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Jane Kenyon – Some Things You May Not Know !!

“TIMBER!  (How are the mighty falling?) – By Nigel Ward. First Published June 14th 2012

It surely is a funny old world – and a small one. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I was out on the hippy trail back at the beginning of the 70s.

It was a great time for making friends from all over the world – especially from the United States.

There were quite literally hundreds (if not thousands) of young Americans on the road at that time, keeping well clear of dear old Uncle Sam and his dreaded Draft Notices; not everyone was eager to be hauled off to Viet Nam to fight an un-winnable war.

Of course, many of those passing friendships were just that – passing. But the internet has provided untold opportunities for getting back in touch with one another.

So, as luck would have it, I did not find it too difficult to look up my old friend Gary McG, a native of Hawaii, with whom I travelled back to Europe from Afghanistan.

Day after day, he told me that he was going to be a journalist once the war was over – specialising in something which, at that time, I thought was very much a niche interest – personal computers. “One day,” he kept enthusing, “everybody will have one”. Yeah, right.

But Gary was right. Absolutely right. Every now and then, I use my personal computer to track down old pals. Small world, indeed.

I managed to get through to Gary three or four weeks ago. It turns out that Gary’s life-plan worked out rather well; he is now a successful IT journalist and he is at present working on a book about some of the PC pioneers who made big bucks when the Silicon Valley gold-rush was first kicking off.

He was telling me about a forgotten ‘hero’ called Dennis Barnhart, whose company Eagle Computers built early MS-DOS IBM clones.

On 8th June 1983, the very day that Eagle Computers went public on the NY stock exchange (raising $37 million), Dennis Barnhart was killed crashing his red Ferrari in rather mysterious circumstances. Riches to ashes, all in a day’s work! Talk about ups and downs.

And whaddya know (small world), only a couple of years previously, so the story goes, one Dennis Barnhart was involved in the total wipe-out of another fledgling personal computer corporation, Belvedere Computers Inc.

(BCI) – (registered in California, No. CO999400 on 11/08/1980), set up by two ‘officers’ (US term for Directors) of English nationality.

In due course, BCI went bust in a blaze of lawsuits and owing big bucks, and the Directors skedaddled back to dear old Blighty, leaving creditors and employees unpaid.

BCI was placed in suspension by the Franchise Tax Board of Sacramento California on 8th February 1982, and cannot, under US law, be dissolved due to its outstanding debts and liabilities

As a Corporation, therefore, it exists to this day and can be re-activated at any time, providing that the officers arrange for the debts to be discharged – ie paid. 

According to the State of California Domestic Stock Corporation, the officers of BCI are: T William Miller (Chief Executive), Jane Margaret Kenyon (Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Agent for Service of Process).

That was when my interest picked up – big style. Because I remembered a tale about a Scarborough company in the late seventies with the strikingly similar name of Belvedere Computer Services (Scarborough) Ltd. – (BCSSL – Reg.No.1407311 – 02/01/1979).

The chap who started that company was also a Thomas William Miller – subsequently an SBC, NYCC and NYMNPA member, more generally known as ‘Bill Miller’, the ‘life-partner’ of Councillor Jane Kenyon.

That company went down the tubes, too. Small world, indeed, eh?

So it turns out that Thomas William Miller is the same man as T William Miller, who has certainly had some ups and downs with his various companies here in the UK over the years, including: Landscape Design & Construction (Northern) Ltd. (LD&CNL – Reg.No.04223064: 24/05/2001-16/06/2009), Landscape Design & Construction Ltd. (LD&CL Reg.No.06356119: 30/08/2007-28/04/2009), UK Fencing Solutions Ltd. (UKFSL – Reg.No.5467743: 31/05/2001-01/03/2007), Fencing Solutions Northern Ltd. (FSNL – Reg.No.05467742: 31/05/2001-01/03/2007), Scarborough Fencing Ltd., (SFL – Reg.No.05467740: 31/05/2001), all of which have since been dissolved.

One might think, despite the demise of all those companies, that there ought to be something very lucrative about the business of supplying timber derivatives to local authorities.

Bill certainly persevered. Indeed, there was another company, a Dales Timber Ltd. (DTL – Reg.No.5467739: 31/05/2001-28/04/2009) (formerly registered as, Agricultural Fencing & Groundwork Supplies Ltd.), whose Directors included Thomas William Miller and his life-partner Jane Margaret Kenyon (who was also Company Secretary).

