NYCC Election Preview – Cllr Mike COCKERILL

The Public Record – Cllr Mike Cockerill – Double Dipper

The Free Dictionary defines the term ‘Double dipping’ in the following way:

Double dipping


– The practice of receiving compensation, benefits, etc, from two or more sources in a way regarded as unethical, as from a government pension and a government job.

Surely, the term is applicable to the act of accepting two separate Allowances (‘compensation, benefits, etc’), from two distinct ‘sources’ (NYCC and SBC), in respect of the one single expenditure arising from the fee contingent upon a single Broadband connection?



  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL is standing as an Independent member
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL is an elected member of North Yorkshire County Council
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL is an elected member of Scarborough Borough Council
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL is a member of the SBC Cabinet – a Portfolio-Holder
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL received £500+ per annum from NYCC for IT/Broadband
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL received £255 per annum from SBC for IT/Broadband
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL has refused to pay back the excess money
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL believes he is fully entitled to receive two lots of IT/Broadband allowances, when he actually pays out only a fraction of that £750+ per annum (perhaps one-third)
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL attended one or more NYCC Council meetings where the IT/Broadband Allowance terms and conditions were discussed, so he cannot claim to be unaware of his opportunity to have ‘renunciated’ his extra payment (like out-going Coumcillor Herbert TINDALL)
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL was last elected on 04/06/2009 and sits in the  Filey division
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL is standing in forthcoming NYCC elections in the Filey division
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL is Chair of the unsuccessful Whitby Harbour Board
  • Cllr Mike COCKERILL signed up to Nigel’s Transparency Pledge, then immediately broke it.

All of the double-dipping NYCC/SBC Councillors were exonerated by the Standards Committees, the only dissenting voice being that of SBC Councillor Colin CHALLEN, who stated (on the Scarbrorough and Whitby Labour Party website):

“Another issue which emerged out of this hearing was that a County Council official appears to have provided at least four of the eight members with a paragraph long statement which those members then used in response to the County Council’s own investigating officer’s inquiries. This would be like a detective providing you with the answer to his own questions, and clearly this has muddied the essential independence of the officer – councillor relationship. It is a matter which warrants further investigation.”

Councillor Colin CHALLEN also stated:

“The simple solution would have been for the Committee to suggest to the members involved that if they thought that the identifiable sums paid (I won’t go into the arcane details of how the sum is calculated and paid) were excessive, then the difference could be repaid.”

Former West Yorkshire Police Detective Inspector Cedric CHRISTIE of the WYP Major Fraud Division has expressed the following opinion:

“Claiming twice for something like broadband is just the same as claiming mileage from two different authorities for the same journey. If I was investigating these circumstances I would consider a case of fraud by false representation under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006.”


County Councillor Mike COCKERILL has been offered an opportunity to comment by the Corruption Busters, not later than 5:00pm today, Tuesday 9th April 2013.

County Councillor Mike COCKERILL has not offered a comment for publication.

Presumably his commitment to ‘transparency’ does not extend to a clear explanation of his conduct for electors to consider before they visit the Polling Stations.

Meanwhile, the public record shows that County Councillor Mike COCKERILL, in his capacity as a Scarborough Borough Councillor and Portfolio-Holder, attended a SBC Cabinet Meeting on 26th March 2013, at which the matter of the Council instigating legal action against Real Whitby and the Corruption Busters was discussed, during the exclusion of press and public.

County Councillor Mike COCKERILL, as one of those severely criticised in Real Whitby and Private Eye, clearly had a disclosable personal and prejudicial interest in the matter, but failed to declare that interest. Doing so would have disbarred him from taking part in the discussion, for reasons of conflicted interest. Thus, he has wittingly and unlawfully attempted to use the power entrusted to him to attempt to achieve the advantage (gain) of securing the Council’s legal resources to protect him from the natural consequences of his own actions. That is a corrupt act.

A Formal Complaint has been lodged, by a member of the public.

He is, of course, not the only double dipping County Councillor to have adopted this course.

The comments section of this article is intended to be a place of public record of the work, good or bad, that this Councillor has done on behalf of the public.

Please post only factual comments relating to County Councillor Mike COCKERILL’s past conduct, in your true electoral name, so the public can judge if County Councillor Mike COCKERILL is worthy of re-election.

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