon have blocked any investigation into Councillor Kenyon’s interest in Belvedere Computers Inc, or any prosecution of her under the Localism Act for non-disclosure (the same offence that Councillor Lawn was investigated for by the Police). Pot.  Kettle. Black.

Despite the fact that all of his allegations were found to be correct by the BBC; Real Whitby, journalist Nigel Ward has been designated as being “vexatious” by Mr David Kitson ( another SBC solicitor) and his email correspondence filtered through Mr Kitson and Mrs Lisa Dixon to determine if it should be forwarded to elected members, thereby censoring him and denying him access to his local Councillors.

Is this a double standard? Could it be that this misuse of the Council’s Legal Department to mount an attack on freedom of speech was again prompted by a politically motivated smear for personal reasons, to conceal misconduct?  Surely Not!

SBC Councillor Bill Chatt

Councillor Chatt wrote to me in the most insulting terms using his Council e mail.  In his rant he made an offensive remark about my mother, who at the time was seriously ill with cancer.

SBC Councillor Colin Haddington

Councillor Haddington wrote to me supporting Councillor Chatt’s offensive remarks about my mother.

Seamer & Crossgates Parish Council Chairman, Councillor Harry Smith

BBC viewers will have been shocked to see film of Councillor Harry Smith, Chairman of Seamer & Crossgates Parish Council, trying to use North Yorkshire Police Officers to arrest Real Whitby correspondents, or evict them from a Council meeting in a public place, because they were peacefully and lawfully filming it.

No less disturbing was the sight of Councillor Hayley Pickles verbally abusing calm, courteous Real Whitby journalists attending a public meeting by comparing them to “anarchists”, and the Clerk of the Council, Mr Tony Spencer, making the ridiculous assertion that Seamer & Crossgates Parish Council’s Standing Orders were paramount in Seamer, not Acts of Parliament.

Following a 999 call to the Police, making allegations that were so grave that North Yorkshire Police deployed several Police Officers, the commendable, calm and measured response from the Officer in charge (shown on the Inside Out programme), established that there had been no offence commited.  Having wasted Police time by making false allegations of crime to the Police, insulted and verbally abused Real Whitby journalists peacefully going about their lawful business, these ridiculous antics won Seamer & Crossgates Parish Council time on the BBC and a very well-deserved mention in Private Eye – on two occasions.


Councillor Noreen Wilson

In true Councillor Harry Smith style, Councillor Noreen Wilson (Lab.) stormed out of a Whitby Town Council meeting threatening to resign and telling Real Whitby’s Nick Henderson to “shove his camera up his arse”. Clearly unacceptable conduct for a public official to a member of her electorate in a public place.  She has subsequently staged another walk out from a Town Council meeting, (accompanied by Councillor Dennis Collins) alleging that Real Whitby will humiliate her by filming her.



Real Whitby allows sight of an article to anyone featured in it and allows comment either before publication, or in the comments box below. We are always willing to consider comments and publish an apology or retraction if necessary.

The BBC investigation confirmed that all of the allegations Real Whitby has made checked out and were approved for broadcasting by a team of BBC lawyers and – as stated above – no-one has ever shown any inaccuracy in our coverage.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that our coverage is accurate, Real Whitby journalists have suffered a campaign of stone-walling, threats, false allegations, insults and abuse variously by politicians, the Police and Crime Commissioner, solicitors, Councillors, an IPCC Commissioner, the Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority, the Local Government Ombudsman and corrupt Police Officers. Worst of all, I was interrogated by the police for five hours to try and find a pretext to arrest me, at the request of a known criminal.

Public body after public body has abused its authority and evaded its duty by claiming it is not in the interests of “the efficient and effective use of publicly funded resources” to comment, or designating Real Whitby journalists as “vexatious”, thereby giving a convenient excuse to evade its duty to respond to serious and valid issues it wishes to evade.

In summary, the SBC Legal Department has been shown to have:

  • Falsely accused Nigel Ward of being “vexatious” and censored him by cutting off his email access to Councillors.
  • Made multiple false allegations of serious criminal offences against innocent citizens.
  • Made public allegations of defamation it is unable to support with any evidence at all.
  • Tried to use a concocted pretext to close down a local news organization that has published reports that are entirely accurate and in the public interest, but which have caused embarrassment to some Councillors.
  • Deliberately lied to Whitby Town Council in a press release.
  • Refused to enter into discussion to obtain an amicable resolution, insisting on the closure of Real Whitby no matter what and then did not commence proceedings, obviously because there was no case to answer.
  • Brought disgrace on the Borough by being criticized in the local and national press.
  • Having lied in a press release to Whitby Town Council, incredibly it maintained this blatant lie to the BBC and, predictably, was shown to have lied again – to the BBC.
  • Broadcast false allegations on the BBC that Tim Thorne, Nigel Ward and I are malicious, harmful, abusive, inaccurate, misleading and have made defamatory remarks, without any evidence to back up any these offensive allegations.
  • Relentlessly issued threats and pursued action against Real Whitby contributors without any cause, evidence or attempt to seek reconciliation, that arguably amounts to a campaign of harassment
  • Tried to restrict press freedom by closing down Real Whitby, thereby preventing any further revelations about Peter Jaconelli, Jimmy Savile, the Chief Officers expenses scandal, Councillor Kenyon’s double-dipping and her interest in Belvedere Computers Inc, without obtaining authorization for this act from the Full Council.