DTL ceased trading as of 22nd January 2009, with two hundred grand’s worth of debt.

DTL numbered amongst its main trading partners North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), Ryedale District Council (RDC) and the North Yorkshire Moors National Park Authority (NYMNPA).

I am not the first person to be concerned by this pattern.

Others have enquired as to how it can be that elected members of NYCC, NYMNPA and even Scarborough Borough Council (SBC) could hold directorships in companies trading with the authorities, without declaring their interests.

After all, as elected members of the authorities, they would almost certainly be aware well in advance of up-coming procurement requirements in respect of fencing, gates and so on – especially in the light of Health & Safety regulations that forced authorities to tighten up on safe public access.

And yet, this appears to have been a commonplace – Councillors with an undeclared interest in companies that seem to have swept in and out of existence specifically to fulfil emergent procurement requirements.

On 25th June 2007, a member of the public wrote to NYCC’s Head of Legal and Monitoring Officer Carole Dunn, asking her to explain anomalies in the Register of Interest of Councillor Jane Kenyon in respect of her Company Secretaryship in DTL. Carole Dunn responded (albeit five weeks later), stating:

  • “In relation to the position of Company Secretary at Dales Timber Ltd, Councillor Kenyon was in fact unaware of the matter”.

Let me ask you something; do you find that it beggars belief that Councillor Jane Kenyon could conceivably be unaware’ of her position as Company Secretary of DTL – a company supplying tens of thousands of pounds worth of timber derivatives to NYCC and other local authorities – even though she had accepted her appointment back on 5th October 2006, lodging signed documents to that effect with Companies House?

‘Unaware’ that she was Company Secretary at DTL?

‘Unaware’ that she had signed legal documents lodged at Companies House?

‘Unaware’ that she must declare that interest within 28 days?

And another point; why would Monitoring Officer Carole Dunn, amongst whose statutory duties it is to ensure that the Register of Interests is accurate and up-to-date, allow Councillor Jane Kenyon to fob her off with such arrant nonsense? SBC’s Democratic and Administrative Services Manager Gill Wilkinson has stated that it is a criminal offence to fail to declare an interest within 28 days of a declarable event.

Surely, such a significant flaw in the Register must reflect very poorly on NYCC Monitoring Officer Carole Dunn? Surely, her clear duty was to inform the North Yorkshire Police (NYP) that a criminal offence had taken place?

However, one might do well to remember that Councillor Jane Kenyon is, in fact, Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority (NYPA) and Chair of the NYPA Management Board – as well as being an elected member of NYCC and SBC; perhaps Carole Dunn formed the opinion that a referral to the NYP would be a waste of time? We have all heard about ‘businesses’ that are ‘too big to fail’ . . .

The same member of the public who asked that very pertinent question about Councillor Jane Kenyon’s Register of Interests has been in the habit of attending the meetings of the NYPA.

He did so on 26th March 2012, at the Allerton Court Hotel in Northallerton, and took advantage of Agenda Item #2 – the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions oc the committee.

This is what he asked:

  • “How can it be that the Chief Financial Officer of a suspended California Corporation can be Chairman of a British Police Authority?”

I was not present, but I am told that the meeting was immediately suspended by Chair Councillor Jane Kenyon on the advice of NYPA Chief Executive Jeremy Holderness, virtually every member of the authority rose to their feet in protest at the question, whereupon our member of the public was asked to leave, threatened with arrest, and promptly escorted from the building by Chief Superintendent Taylor and another ranking police officer.

Thus, Councillor Jane Kenyon, with the support of the police and the entire membership, side-stepped the question and ensured that it never received an answer – and take note that the responsibility for that decision rests with the Chair alone – Councillor Jane Kenyon. But why the ‘closing ranks’? What is the big secret?

Clearly, Councillor Jane Kenyon, as Chair of the Meeting, was prohibiting any public scrutiny of her US business liabilities by effectively censoring a legitimate public question. Every member of the NYPA backed her up and the questioner was summarily removed by police officers, under pain of arrest. His offence? To ask, in civil and courteous terms, a perfectly reasonable – if potentially embarrassing – question of an elected representative, at a public meeting at which questions from the public were invited as an Agenda Item, and to which Councillor Jane Kenyon has still not provided an answer.

