A National Publication, The Private Eye has printed an elaborate and damming report on Jane Kenyon (Remember her ?? The Ex Whitby Councillor For Mayfeild Ward ?, we wrote about her here), who funded by North Yorkshire Police are believed to have spent an estimated “One Million Pound +” of tax payers money in an attempt to gag a Whitby Pensioner, Nigel Ward, who had reportedly published “Embarrassing But True Stories About Establishment figures, including Police And Councillors”

In the words of The Eye, A Stretched rural force has spent in excess of an estimated £1m in an attempt to gag a pensioner who wrote true stories about them.

Real Whitby says “What a complete and utter disgrace North Yorkshire Police And Jane Kenyon Are”. They have spent £1m+ of tax payers money pursuing a Pensioner, a gentleman, and a fine and upstanding member of The Whitby Community. Mr Ward  has done nothing other than tell the truth and fight for what is surely legally and morally correct in our beautiful town of Whitby.

Never have any of Nigel’s articles about Jane Kenyon Miller been challenged or proven to be incorrect by her or the legal team of North Yorkshire Police.

This has surely been a case of North Yorkshire Police trying to flex its financial muscle to silence a Whitby gentleman who dared be critical of them.

In recent years Government Led Austerity cuts to all local services, council departments and of course the police force of the nations largest county, have hit hard.

One must ask what level of public interest has been served in pursuit of a pensioner, whose only crime in life is highlighting corruption and wrong doing of public paid officials in Whitby and across the county.

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