Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli: The dangers of misguided loyalty

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Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli: The dangers of misguided loyalty

Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli:  The dangers of misguided loyalty

  • – a report by TIM HICKS on the aftermath to the recent revocation of the civic honours previously awarded to sex-offender Peter JACONELLI – friend and co-offender of Jimmy SAVILE and formerly Mayor of Scarborough and Alderman of the Borough.


Following on from the stripping of all civic honours from Peter Jaconelli and the disgracing of his name and memory, as a result of a long campaign by Real Whitby – despite a sustained campaign of intimidation from Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire Police – to expose the truth of his depraved double life and how he was protected by the very organisations that were charged with preventing his offending:


BBC Comment on Real Whitby’s campaign here.

Nevertheless, even despite the evidence that has emerged, Real Whitby journalists have been collectively amazed at the support this evil paedophile and serial rapist can still command from some people.  For instance, a local Councillor spoke out publicly to defend Peter Jaconelli at the Scarborough Borough Council meeting which confirmed Jaconelli was a paedophile.

“Thank you, Mister Mayor. I was in t-t-two minds whether to a-a-actually stand up, then I thought, “No. I should!” I’m absolutely appalled by what Peter Jaconelli h-h-has been accused of but I’m absolutely appalled for his victims. But ….he was my ward Councillor he gave me my first job. When I was at Woodlands, I … er … Westwood, I used to walk along there and actually work for three hours in his shop. I saw how many people came to that shop and he gave support to. He was my ward Councillor for many years and I know the people up there went to him and got help, support, and in some cases even financial help to support them himself. I cannot detract from the fact that’s what’s gone on and I … I don’t even want to do that. But I really feel strongly about this and I will not be voting for it, because whatever happened, he worked damned hard as a Borough and ward Councillor, and I will not be voting for it.”

The Scarborough News has recently printed a letter from one of Jaconeli’s victims in which he confirms that Jaconelli “once gave me a lift and put his hand on my knee, but when I made it patently clear to him that I was not interested, he dropped me off, and I profited to the tune of ten bob, which was a lot of money in those days”.  Incredibly, this man does not appear to understand the gravity of what happened, or that he himself is a victim of Jaconelli’s abuse.

He then goes on to deny that there is any evidence of any abuse, (although it has been confirmed by many witnesses, the Police, the charity Healing Our Past Experiences (HOPE), Real Whitby and SBC) and still defends Jaconelli:

“Peter was a fine mayor of this town, and I for one will not have his name sullied by tittle tattlers, who have nothing better to do than cause trouble and cast aspersions through their inadequacies to come to terms with their own bigoted preferences.  I always found Peter Jaconelli a gentleman, and I spit on those who haven’t the guts to come forward and back up their allegations with factual evidence.”

To be clear.  Jimmy Savile raised millions for charity.  Peter Jaconelli was a man of great personal ability, charm, an exceptionally good and hard-working Ward Councillor and unquestionably did a lot of good for Scarborough.  As shown in his 1999 Guardian obituary , the Councillor’s speech and the above supportive remarks.  However, both men were nevertheless predatory paedophiles and rapists, who undertook these commendable activities, not for the public good, but to provide a cover and protection for their offending.

Concerning Jaconelli; his offending was NOT limited to sexual touching of boys at the lower end of the sexual offences scale.  Jaconelli’s offending was of the gravest, most serious, violent, sustained, organised and depraved nature at the highest level of sexual offending.

Real Whitby has held this back until now, because of the deeply offensive nature of the allegations and out of concern for the reputation of the Jaconelli family. But in order to draw a line, and hopefully to deter any further misguided and sentimental defences of the indefensible, we will now publish the evidence of the level and type of Jaconelli’s offending we have collected so far.

