JACONELLI: Investigation extended to include the NHS

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JACONELLI: Investigation extended to include the NHS

JACONELLI: Investigation extended to include the NHS

  • Crime and Parliamentary affairs correspondent TIM HICKS reports on the latest amazing development in the Peter Jaconelli scandal and Commissioner Mulligan’s incredible response to it.


JACONELLI: Investigation extended to include the NHS

Following confirmation that the man who openly ran Britain’s most successful paedophile-ring for over fifty years – Alderman, County Councillor, Scarborough Councillor and Mayor Peter Jaconelli is to be stripped of the honours awarded to him.  I am writing to update our readers on the latest developments into Jaconelli and his associate Jimmy Savile, who offended together openly in Scarborough and Whitby with the full knowledge of North Yorkshire Police. They are quite incredible.


The NHS Rampton investigation.

Regular readers of Real Whitby will be aware that we first broke the news that as well as being closely associated with Broadmoor High Security Psychiatric Hospital, where he abused patients with impunity, Savile also had a close association with Rampton High Security Psychiatric Hospital.  Prior to the Real Whitby investigation, the official position of the hospital was that Savile visited patients there in the 1970s but it had not received any complaints about him.

It then transpired, as a result of the Real Whitby investigation, that Savile took patients from Rampton to Scarborough on at least two occasions, where they met Peter Jaconelli and another man who is alleged by Real Whitby to be a member of the Scarborough ring.

In response to concerns over this raised by Real Whitby, the hospital authorities then produced a thoroughly inadequate report in which none of the patients that were present were given the opportunity to give evidence on what in fact happened. The report, and my comments on it, are here:  http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/jimmy-savile-and-the-nhs

Rampton confirmed separately that Jimmy Savile had his notorious camper-van – which he routinely used to commit sexual offences – parked in the grounds of Rampton on a number of occasions and that he was visited there regularly each night by females. Rampton has asserted that no patients were involved solely on the basis that.  “We are confident that no patients visited the mobile home.” and Patients would not be allowed to leave the Hospital unescorted. This ignores the fact that Savile’s camper-van was parked within the grounds of the hospital with no requirement for escort, because patients were not leaving the grounds of the hospital. Savile was adept at ensuring the normal rules of conduct did not apply to him at Broadmoor and everywhere else, and the fear must be that he could have done the same at Rampton.  It remains unclear who these visitors to the camper-van were. We cannot confirm that any visitors were not under age – we do not have any evidence to suggest who they were or what age they were.” The possibility of sexual offences being committed at Rampton against persons who were not patients was completely excluded from the report and Nottinghamshire Police have not been notified of the investigation.

I now understand that following further enquiries from Real Whitby, the hospital authorities have now admitted that patients from Rampton visited holiday homes in Skegness, Lincolnshire, and that Savile was present, either visiting them or taking parties on trips there. It is not known if he took his camper-van to Skegness, or if this was why he had it parked at Rampton.

Savile acted as procurer for Jaconelli. He brought vulnerable patients – who I understand were on sedatives – from Rampton to meet Jaconelli and another member of the ring. They gave the patients money on the pretext of using them on slot-machines, then took them to Jaconelli’s ice-cream parlour, (where he was known to abuse boys) which had been cleared of all members of the public. Following the announcement by North Yorkshire Police, it must clearly be a cause of concern that Savile was transporting patients to Scarborough to be abused by Jaconelli – and then paid off – because this fits in perfectly with their modus operandi. They should certainly never have been allowed to gamble on slot-machines.

However, when I raised this with the investigation team at Rampton – incredibly – its response was:

“Nottinghamshire Healthcare is continuing to investigate the connections of Jimmy Savile to Rampton Hospital. Our report will be published alongside the other NHS investigations reports into Savile, expected to be in June.