Lest we forget, Councillor Jane Kenyon was elected to office on the Conservative Party platform main-plank of total commitment to “openness, transparency and democracy”. This is utterly incompatible with the police being co-opted into silencing a legitimate question from a member of the public – a question, by the way, that is not recorded in the Minutes of the Meeting . . . why not?

And why is it that Councillor Jane Kenyon will not answer this question? Why did every member of the NYPA protest at it? A simple “this is not true” would surely have sufficed to resolve the matter? Does Councillor Jane Kenyon feel threatened by confronting the truth?

Following the Meeting, our man wrote to the NYP, requesting an explanation. On 3rd May 2012, he received a response from Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick (who, following the departure of disgraced former Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell, is presently the top man at NYP), who stated:

  • “Chief Superintendent Taylor has liaised with a number of public bodies and other persons regarding the matters within our jurisdiction specifically looking at whether there is evidence of criminal action which justifies a prosecution.
  • Matters relating to Belvedere Computers Inc (BCI) took place in the United States of America are not within the jurisdiction of the North Yorkshire Police and this aspect has not been pursued.”
  • The conclusion of Chief Superintendent Taylor’s investigation is that, from the information available at this time, there are no matters identified that would require any further investigation or prosecution by North Yorkshire Police.”

Well, if the compelling suspicion of there having been criminal non-declaration of interests in local authority trading partners is not a matter ‘that would require any further investigation’, one is left to wonder what would be. Are we to believe that Councillor Jane Kenyon is above the law?

Prosecutions apart, is it now even remotely appropriate that Councillor Jane Kenyon should continue in public life? Or has the time come for her to fade away to that mythical sumptuous villa in Sharm al-Siyalehta?

But before she departs, I call upon Councillor Jane Kenyon openly and transparently to provide an answer to the following question:
“How can it be that the Chair of a British Police Authority can also be the Chief Financial Officer of a Corporation suspended for non-payment of debts who has concealed this and other interests and abused a position of trust to effectively censor legitimate scrutiny – yet remain Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority, Chair of the NYPA Management Board, Director of the Association of Police Authorities Ltd., and Scarborough Borough Councillor Portfolio Holder for Finance, Procurement and Legal?

Or to resign . . .

Coming soon: “The ‘Lord’, his ‘Lady’ and a bunch of real suckers”

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  1. For the record:

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Nigel
    To: David Kitson ; FOI
    Sent: Friday, June 08, 2012 7:14 PM

    Mr David KITSON – Senior Solicitor – SBC


    Would you please convey the following question to Councillor Jane Kenyon, since I am presently unlawfully prevented from addressing her directly – as is my democratic right?

    The question is:

    “How can it be that the Chair of a British Police Authority can also be the Chief Financial Officer of a Corporation suspended for non-payment of debts who has concealed this and other interests and abused a position of trust to effectively censor legitimate scrutiny – yet remain Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority, Chair of the NYPA Management Board, Director of the Association of Police Authorities Ltd., and Scarborough Borough Councillor Portfolio Holder for Finance, Procurement and Legal?”

    Please convey my compliments to Ms Kenyon and inform her that I do reserve the right to publish her response, if any, into the public domain.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

    Kind regards,



      Carole Dunn, Head of Legal & Democratic Services at NYCC, has kindly pointed out that SBC Legal Officer Gill Wilkinson was in error when she stated that non-disclosure of interest within 28 days was a criminal offence. She may be correct.

      Certainly, it is against the law, specifically Sect. 81 of the Local Government Act 2000, and , as such, is indeed addressable by the courts. To be clear, and on behalf of all those who have commented on this article, according to Ms Dunn it is not in and of itself a criminal act.

      However, it is certainly the case that any breach, especially such a serious one (and what could be more serious than a Portfolio Holder for Finance, Procurement and Legal holding an undeclared interest in a trading partner of the local authorities?), would be of the highest evidential significance in a criminal charge of malfeasance in public office – a very heavy number.

      These legal niceties aside, I still contend that the conduct described is simply unacceptable. The integrity of one who disposes of literally millions of pounds of the public purse must be absolutely unimpeachable.

      On reflection, I must concur with my colleague Richard Ineson, who has very appositely reminded us of the words of Oliver Cromwell:

      “In the name of God – GO!”