Peter Jaconelli abused schoolboys and corrupted them into prostitution

Jaconelli was Governor in several schools.  We know he introduced Savile to schools in the Borough and it has been alleged to Real Whitby for some time that not only did he abuse boys who worked for him in the ice-cream parlours and were members of his Judo Club, he also abused boys from the schools he was associated with.  It has been alleged that schoolboys, particularly from Barrowcliffe School, were enticed and corrupted into prostitution by Jaconelli who paid them £1 to masturbate him and £5 to give him oral sex.

The letter above printed in the Scarborough News also confirms that Jaconelli paid for sexual services and used his car to commit sexual offences. Trevor Harrington’s evidence also confirms that Jaconelli abused boys in his van.

According to Witness M, Jaconelli offended openly in joint enterprise with Jimmy Savile who was also a serial rapist and paedophile. Jaconelli used Savile to procure victims for him by enticing them into Savile’s pink Rolls Royce in front of the burger-bar, in clear sight of the Police Station.  They would then be driven away, abused and paid off.

Savile brought patients from Rampton to visit Jaconelli twice.  On one occasion they were given money, then free food and free ice-cream at one of Jaconelli’s ice-cream parlours.  This aspect of his activities is still under investigation.

Peter Jaconelli was a violent, serial rapist.

The Scarborough News recently ran an article in which it quoted Ms Pauline Carruthers, founder of HOPE in which she confirmed that eleven victims of Jaconelli had come forward to her, some of whom had confirmed that Jaconelli had raped them.  Real Whitby has also received an allegation of rape made against Jaconelli by a witness who alleged Jaconelli raped a foreign national who worked as a waiter in Scarborough, who left the country after the incident.

Remember, Jaconelli was twenty-one stone, physically fit and a black belt in Judo (see the BBC footage above of him flooring former wrestler Jimmy Savile to see how formidable a fighter he was).  He was wealthy, articulate, highly influential and had the local Council and Police in his pocket.  Hence the reason his victims understandably chose to say nothing. He also paid off victims and witnesses to keep quiet, as confirmed by the correspondent to the Scarborough News, and others.

Even if they had spoken out (as several had the courage to do), nothing would have been done by North Yorkshire Police, which knew all about Jaconelli and his offending, but covered it up.  Again this was perfectly brought out by Chris Jackson in the BBC “Inside Out” documentary above.

The public interest:  This must never happen again

The Scarborough News states that kids knew what Peter Jaconeli was like.  This is undoubtedly true.  Everybody knew.  The Police, the SBC Education Department, parents, Governors, teachers, Councillors and schoolboys.  Some people did courageously blow the whistle, yet nothing was done.  Partially out of fear, partially out of respect for his achievements, status, wealth and influence locally, Jaconelli was protected by North Yorkshire Police for years.

Nevertheless, both Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire Police were ruthlessly determined not to admit to any wrongdoing.  Hence the now completely discredited Cross report and the onslaught of intimidation from the Council and the Police, that Real Whitby has had to endure in order to bring the truth out into the open.


We are all supposed to be equal under the law.  Savile and Jaconelli were put above the law by North Yorkshire Police because of the charitable and civic work they performed.

Between Savile, Jaconelli and the other nine plus people we believe operated in the ring with them in Scarborough, we suspect that their victims ran into their thousands over the period 1947 – 2007.  This must override any of the good that Savile and Jaconelli undoubtedly did.  Otherwise they are permanently elevated to being above the law, because of their status, as they were in life.

It is absolutely essential that this is exposed publicly and not allowed to be swept under the carpet.  Not to needlessly damage reputations, cause distress to Jaconelli’s friends, family and victims, or bring Scarborough Borough Council or North Yorkshire Police into even further disrepute.  But to ensure that the next time the authorities are tempted to conduct a cover up they will consider that the truth will inevitably come out and will come back to haunt them, so this never happens again.

In the internet, social media and citizen journalists like Real Whitby have ensured that the days of the police being able to contain a scandal like Jaconelli are long gone.  Following on from Councillor Mike Ward’s article Is it so wrong to say thank you or sorry and the excellent work Nigel Ward has done assisting Operation Hibiscus, (the fourth North Yorkshire Police investigation into Jaconelli and Savile, which appears to be proceeding very well) we hope that the Police Officers that read this article will take the time to consider if participating in a cover up out of misguided loyalty to the force’s reputation – instead of the interests of justice and the public interest – is worthy of them, or possible any more.