The Trust is not investigating the behaviour of Peter Jaconelli or [name redacted by Real Whitby] so cannot comment on those allegations.  They are a matter for Operation Yewtree.  However, we would encourage any new witnesses in relation to Jimmy Savile and Rampton Hospital to contact Nottinghamshire Healthcare.”

Under these circumstances, the failure of the investigation at Rampton to consider the possibility of patients being abused by Savile’s associates and directing any witnesses concerning Peter Jaconelli to contact Operation Yewtree, was obviously completely unsatisfactory. It appears to be a pretext for the investigation team at Rampton to evade its duty to fully investigate the possibility of patients being abused at Scarborough.

Ms Kate Lampard directs Rampton to include Jaconelli in its NHS investigation

The leading barrister, Ms Kate Lampard, is providing general assurance to the Secretary of State for Health about the quality of the NHS investigations and their reports. Alarmed at the response of the Rampton authorities, Real Whitby contacted Ms Lampard, bringing her attention to this situation and asked her to direct the team investigating Savile’s activities at Rampton to:

1.   Extend its investigation to cover the possibility of abuse by Savile’s associates.

2.  To include the Scarborough and Skegness visits in its remit.

3.  To contact the patients that were on the visits to Scarborough and Skegness to obtain their evidence.

4.  To cooperate with North Yorkshire Police’s Operation Hibiscus.

5.  To notify Lincolnshire Police of Savile’s presence at Skegness, so it can examine its records to see if he committed any offences while he was there, both in terms of the patients and members of the public unconnected with Rampton.

Her response later that day was prompt and decisive:

“We are going to forward your email to the Rampton investigation team and ask them to ensure that they consider the matters raised. While they will not be able to deal with allegations about third parties, we will expect them to demonstrate that they have considered and investigated as far as possible any allegations relating to Savile, including where he may have acted in concert with others. We will also expect the investigation team to liaise with police forces as appropriate and to report any matters that might require further investigation by the police.

We will also forward your email to the Department of Health who have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that individual trusts undertake their investigations in a satisfactory manner.”

Ms Lampard also thanked me for my correspondence.

This means that the NHS investigation has now had to be extended to include Savile‘s associate Peter Jaconelli and another man in the ring.  Real Whitby will continue to monitor the Rampton investigation and will also cooperate with the NHS, Rampton, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire police investigations if asked.

A spokesperson for the Rampton Secure Psychiatric Hospital commented: We will not be releasing any more information until the publication of our report.”

The North Yorkshire Police investigation into Jaconelli and Savile

The response of North Yorkshire Police to the Savile allegations was a very effective cover-up.  Initially North Yorkshire Police denied that Savile had any connection to North Yorkshire, then Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross produced a report into the failure of North Yorkshire Police to arrest Savile, Jaconelli or the other members of the ring in which she ignored all evidence to the contrary to exonerate North Yorkshire Police from any responsibility for this failure. Examination of the Cross report here: http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/operation-yewtree-cross-report

Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick threatened to arrest me if I continued to comment and my emails to Police & Crime Commissioner Mulligan over the Jaconelli and Savile cases were simply ignored, although she had a duty to respond to them and to take action.


Following the BBC “Inside Out” documentary about Real Whitby, which revealed that Scarborough Mayor Peter Jaconelli was a paedophile who had been protected by North Yorkshire Police for years, Chief Constable Jones and Police & Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan were finally forced to admit that the allegations made by Real Whitby and numerous local witnesses were accurate. They referred North Yorkshire Police to the IPCC over its failure to arrest Jaconelli or to respond properly to complaints it received about him and about Savile. They also ordered the launch of an investigation into Savile, Jaconelli and others called OPERATION HIBISCUS, led by Detective Superintendent Steve Smith:  http://www.northyorkshire.police.uk/13377.

This perfectly vindicated the concerns raised by Real Whitby with North Yorkshire Police and Commissioner Mulligan, quashed the Cross report and thereby also vindicated our criticism of Assistant Chief Constable Sue Cross.