  2. Inspirational Nigel! Excellent

  3. Maginnis investigator Timothy Hicks FCA has responded to this with full support. See here:

  4. I read Nigel Ward’s article with great interest and admiration, hence my prompt suportive article. I have been investigating this for some time but could not make much headway. Some people appeared reluctant to talk and mentioned a local figure known as “Miss X”. This struck me as a bit odd, does anyone know who this “Miss X” is and what relevance –if any- she has to this investigation? Thanks in advance for your help with this mystery. Tim

  5. Richard Ineson

    Never has the maxim, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men should do nothing’ more fittingly been demonstrated, than by the facts surrounding this astounding, blatant and indefensible abuse of the pubic purse coupled with the prostitution of the integrity of the police force.

    No doubt there are some honest Councillors, and no doubt that there are some honest members of the North Yorkshire Police Authority and the North Yorkshire Police Authority Management Board, I do not believe that they are all snivelling sycophants and posturing windbags but, what the members of the North Yorkshire Police Authority and its Management Board all have in common is, that they are spineless.

    Even the most supine and guileless amongst them must have been aware of the shameless squandering of the public purse on expensive cars,to the tune of £500,000, which the police officers for whom they were intended, were not qualified to drive.

    These same people stood by whilst over £28,000 was spent on a shower.

    They stood by whilst thousands were squandered on so called ‘development courses’.

    They allowed patently culpable police officers to retire to avoid investigation.

    Then the appalling and shameless behaviour, in the nepotism cases, of the most senior police officers in our employ, resulting in extensive enquiries and a hearing which cost hundreds of thousands of pounds all compounded by the failure of Maxwell to admit his guilt at an early stage and mitigate the cost of the investigation.

    Where were these people whilst all this was going on?

    Cllr. Kenyon must accept most of the responsibility for these disgraceful episodes, as Chair of both of the controlling bodies, the NYPA and the NYPA Management Board, she has betrayed the trust of the people who elected her to office.

    But none of the members of either of these bodies are blameless, and none of them should be allowed to be considered for any position, in any capacity, connected with the North Yorkshire Police, or indeed public service of any kind, in the future.

    Let us hope that they themselves, realise that they are not of the substance and quality required to serve the public and have the good sense to retire, along with Cllr. Kenyon, from public life gracefully and permanently.

    In the name of God, go.

    • On reflection, I must say that I am inclined to agree with you Peter, but what kind of influence can one person exert over such revered members of society to such an extent that they would support such abuses or even just turn a blind eye to them?

      In addition, we must also remember that only eight out of seventy two NYCC Councillors voted against retaining the services of Maxwell after his fall from grace.

      Some influence.

  6. Nigel Ward’s most thorough investigation of Councillor Jane is a most damning indictment of her. My ability to expose does not compare with his, but I had a similar experience to the story he tells of the member of the public who asked a question at a North Yorks Police Authority meeting, was asked to leave, threatened with arrest, and promptly escorted from the building by Chief Superintendent Taylor. At a meeting of West Yorkshire Police Authority I asked a question. The panel refused to answer & the Chairman said “Next question Please”. I demanded that my question be answered first. Fortunately I have a loud voice, & despite a threat of violence I persisted. Burns-Williamson, Chairman of the Authority suspended the meeting & then abanonded it. So, at least I stopped them pumping out more garbage to the tame audience.

  7. There area lot of good, honest coppers on the streets, and there are many honest and hard working Councillors with a genuine interest in their constituents and seeing that public money is well spent. However there are, and always will be, that core of people who see election to public office as a gravy train. Then we have the unfortunate situation where many Chief Police Officers regard their area of authority as their private FIEFDOM, within the boundaries of which, they can do exactly as they please.
    Dace Hancock is right when he says, ‘ The usual problem is decent people being elected and not having a clue or begining to understand what they are doing or what their real role is. The most likely explanation for those ‘closing ranks’. The full time officials love them.’
    The members of the NYPA and the NYPA Management Team both Chaired by Cllr. Kenyon, stood by and watched, as the system was manipulated and the public purse raped.