Moving forward

Real Whitby hopes our investigation will help prevent another policing failure which allowed Savile and Jaconelli to offend openly together for fifty years.

We also hope that the exposure of Jaconelli and those that protected him will help the victims come to terms with their experiences, and that those who still have misguided feelings of loyalty to Jaonelli will consider the facts above and reconsider their views on this.

For more information about HOPE and its services visit www.hopegroups.org.uk or call 01723 381811.

About the Author:

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.


  1. Glenn Kilpatrik May 25, 2014 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    A very unteresting read yet again Tim. I dont think the word “Good” can ever be taken seriously when spoke in relation to these 2 perverts and those who associated with them.

    Anything they did under the heading of what some of us would term “Good” was quite obviously and very clearly an act of pure Evil. The good was done for selfish reasons and in no way from an altruistic position. It was done to gain firends, to encourage people to remian silent and to almost forget about the disgusting things they were doing. To this day some of those people are still believeing that Jackonelli did good in the local community. How short sighted are these people and how much did they cover up because they were brainwashed or even paid off to keep their mouths shut.

    Jackonelli was evil, he did no good and what he tried to pass of as “Good” was quite clearly pure evil.

  2. wendy May 25, 2014 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    His charity work isn’t the issue in question and should not be used to excuse what he did.

  3. Nigel May 25, 2014 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    I will be reporting on some further ramifications of all this later in the week – and breaking out a whole new strand to our investigations. It gets worse. Much worse.

  4. mg massey May 25, 2014 at 7:05 pm - Reply

    From all that has been published, I’d say you have also given the public and eye opener about those who are rich and throw their money around to keep their crimes covered up.Personally nothing short of public hangings are good enough for pedophiles but for those who cover them up.. well, something must be done.. they have no sense of shame nor ethics

  5. Wendy May 25, 2014 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    I just want to say thank you to Tim, Nigel and all the team working on Real Whitby for their courage, tenacity, honesty and stubborn bloodymindedness in the face of such depth of corruption from those organisations one would have hoped to be beyond reproach and there to serve and protect their local people!!
    These honourable people have become true corruption busters. A while ago I inadvertently came across an interview on YouTube which made me physically sick and left me in tears. It took me a week before I could even speak of it. I had to tell someone and remembered Nigel and his corruption busting meme. I contacted him and he was so kind and helpful, allowing me to offload the horrific things I’d heard and told me to go off and do something wholesome for the evening after finding the offensive interview which I knew he would somehow take care of.
    It was such a relief for me that I don’t know how Tim and Nigel have kept their sanity intact having to know things that no decent person wants to know but I also understand why they have kept on keeping on and hope that when all the rot has been brought into the open that they will have the chance to do something wholesome.
    On behalf of all the good all round decent people who haven’t had to deal with this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Zen May 25, 2014 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    Exactly the same situation
    has existed in Plymouth for over 20 years,
    with Devon & Cornwall Police
    covering-up for duty solicitor Alan Harris,
    of Alan Harris Solicitors, St Andrews Court,
    who is handed hundreds of boys on a plate by police,
    even though he was arrested in a public toilet
    with a 15 year old boy.

    Alan Harris selects the most vulnerable,
    and blackmails them into sex.

    Police rigged the local magistrates court
    when I was charged with exposing Alan Harris,
    by simply refusing
    to allow me to question the witnesses,
    contrary to any sense of Natural Justice.

    The court was bent from before it even began,
    as District Judge David Parsons
    seized my documents,
    and had a good read of them,
    so he must have read the handwritten letter
    from one of Alan Harris’s sex-blackmail targets,
    saying he was willing to give evidence
    as to how he was raped.