The latest shocking evidence to emerge

Real Whitby has recently made new witness evidence available which has confirmed irrefutably that Savile and Jaconelli offended together openly and that Savile acted as procurer of young people for Jaconelli in Whitby and Scarborough – specifically that such was the confidence of Savile and Jaconelli that they would be left alone by the police, that they routinely visited Whitby together, enticing youngsters from the burger bar in full view of Police Station into Savile’s pink Rolls Royce.  Savile’s fame, charm and the ‘roller’ were able to entice naïve youngsters into their clutches. They were then driven off to be abused. Multiple witnesses have alleged that some of their victims received money from Jaconelli for their services. This was open knowledge in Whitby and Scarborough. The Police could not have been unaware of it.


Savile particularly was a very cautious man. Yet it is difficult to imagine a more brazen or risky form of offending than regularly procuring youths to be abused, in a pink Rolls Royce from a burger bar in sight of a police station. The only realistic explanation for this uncharacteristically risky behaviour is that such was the influence and wealth that Jaconelli wielded in Scarborough and the surrounding area at the time, that they were confident of being able to offend openly, because Jaconelli had Scarborough and Whitby Police in his pocket.

This has perfectly confirmed the allegations we have been making for the last eighteen months that Jimmy Savile operated in a paedophile-ring in Scarborough and Whitby, with Peter Jaconelli and others and that North Yorkshire Police was responsible for the four most important failures to arrest Savile and the others:

  1.  The failure to arrest Jaconelli, from 1947/51 to 1999 which would surely have led the police to Savile. Arresting Savile may also have led them to Sir Cyril Smith, but we will now never know.
  1.  The failure to investigate complaints received by the police about Savile in Scarborough from at least the 1970’s until his death in 2011, which would have led to his arrest and prevented decades of offending.
  1.  The failure to arrest Savile as a result of the allegation North Yorkshire Police now admits it received in about 2003 or even earlier and it has been alleged were investigated during the 2003 investigation into Rutter and White when two witnesses were questioned about Savile, Jaconelli and another man.
  1. The failure to pass on the intelligence to Surrey Police in 2007 that North Yorkshire Police now admits it had in at least 2003 which ensured the failure of the Surrey investigation.

Attack the whistleblower:  The public response of Police & Crime Commissioner Mulligan to the Jaconelli and Savile investigation

Part of the Police & Crime Commissioner’s duties is ensuring the Police deliver an efficient and effective service and holding the Chief Constable to account. The revelations made by Real Whitby have assisted her in this part of her duties by revealing misconduct that she has a duty to report to the IPCC.  Having had to concede that Real Whitby was correct and referred North Yorkshire Police to the IPCC and having had a considerable amount of evidence passed to Operation Hibiscus by Real Whitby, you would have thought that Police & Crime Commissioner Mulligan might have wanted to express her appreciation for the assistance she has had from Real Whitby.

However, on the 24th of April, Commissioner Mulligan attended a ‘Question Time’ open forum at the Royal Hotel, Scarborough, and when the question was put to her by my colleague Nigel Ward having been thanked by an Officer of Operation Hibiscus, I wonder if you would be kind enough now, in public, to thank Real Whitby for the contribution that they have made to the SAVILE/JACONELLI enquiry? In response, Commissioner Mulligan described some of the correspondence she had received from Real Whitby as “disgraceful”.

Commissioner Mulligan is a senior Conservative politician. She is aware that there is an ongoing IPCC investigation into corruption in North Yorkshire Police in connection with Mayor, Alderman, Councillor Peter Jaconelli (Conservative).  She is also aware that there is another ongoing investigation, OPERATION HIBISCUS, into allegations of sexual offences against Mayor, Alderman, Councillor Peter Jaconelli (Conservative), who was unquestionably the most influential Conservative politician in Scarborough since the Second World War. Yet she has publicly described witnesses that came forward with evidence for the Police and who have assisted the Police investigation into her former colleague Conservative Mayor Peter Jaconelli as “disgraceful”.  Full report here.