  8. I read Richard Ineson’s comments with great interest. He raises a key question that “we have the unfortunate situation where many Chief Police Officers regard their area of authority as their private FIEFDOM, within the boundaries of which, they can do exactly as they please.” The fact is that in order to ensure that teh Police are divorced from political control by the Central Government, Chief Police Officers are paramount within their own geographical area and effectively immune from intervention by the central government. The mechanism for removing a Chief Officer of Police is firmly with the Police Authority.
    This system has worked well and prevented the politicism of the police. However, it is flawed when you have a situation such as the one prevailing in North Yorkshire where other than Assistant Chief Constable Spittal, every Chief Officer is corrupt and apparently involved in fraud and simply maintains his or her right to silence as a way of evading prosecution. Under these circumstanes it is the duty of the Police Authority to intervene and conduct a thorough investigation. However, although allegations of corruption supported by irrefutable evidence have been put to it and also made publicly in Parliament and teh Press, it simply refuses to comment, thereby evading its obligations and acquiescing to corruption.
    Nothing epitomises this better than Mr Jeremy Holderness (the Chief Executive) commenting that giving Chief Officers an unauditable slush fund allowance which was unaccountable was common practice. THIS IS A LIE, it isn’t, it is in fact unlawful and if any company Chief Executive tried to defend this in teh public sector he would lose his job and be the subject of public ridicule. However, becasue it is a Police Authority, fraudsters are protected and the investigation of serious crime committed by Chief Police Officers is prohibited. As Richard points out:

    “Cllr. Kenyon must accept most of the responsibility for these disgraceful episodes, as Chair of both of the controlling bodies, the NYPA and the NYPA Management Board, she has betrayed the trust of the people who elected her to office.

    But none of the members of either of these bodies are blameless, and none of them should be allowed to be considered for any position, in any capacity, connected with the North Yorkshire Police, or indeed public service of any kind, in the future.”

    Hence my opposition to the candidature of Councillor Carl Les for the post of Crime Commissioner.

  9. The Wakefield quange is the power behind the police,thereby having power over us.

  10. I think this is new rebranded outfit Tim.

    Their slogan is,


    That will be a first then eh.

    • One of their aims is to ‘promote/improve the perception of local government’.

      I wish them luck, they have much to do.

      • Hmmmm public “Perception”? Very interesting choice of words.

        Does this mean then that they don’t want to actually “Change” Local Govt but just the “Perception” of it? Sounds like “Common purpose” vocabulary to me :/

  11. The woman should resign and be done with it.

  12. Belvedere Computers Inc. Co.No. 999400 were summoned to appear in court to defend a complaint of Unlawful Detainer case no.248256.(non payment of rent)Plaintiff Christensen Properties Inc. the case was found in favour of the Plaintiff

  13. belvedere computers inc.was the subject of a complaint for unlawful detainer (non payment of rent) by christensen properties inc.heard at the superior court of california county of san mateo case no.248256.unlawful detainer deault judgment for rent,damages,attorneys fees and restitution of premises.judgement in favour of plaintiff. by alan w haverty judge of the superior court.

  14. Hello Dave your work is coming into fruition, I remember you confronting BM & JK at every opportunity and was amazed by the lack of interest on behalf of the authorities. I think I know now that they are all but one step THE authority.

  15. Detailed follow-up story later today, Friday 15th June 2012. If that does not suffice, there will be more next week – until it does.

  16. Are you taking requests? I have a ton of stuff on a wife-beating bent ex-copper with a serious drink problem and a history on the make…..

  17. BREAKING NEWS! I now hear that Councillor Jim PRESTON has just resigned. He is the guy who made headlines in 2008 for his laptop indiscretions.

    Cross him off the list, then.

    Onwards and upwards.

  18. Great new he has resigned. I hope he gets nicked as I do the others.

    It would be really interesting to hear about Stakesby Legs information on wife beating ex coppers.

    Lets out the scum.

    Out, Out, Out!!!

  19. Geraldine Mitchell

    I came across your articles in the Real Whitby magazine via a friends post on Facebook. I am not from Whitby but these well researched and written exposes of people in public office are inspiring.This scandalous defrauding of the public purse for personal gain is so commonplace now it has left me with a feeling of hopelessness…this flagrant denial of wrongdoing by MPs and local Councillors et al and the lack of any real consequences when they are caught is the only thing which does seem to be trickling down ( material wealth moves upward meanwhile),even when the misdeed is merely providing unappetising school meals the kneejerk reaction of closing down the critic seems to be the automatic reply of those responsible. That is perhaps a flippant analogy but it does seem to be part of the general ethos of unaccountability . Giles Chichester the MEP who was forced to resign as leader of the conservative group in the European Parliament after he was caught wrongfully claiming expenses of £445,000 springs to mind.Why is he still a Member at all? If he did not deliberately make false illegal claims he did at least demonstrate gross incompetence in understanding the expenses rules he was obliged to follow. If he had any integrity at all he would have resigned instead of saying “whoops a daisy” ….
    You have cheered me up there in Whitby and given me some hope that if these fraudsters are pinned in the spotlight with real facts , maybe the apathy we feel as we watch their remorseless self serving scams go unpunished will begin to lift and we prols ( sans mainstream media which is either screaming or silent but never producing this calibre of factual journalism ) will demand those shamed and named to resign in every case. I will be watching the shenanigans in Whitby unfold with great interest. Well done for maintaining your righteous balance when the gloop trickling downwards from those in power stinks of banal corruption.