How can it be acceptable for the Legal Department of a public body that purports to be committed to openness, transparency, high standards and public accountability to conduct itself in this way, when the Head of the Department has a vested personal interest in closing Real Whitby which, again, she has not disclosed? As the BBC revealed, it is unacceptable in a democratic state that public bodies and public servants should refuse to respond to public criticism. This is a blatant attack on free speech and public accountability.

If a Legal Department in a commercial organization had performed like this the Head of Department would have been removed. It is time for Councillor Kenyon to be removed as Portfolio Holder for Legal, to prevent any further misuse of this department.

North Yorkshire Police, Gordons LLP, the Local Government Ombudsman, the IPCC, Scarborough Borough Council, Commissioner Mulligan, Councillor Kenyon and GCHQ were all asked to comment on this article.  No response was received. 

Coming Next.

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, Councillor Jane Kenyon and the Chief Officers expenses scandal.  More incredible revelations the police tried to suppress.


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13 Responses to "The Onslaught"

  1. Tim Thorne  March 11, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    “As the BBC programme revealed, Real Whitby had revealed misconduct by Councillor Tim Lawn, which the Council did act upon.”

    Not fully it didn’t. Two issues were reported, the non-declaration of the minerals company and the other issue was the land purchases. As far as I know the land purchases have never been investigated.

    • Tim Hicks  March 11, 2014 at 9:44 pm

      Dear Tim,

      Thanks for your correction.

      Best regards,


  2. Alex  March 11, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Interesting article, well worth a read.

  3. Yvonne  March 12, 2014 at 11:58 am

    I have also been labelled vexatious as a retired 17 years served elected Town Councillor in Windermere for asking questions none of the above public bodies have upheld my complaints , they are all in this corporate corruption together. Likewise I and my family members have been maliciously and vindictively persecuted , set up, lied about and the like by police and their associates in a desperate attempt to silence my truth re corruption to the highest levels in Cumbria. 10 years of lobbying for justice to no avail and with no redress or remedy.

  4. David Clark  March 12, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Well written Tim, as people may know there were infact two members of Belvedere Computers Inc., who later became active in local Politics namely,Jane Margaret Kenyon and Thomas William Miller. Also taking key positions in National Life.

  5. DKP  March 13, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    This article, like many of the articles on Real Whitby, would probably reach a great deal many more readers but for the activities of GCHQ.

    “Government targets in this malicious operation appear to be bloggers, activists, journalists, social event organisers and anyone else deemed to be a ‘emerging leader’ or voice in the public sphere, or alternative media online.”

  6. Inga Hjelt  March 13, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    I have read crime novels, worse than THIS. Real Life is worse for YOU. I live in Finland and am Finnish. We try to be the least incorrupt state in the world. Although lately some ‘things’ have seen the ‘sunlight’. They are are immediately taken care of in the proper ..lost the word.

  7. David Clark  March 15, 2014 at 11:08 am

    To-Day the 15th. of March 2014., marks the 40th. Anniversary of the ending of the J.G.L. Poulson Corruption Trial of 1974. While researching matters related to the Trial, I came accross document J82/2956. Legal Status. Public Record,Closed,or Retained Document,Open Description. Closed while access is reviewed. The date I first came upon this Document was 24/01/2014. The Document has since been altered.The Document came from the National Archive. Kew, London.

  8. RMF  March 15, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    Wow, Lord Maginnis of Drumglass,
    Written Answers — House of Lords: Bankruptcy (31 July 2012)
    Lord Maginnis of Drumglass: To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether a person who (1) is subject to an undischarged bankruptcy, or (2) is a director of a company subject to an undischarged bankruptcy, is eligible to chair or serve on a police authority; and whether the membership of North Yorkshire Police Authority is consistent with the rules on bankruptcy. [HL1639] Answered by:: Lord Henley (Conservative)
    A person subject to a bankruptcy order, or whose estate has been sequestered, is disqualified from being a member of a police authority until or unless the bankruptcy order is annulled or the sequestration of the estate is recalled or reduced. A person is also disqualified if he or she is subject to a disqualification order or disqualification undertaking under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986, the Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1989(2), the Company Directors Disqualification (Northern Ireland) Order 2002(3) or the Insolvency Act 1986(4). There are no specific disqualification requirements for chairs of police authorities. The Government are not in a position to comment on individual cases.

  9. David Clark  March 16, 2014 at 10:40 am

    I was aware of the question asked by Lord Drumglass and answered Lord Henley,infact in the past I have spoken to Lord Drumglass. Asking the same question,. What would be the answer in relation to serving on Local Council, and other Local Authority Bodies be.

  10. Captain Rob Pearcey  March 16, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    Wonder if there are any warrants for Coucillor Kenyon in the US , no doubt there will be people here very interested in her present address.
    As you rightly point out an undischarged bankrupt in the US may no disqualify
    Coucillor Kenyon. However putting her a Linked-In invetigation site may cause her a issue or two.

    Captain Rob Pearcey

  11. john  March 23, 2014 at 9:24 am

    fantastic reporting!!
    its a sad shame that i do not find this behaviour shocking from nyp.

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