In her remarks, she denied that Nigel Ward was the author of these “disgraceful” emails from Real Whitby. As I am the only other person from Real Whitby that has emailed her, she has effectively and publicly identified me as a person who sends offensive emails. I deny this allegation and have invited Commissioner Mulligan to confirm what emails she is complaining about and what her complaint is, but as yet have had no response. Should she respond, I will of course publish her views, or she can publish a comment on the Real Whitby website or on her own.

Commissioner Mulligan is aware that North Yorkshire Police are currently threatening to arrest me at the request of her predecessor Councillor Jane Kenyon-Miller (Conservative) over the Belvedere Computers Inc and double dipping scandals, and another case involving allegations of Police corruption. I deny the allegations and understand that both cases are currently being considered by the CPS. Both cases have been consistently subject to political interference by Chief Police Officers and by Councillor Kenyon-Miller.

Quite apart from the fact that Commissioner Mulligan has been asked to indicate what she is complaining about in my emails and has not done so, her comments are a very serious abuse of her position as Commissioner.

Commissioner Mulligan has:

  1.  Made allegations against me publicly at an official meeting in her capacity as Police & Crime Commissioner which she is apparently unable to substantiate and to which I have had no right of reply or notice thereof.
  1. Deliberately misrepresented to the public emails she received from me as “disgraceful”. Given that she now concedes that the emails were accurate, sent in the public interest and had assisted her to perform her duties as Crime Commissioner this was obviously a lie.
  1. Publicly criticised people who have come forward to give Police pertinent information in an ongoing corruption investigation (for which Nigel Ward has been thanked by Detective Superintendent Smith), as “disgraceful”, thereby making it more difficult for the Police, NHS, IPCC and HMIC to obtain witness evidence and thus damaging the investigations.
  1. Failed to issue any statement of thanks to Real Whitby, even though the assistance the Police had received from Real Whitby (referred to in the question) concerning her deceased colleague Peter Jaconelli has now been shown to be accurate and that Real Whitby has helped the Commissioner to execute her duties by revealing misconduct. Incredibly, she said not one word of condemnation of Peter Jaconelli, Jimmy Savile or the failure of North Yorkshire Police to arrest him at all, she reserved all of her criticism for Real Whitby. Some of this criticism was directed at me personally, I although I stand completely vindicated and in fact assisted the investigation in getting to the truth of these allegations.
  1. Commented on ongoing investigations being conducted by the IPCC, Staffordshire and North Yorkshire Police. This is particularly reprehensible, given that when the file on me was forwarded to the CPS on behalf of Councillor Kenyon-Miller, North Yorkshire Police wrote to me warning me formally that: “ …any public or publicised comment in respect of matters which are or may be relevant to the material investigation and any criminal proceedings which may ensure in the light of the aforementioned CPS consideration may compromise the integrity of such consideration or potential proceedings and therefore…..it would be inadvisable for you or any third party to make or publicise comments which relate to or which could be interpreted as relevant to the matters currently under consideration” – a direction that Commissioner Mulligan knowingly has disregarded.
  1. Falsely alleged that I have sent her “disgraceful” emails which could be seen to publicly support allegations (known by her to be currently under consideration by the CPS) made by a Police Officer from her Force and Councillor Kenyon-Miller, her Conservative predecessor as Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority. It could appear that Commissioner Mulligan chose to allege publicly that I sent her “disgraceful” emails, supporting the false allegations made against me by Councillor Kenyon-Miller by establishing a continuing course of conduct and could be “interpreted as relevant to the matters currently under consideration” by the CPS, as cited above.
  1. Most despicably of all, when offered the opportunity of issuing a statement of regret for the misery and suffering this caused to generations of Scarborough and Whitby children by the inexcusable failure of North Yorkshire Police to arrest Peter Jaconelli, Jimmy Savile and the other members of the Scarborough ring, she has failed to do so.