    • @Geraldine: I thank you more than you can perhaps imagine. It can be lonely and intimidating dealing with the hostility of the paid public servants and the arrogance of the elected representatives. I will in due course be relating more stories of how low they can stoop – and how glibly they lie.

      When I read your critique of our efforts and recognise in it the same revulsion for a bureaucracy that has eaten not itself but its masters – the people – I know with great certainty that this battle can and will be won.

      There is a widespread fear of ‘authority’ in this country and in these times. But there is also a widespread fear WITHIN ‘authority’. The fear of being held to account.

    • Thanks Geraldine,
      They have got away with too much for too long, the whole system of local government in our area stinks, SBC, NYCC, NYPA,WTC, thay all have skeletons in the cupboard which are now rattling to be let out and we are going to oblige them.
      They have tried to suppress damaging, (to them) information, but unfortunately, many of the staff employed by these public bodies, agree with us, so, the stuff is just pouring out.Keep looking, and thank you for your support, once again.

  20. It comes down from the Prime minister, Portfolio holders to parish councils. One thing is common, peoples IDIOCY

  21. Message to the people of Whitby…get your video cameras out and go and demand some answers, go to their offices….

    Tell them you want answers now!

    They are public servants, you are the public so they serve you! Not the other way around!

    Best wishes

    Go get em!

  22. “Does the Law choose its enforcers or do the enforcers choose the Law?”
    (first posted 3rd May 2012)

    It would seem there is a conflict of interest for the local authorities Legal Teams (SBC, NYCC, NYPA & NYMN) and with ‘upholding the Law’.

    Come on Carl Les and Ruth Potter – do you really want the PCC’s job?

  23. I would hope that Carl Les, as a member of the thoroughly discredited and financially incompetent North Yorkshire Police Authority, would not have the brass faced cheek to put himself up for election as Police Commissioner.
    Can he possibly imagine that the public want more of the same financial irresponsibility and lack of honour and integrity, which the citizens of North Yorkshire have experienced at the hands of the NYPA and the NYPA Management Board?
    It is time for a change, we need someone with moral probity and personal strength to take on this role,make no mistake, it will not be easy task to change the philosophy of the management of an organisation who have patently been allowed to do as they please over many years.
    There will be much opposition to anyone hoping to reform the self willed and self seeking ways of the morally bankrupt management of this seedy outfit.
    At least Miss Kenyon has done the decent thing and stood down, ‘spun’ (as in spin doctor) though the reasons she has given for her public spirited actions would seem to be.

  24. the police use the code of silence!.by doing so undermining public is extreme bullying and inhumane cruelty to stop grandma B going home 4years ago!THE CONDUCT REQUIRES PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATIÖN.PERSECUTION CAMPAIGNS AGAINST VUNERABLE ADULTS ENDEMIC

  25. Jane Kenyon, as Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority, Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority Management Board, North Yorkshire County Councillor, Scarborough Borough Councillor, and Portfolio holder for Finance, Procurement and Legal (SBC) must be ware that everything that she does will always be under scrutiny.
    The conduct of anyone in her position should like Caesar’s wife, be above suspicion,
    “Meos tam suspicion quam crimine iudicio carere opertere” ,
    “My wife must be as free from suspicion of a crime as she is from the crime itself”.
    Her actions, at all times, should be informed by reflection upon how that conduct might be portrayed by The Press, or, in a court of law, and what inferences a jury might draw from that portrayal.
    Furthermore, the associates of public figures must also be persons of unblemished character and again, must not be even suspected of wrongdoing.
    There is an increasing acceptance of immoral and unethical conduct as being normal, but it is not normal and it is not acceptable, especially in anyone who is in office as a representative of the people.
    If the trust and confidence of the community is to be regained by the North Yorkshire Police Force, and maintained by the North Yorkshire County Council, and the Scarborough Borough Council and if the credibility of the Conservative Party is to be preserved, then, the correct course of action is for Miss Kenyon to resign from all of her public offices.
    Her failure to refute the various allegations which have been made about her, has inevitably turned public opinion against her, it is now time for her to make a decision as to her future, prevarication will serve neither her interests, nor those of the public bodies on which she serves, nor the people whom she represents.