    Defending myself,
    nothing I said was considered for a moment,
    and it was perfectly clear to me
    that the verdict had been decided beforehand.

    So Scarborough is not alone in these bad events;
    Plymouth has it’s own Jimmy Saville –
    Alan Harris.

    🙂 Zen 25 MAY 2014

  7. david brierley May 25, 2014 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    Scarborough council seems to breed corruption, and does such a great job at it, even The public in Scarborough elect those who show adoration towards corrupt paedophile council leaders… Scarborough council a safe haven for paedophiles. I bet theres a paedophile ring working through that corrupt disgracefull institution.

  8. peter gallagher May 26, 2014 at 10:41 am - Reply

    Have the authorities concerned learned a lesson from these disgusting events and have other perverts gone deeper underground………

  9. Nigel May 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    There has been an interesting response to the letter referred to in Tim’s article. The ‘Mr Ward’ referred to in this response is the writer of the letter – Mr T.W. Ward – not me. (I hasten to add).

    I find it a very coherent and measured response. Any other opinions?


    Just got back from the pub

    5:04 PM on 26/05/2014

    Wrong on so many levels Mr Ward.

    Jaconelli did a lot for Jaconelli, he did nothing for Scarborough.

    I’m sure there were many kids who like yourself were lucky in that, when you “made it patently clear…” etc, he desisted. It’s even more clear that in some cases, he didn’t. Not every potential victim was as lucky as you, Mr Ward.

    The fact that he assaulted you and paid you off for your silence (and you took the money, and kept silent) hardly makes you a witness for his defence, does it? You say you “always found him a gentleman”, in spite of the fact that he tried to sexually assault you. Certainly, it makes you look an absolute coward compared to those that did come forward. Have you been to the police with your evidence, may I ask?

    Your third paragraph, about those “…who have nothing better to do than cause trouble…” says so much about your own bigotry, that it hardly merits a reply, nevertheless let me point out the “preferences” of Jaconelli’s victims (as you so nastily put it) were of no concern to him, only his own.

    Only in Scarborough could a letter to the paper defending a paedophile get published. We all know there is so much more to come out about this and the Savile business. Those who would excuse their perverted, exploitative, criminal behaviour have already been spitting at us for too long, so Mr Ward has no need to prolong the agony of their victims.

  10. glenda May 26, 2014 at 5:44 pm - Reply

    I probably shouldn’t be saying this but my hubby says Madgwick was promised Chief by Kenyon, who at that time was expecting to be Police and Crime Commissioner. Congrats to Real Whitby for preventing that horror story!

    • Nigel May 26, 2014 at 6:52 pm - Reply

      @ Glenda: I would not be too hasty to give credit to Real Whitby for Ms KENYON’s (as she was then) decision not to contest the Police & Crime Commissioner election on 15th November 2012. As far as I am aware, Ms KENYON has only stood for election once outside of the Whitby area – in the General Election of 1992, when she stood as a no-hoper Conservative candidate in the safe Labour seat of Huddersfield, where she lost to long-standing Labour Member Barry SHEERMAN (Lab. 23,832 – Con. 16,574 – LibDem. 7,777).

      I surmise, therefore, that her late withdrawal from the PCC election was motivated by her anxiety not to sustain a very public defeat. Granted, any defeat for which RW would be seen to be the primum mobile may have been particularly irksome.

      I think it unlikely that she will seek election again.

  11. Inga May 28, 2014 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Sorry, I haven’t beeb reading all yor articles. It isn’t very uplifting. You wrote:there is worse to come. I am already dreading it

  12. […] Real Whitby, a citizen investigative journalism site (and local community hub) have been investigating Savile’s links to Peter Jacconnelli and Jimmy Corrigan, campaigning successfully to have Jaconelli’s civic honours stripped despite opposition. […]

  13. Mr R M Edmond December 29, 2014 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    The remains of these depraved, twisted individuals should be removed from Woodlands Cemetary Now, this cemetary contains decent people , why does the scarborough council allow their remains to be in the same area. Get them moved now.

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