Compare the prompt, responsible and scrupulously courteous response of Ms Kate Lampard QC, to the response I have received from North Yorkshire Police & Commissioner Mulligan.

This illustrates, I believe, a wider malaise in North Yorkshire Police. If one reports misconduct or corruption, no matter how well-founded or well- intentioned one’s allegations are, the culture of the organisation is such that, at the very least, one’s assistance will be resented and one may even become the subject of reprisals. Commissioner Mulligan’s response, criticising me publicly for exposing the mishandling of the Jaconelli scandal, is a typical example of this. So are the threats to arrest me by Detective Superintendent Pearson and Deputy Chief Constable Madgwick.  http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/onslaught. Commissioner Mulligan’s duty is to facilitate the exposure of Police corruption and oppose this prevailing attitude in her Force.  By her conduct at the Royal Hotel, she has publicly embraced and endorsed it.

Despite the ongoing hostility that we have experienced from North Yorkshire Police & Commissioner Mulligan, Real Whitby will rise above this, put the public interest first, and continue to co-operate fully and effectively with the OPERATION HIBISCUS investigation.

Coming Next.

Belvedere Computers Inc.  The full saga.


About the Author:

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.


  1. Wendy McMillan May 3, 2014 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    How this rather lumpen excuse for a professional woman ever got this rather important. Position is beyond me. It would seem that political persuasion plays a big part in the selection process given that her predecessor and many other people holding positions of trust in Scarborough and local councils like Whitby are conservative and show the typical persona of one, recently described by Sue Jones on Facebook. Basically a total lack of moral responsibility with borderline personality disorders.
    It’s quite clear that North Yorkshire Police do not take themselves seriously as a police force, the culture being that of a private club for senior staff and the bare minimum of actual policing. Any proper police force would have welcomed the evidence supplied by Real Whitby with open arms.
    They must have become so used to corruption that they are utterly inured to it and are, rightly, afraid of being caught out. What they need is new blood enthusiasm, someone with a sense of purpose but instead chose Ms Mulligan who obviously has just fitted in with the desultory way they handle things, even, I read, on one occasion at least to the point of her borrowing the only pool car and forgetting that officers would need it at 7 the following morning!!!!! How embarrassing it must have been when they had to hire a car to go out on patrol.
    No, I fear the people of Scarborough and it’s environs are served by a sluggish, at best police force. I’m sure there are many good policemen who work there, they must be very frustrated.
    Real Whitby have done a lot of investigating into the kind of thing that no decent person wants to have to know about. They have done it for the common good and I applaud them all.
    NYP & SBC you’d both be much better off if you got rid of your conservative staff. Their default corruption seems to taken root and needs to be dug out if you want to emerge from this with a scrap of credibility.
    Behaving like grown ups would do for a start.

  2. John Willis May 4, 2014 at 9:53 am - Reply

    I have read just about all of the posts and correspondence relating to these Savile/Jaconelli/ North Yorks Police/Whitby& Scarborough Council allegations and revelations and it is just breathtaking and criminal if all of this is true though it seems so.
    Without the opportunity to have spoken, corresponded or seen “the other side” of this from such as Ms Mulligan and NYP it would be unfair to make further assertions of cronyism, criminally ineffective policing policing, (party) politically motivated interference by the police commissioner into the laudable work that Real Whitby seems to be doing but it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the investigations undertaken by Real Whitby and it’s collaborators is many times more effective, transparent and correctly motivated than the police force and council put together.
    It’s difficult to improve upon an earlier comment by Wendy McMillan and difficult to avoid the conclusion that Ms Mulligan should stand down immediately as being not fit for purpose.
    I look forward to future developments and public comments from both Real Whitby,the local council and the police commissioner if she remains in the job.
    The only thing I can see that is disgraceful about this criminal saga is the actions and comments of the appointed and elected persons and authorities who are supposed to protect the public. I think they will know who they are.