  26. This is an absolute ‘SCANDAL’


    Tuesday 8th July 2012


    THE WAGONS have been drawn in a tight circle in North Yorkshire as the powers-that-be do their utmost to ignore awkward questions besetting prominent Conservative Jane Kenyon, who is chair of the North Yorkshire police authority, a member of both North Yorkshire county and Scarborough borough councils and chair of the Scarborough & Whitby Conservative Association.

    Earlier this year Real Whitby, a local news website, revealed that Cllr Kenyon and her partner Cllr Bill Miller are directors of Belvedere Computers Inc, a firm which was suspended in California in the 1980s for non-payment of substantial debts. Much more recently she was a director and company secretary of wood products company Dales Timber Limited (DTL), which went bust in 2009 owing £225,000 to local businesses and individuals. Cllr Miller was a director of the same company.

    Neither councillor declared their interest in their registers of interests – nor that DTL was a supplier to the county council, Ryedale district council and the North Yorkshire moors national park authority. When a complaint was made, including evidence in the form of Companies House documents registering her appointment as company secretary and bearing Cllr Kenyon’s signature, she claimed it had been forged. At first North Yorkshire council’s monitoring officer Carole Dunn said, bizarrely, that Kenyon was “unaware” she had been company secretary of DTL. But then Kenyon retrospectively added that fact to her NYCC register after all.

    Cllr Kenyon’s DTL directorship is currently “redacted” from her North Yorks register as “historical.., sensitive information”. But the same information is declared on the SBC register. The section of the North Yorkshire register concerning contracts with NYCC states “none known”.

    PS: It is to be hoped that Cllr Kenyon’s registers of interests really are now all complete and up to date. Since 1 July, under the new Localism Act, failure to keep a proper record has been a criminal offence, punishable by a £5,000 fine and disqualification from office for up to five years.

    Historical note:

    Cllr Kenyon’s father was Sir Bernard Kenyon, one-time clerk (chief executive) of the former West Riding county council. He made a number of appearances in the “Eye” in the 1970s for his part in the Poulson corruption scandal. In 1966 he became chairman of Open System Building and two other companies owned by the corrupt architect, only retiring from WRCC in 1968 after being exposed by the “Yorkshire Post” for, er, failing to declare such a blatant conflict of interest!

  28. Can somebody please confirm for me please that JK was in charge of finance at SBC on 11th June 2011? And also anyone got any theories about why a Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson church pew worth several hundred pounds was sold on eBay on that date for £25? SBC seems to be incapable of answering my questions, or even finding the questions, on this transaction and, of course, eBay cannot divulge the identity of the buyer.

    • Someone got a bargain

      Georgian Antiques, Edinburgh,
      Circa 1960, Mouseman carved solid oak lectern. The lectern with its simple panels and sloping lid with typical Mouseman finish, has an engraving on the front to whom it was presented. On the base is a small carved mouse.
      Price £9000

  29. Seems to be going nowhere all this! Not surprising really.

  30. Dynamite is called for, or a fresh approach.

  31. “Earlier this year Real Whitby, a local news website, revealed that Cllr Kenyon and her partner Cllr Bill Miller are directors of Belvedere Computers Inc, a firm which was suspended in California in the 1980s for non-payment of substantial debts. Much more recently she was a director and company secretary of wood products company Dales Timber Limited (DTL), which went bust in 2009 owing £225,000 to local businesses and individuals. Cllr Miller was a director of the same company.”

  32. “Earlier this year Real Whitby, a local news website, revealed that Cllr Kenyon and her partner Cllr Bill Miller are directors of Belvedere Computers Inc, a firm which was suspended in California in the 1980s for non-payment of substantial debts. Much more recently she was a director and company secretary of wood products company Dales Timber Limited (DTL), which went bust in 2009 owing £225,000 to local businesses and individuals. Cllr Miller was a director of the same company.”

    1 Who are the local businesses and individuals?
    2 Why don’t you list them all in here?
    3 Are they aware of what is being posted in these columns?

  33. Is it a fact that if a person passes themselves off as having executive authority of a private limited company when they do not have it, then that person loses all the protection that a private limited company offers and becomes personally liable?