  3. GERALD. May 4, 2014 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Mostly from Wikipedia, extra in brackets, >>>
    The first elections for police and crime commissioners were held on 15 November 2012, and the new commissioners took office on 22 November 2012. They replace the existing police authority framework. The next elections will take place in May 2016 and every four years after that

    Members of the House of Commons are not barred from standing but, if they win, they must resign before they can take up a PCC appointment.

    ( Of interest that any M.P. would give up their seat to be a Crime Commissioner, is the money so much better ? ….. As J.Mulligan once stood in North West Leeds as a candidate, her performance regarding Savile and Jaconelli may be of interest to the electors in that constituency. Gather she has no futher ambition to stand there again.)

    Anyone who is disqualified under certain provisions of the House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975 .

    On 16 August 2012 the Home Office announced that every newly elected police and crime commissioner would be required to swear an “oath of impartiality” before taking office. The oath reads
    I do solemnly and sincerely promise that I will serve all the people of Police Force Area in the office of police and crime commissioner without fear or favour.
    I will act with integrity and diligence in my role and, to the best of my ability, will execute the duties of my office to ensure that the police are able to cut crime and protect the public.
    I will give a voice to the public, especially victims of crime and work with other services to ensure the safety of the community and effective criminal justice.
    I will take all steps within my power to ensure transparency of my decisions, so that I may be properly held to account by the public.
    I will not seek to influence or prevent any lawful and reasonable investigation or arrest, nor encourage any police action save that which is lawful and justified within the bounds of this office.

    ( Hopefully it won’t turn out that the vast majority of the Jaconelli victims haven’t grown up to be anti conservative voters. Did Jaconelli pray on children/youths from none conservative voter family backgrounds ? What was the social background of the abused victims ? It would be beyond logic and reason to think Jaconelli and his friends were using paedophilia as a weapon in class warfare, maybe the metaphysicians would have a viewpoint. )

    The Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice, Nick Herbert said:
    Police and crime commissioners will be important public servants and it is right that they make a formal public commitment to the communities they will serve.
    Although police and crime commissioners may stand for a political party, the public will expect them to represent all the people in their area impartially, without fear or favour.
    The swearing of an oath will be an important symbol of this impartiality, emphasising both the significance of this new role in local communities and that commissioners are there to serve the people, not a political party or any one section of their electorate.
    An oath will also underline the particular importance of even-handedness in an office which holds to account the local chief constable and police force who themselves are bound to serve impartially.

    (Of course the real question, is what happen to a Crime Commisioner who breaks such an oath ? … By what means could one be removed ? Who, in North Yorkshire constitutes the Police and Crime Panel ?
    Considering Yew Tree and ongoing investigations in a number of counties, how much money and effort has been embodied into J. Mulligans police and crime plan to cover the rooting out of paedophilia ? Past and present ? )

    The written form of the oath which is signed by all PCCs on taking office is not headed “Oath of Impartiality” but “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”

    The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 established police and crime panels within each force area in England and Wales (excluding Greater London). These panels consist of at least one representative from each local authority in that area, and at least two independent members co-opted by the panel.
    Panels are responsible for scrutinising commissioners’ decisions and ensuring this information is available to the public.
    They must review the commissioner’s draft police and crime plan and draft annual report before publication, and the commissioner must give their comments due consideration.
    A Police and Crime Panel may require the attendance of the commissioner or a member of his or her staff at any time, and may suspend a commissioner from office where he or she is charged with a serious criminal offence.

  4. Fishermans friend May 10, 2014 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    After reading the above comments.,a list of Jaconelli previous employees will have a more significant connection to the staff of North Yorkshire Police,as the old saying goes keep your friends close and your eniemies even closer “

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