    • Sorry Dave but I don’t quite understand the question. If somebody passes themselves off as an executive director (or non-executive for that matter) when they are not, then they never had the protection afforded by incorporation in the first place. So how can they lose it?

      One of the protections offered to limited status is that the individual directors are not responsible for the legally incurred debts of that company. If the company (which is of course a different legal entity from the individual directors) breaks company law then the Company Secretary is the officer held responsible in law. So if the board of directors agrees that the company should, let’s say, make an illegal investment or an ultra vires payment from its funds then in law, the Company Secretary is to blame for not stopping it. If an individual director, whether executive or non-executive, does a no-no without the approval of the board then they have no protection in law by claiming that they did it for the good of the company. They acted as an individual and not as a director, unless of course the board has a minute showing that it passed a resolution giving the individual director carte blanche. In practice of course Companies House will rarely refer an individual for prosecution unless such behaviour is regular or large amounts of money are involved. The same is true of barring people from holding directorships in the future. There are just too many of them.

      If this is a bit simplistic then I apologise but it is really a very complex subject and to get a thorough explanation you would need to pay an experienced companies lawyer (or a good accountant) rather a lot of money.

  34. Why dont you list all the companies as Dave suggested above and then bring them to this page for their comments.

    Kenyon is clearly corrupt and she should be arrested and imprisoned along with those aiding and abetting.

  35. There may be a possibility that some of the local businesses and individuals may have access to experienced companies lawyers or good accountants.

    • I’m sure that they do (or in some cases did). The point is that they didn’t need an explanation per se of company law. All they needed to know was ‘Can we get our money back?’ The answer is nearly always ‘no’. There is a good chance (and I don’t know the details any more than most other people do) that Dales Timber did not go against its own minutes and Articles of Association and did not act illegally. I think Nigel’s argument is that they sailed pretty close to the wind and acted immorally. Unfortunately, especially in business, acting immorally is not acting illegally. However, the electorate are entitled to be able to trust their elected representatives to act not only legally but morally. Were Ms. Kenyon and her partner not prominent local politicians they would have no case to answer to the man in the street, at least for their dealings in business, they could just be written off as fast buck shysters. However, they chose to enter politics as well as business. So they have an awful lot of questions to answer.

  36. Step by step you go far and many roads lead to Rome

  37. Many years ago I remember Ms. Kenyon pulling pull up and park her car on double yellow lines at the top of Flowergate, at the very narrowest bit.

    The parking warden on the other side of the road doffed his cap to her with a welcome and walked on. My friend and I were too incredulous to say, or do anything.

    Clearly above the law!

  38. “How can it be that the Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Director, and Agent for Service of Process, of a suspended California Corporation is able to hold positions of authority in British Public Life”? The Corporation Belvedere Computers Inc. No. C0999400 was suspended on the 2nd.August 1982. by order of the Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento CA.USA. As of April 26th.2013.,the corporation remained suspended. The corporation has not been dissolved. Having regard to the question asked in the first paragraph of this statement(Bearing in mind that the corporation has not been dissolved)”How has it been possible for the people involved in the corporation to have been involved in local and national public life without censure for 30 years.

  39. “Were members of the House of Lords involved in the
    Belvedere Computers Inc.episode in the USA”?

  40. The gloves are now off. hope your feeling lucky.

  41. “How can it be that the Secretary,Chief Financial Officer, and Agent for Service of Process, of a suspended California Corporation can act as Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement, and Legal at a Local Authrity, Scarborough Borough COUNCIL”?


    So at last the police are going to investigate the Dales timber company deals. Well don’t hold your breath the conspiracy goes a lot deeper than North Yorkshire police Councillor Kenyon (who’s nickname should be Teflon) because nothing sticks seems to have a very vast amount of I fluency over a lot of people.
    I can not believe that when a portfolio holder for finanace is involved in an investigation by the police councillor Tom Fox who alone appointed the portfolio holder to the post does not take any action such as suspending the holder pending the outcome of the investigation ,which would be the normal procedure (but maybe this would prove what a bad judge of character he dealt is) I would say to all the other councillors on SBC come on speak up , you don’t want to be tarred with the same brush as these people and the double dippers) yes it’s still going on, come on you good councillors get rid of or at least speak out against this cancer in your midst .
    I would expect the main protagonists to do the honourable thing and resign but that would assume they were honourable which I have my doubts.
    Go now and stop tainting the good councillors of who h there are many.

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