JACONELLI dénouement: Open Letter to SBC Leader Cllr Tom FOX

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JACONELLI dénouement: Open Letter to SBC Leader Cllr Tom FOX

JACONELLI dénouement: Open Letter to SBC Leader Cllr Tom FOX

  • an Open Letter, by NIGEL WARD, to the Leader of Scarborough Borough Council – on whose watch the Council attempted to silence Real Whitby, and to marginalise and ignore the allegations made by multiple victims of serial paedophile Mayor and Alderman Peter JACONELLI.



Councillor Tom FOX – Leader – Scarborough Borough Council



I note, with a measure of approval, that you have now determined a course of action on the matter of the inappropriate appearance on the Borough’s roll of honour of the name of the late Peter JACONELLI, former Conservative Councillor, Alderman and Mayor of Scarborough.

It is well over a year now since I first addressed you on this subject, on 18th February 2013 – and half a dozen times thereafter – to no avail:

“What is the intention of the Leader in respect of the many serious allegations, every bit as horrific as those against Jimmy SAVILE, against former Councillor and Mayor Peter JACONELLI, in respect of his status as Alderman of the Borough? Is there a process in train for the Council to adopt the same approach as in the SAVILE case?” 

Never an acknowledgment. Never a response.

Would you now please offer the public an explanation, with appropriate apologies, as to why you have ignored my many attempts to alert you to the need to issue a statement throughout this past year? As an elected member, you stand accountable to the electors of this Borough, amongst whom I am one. An elector may ask a question. Your failure to respond constitutes a dereliction of your duty as an elected and paid public servant, compounded by the further discourtesy of failing even to acknowledge my public interest question. It is also a clear indication of the Council’s determination to cover up the allegations against Peter JACONELLI.

I have noted, too, the rather ungracious terms of your Motion to divest Peter JACONELLI of his civic honours, seconded by Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.], to be set before Full Council on Monday 12th May 2014.

The absence of any token acknowledgment to the citizen-journalists of Real Whitby (thanked already by Operation Yewtree, Operation Hibiscus and the Police & Crime Commissioner Mrs Julia MULLIGAN [Con.]) for the work that they have done to expose Peter JACONELLI – now totally vindicated by the BBC, the Chief Constable and the NHS – reflects no credit on you or your Council. On the contrary; it demonstrates the vital importance of a free press, holding paid public servants to account.

Almost a million people have seen, on the “Inside Out” documentary (broadcast on BBC North East & Cumbria and BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire), that the scurrilous attempts made by the Council – on your watch – to silence me and my fellow contributors to Real Whitby, and to close down the Real Whitby web-site, were nothing other than a bullying and cowardly last-gasp effort to prevent the inevitable exposure of those whose silence over many years amounts to nothing less than active complicity in Peter JACONELLI’s crimes.

Almost a million people have seen SBC caught by the BBC in an outright lie in denying its attempt to “terminate” Real Whitby.

The electors of this Borough may see these futile attempts to discredit Real Whitby for what they really are; a shabby and desperate bid to conceal negligence – perhaps complicity.

I note that the Council has responded to a request for information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 with the following information:

The Motion to dignify Peter JACONELLI with the title of Alderman was Proposed by former Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Councillor Mavis DON O.B.E. [Lab.]. It was Seconded by your predecessor, former-Leader of SBC Councillor Eileen BOSOMWORTH [Con.]. (Both Aldermen themselves).

Apparently, the Council’s records do not include any information as to what background checks, if any, were performed by the Council preparatory to the vote. One might have expected that a letter to the commanding Officer at Scarborough Police Station would remain on file – if such a letter was sent – as would any response received by the Council. Did the Council perform due diligence by making enquiries of Chief Inspector Tom FOX?

And it remains unclear which of today’s Councillors were present for that vote – or how they voted.

It is a matter of conspicuous public interest to know which presently-serving Councillors supported Peter JACONELLI’s elevation to the status of Alderman, given such widely-held awareness of his depravity, from as long ago as the late nineteen-fifties.

There will be elections in 2015, and electors are entitled to a high degree of transparency, in order that they may make an informed decision regarding the moral fortitude of candidates for re-election, before casting their votes. Could you please ask each of your Councillors, respectively, to make an open declaration on this point, stating their Party allegiance on 9th October 1996? Thank you.

The closing paragraphs of your Motion:

“This Council publicly praises the courage of those who have come forward after such a long time to report such serious crime.
Following on from ‘giving victims a voice’ we recognise and continue to have empathy with all victims, whoever the offender, whatever the situation including empathy and support for those who have yet to come forward.”

are hollow and sanctimonious.

The Council praised no victims for more than a year after then-Councillor Geoff EVANS ‘blew the whistle’.

The Council offered no support, counselling or solace of any kind to any of the victims.

In the aftermath of the Jimmy SAVILE scandal, both the Council and the North Yorkshire Police seemed to resent the prospect of the inevitably adverse publicity attendant upon the exposure of Peter JACONELLI.

The Council even provided incorrect contact details to the Police.

In the light of the Council’s determined disregard for the many victims who have come forward through Real Whitby, phrases such as “giving victims a voice” and “empathy with all victims” are, in my view, nothing more than self-enhancing and hypocritical platitudes (replete with poor grammar), affected solely to rehabilitate the Council’s (and your own) terminally contaminated reputation. They are perceived as insults by those who have suffered a terrible burden of misplaced shame, guilt and self-mortification over the criminal actions of a man whom the Council has elevated to the pinnacle of civic honour.

The Council has extended no apology to the victims for the deplorable breach of public trust inherent in Peter JACONELLI’s criminal actions. Neither has Scarborough Police extended an apology for its inexcusable dereliction of duty in failing to arrest Peter JACONELLI, Jimmy SAVILE or the other members of the Scarborough ring identified by Real Whitby.

Being mindful of this, and having failed generations of Scarborough youth over sixty years, your Council will, I trust, now be more forthcoming with a response to my next question:

  • “Will the Council now set in place a procedure automatically to suspend from office any Alderman, Mayor or Councillor whose conduct merits investigation by the Police into credible allegations of criminal wrongdoing of a sexual nature?”

I look forward to publishing the Council’s response – negative or affirmative – together with a transparent rationale for its decision.

In the public interest. Within the coming seven days.




Background information

A library of all of the articles published by Real Whitby on the Savile/Jaconelli paedophile-ring that operated in Scarborough is listed below:

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  1. John Willis May 11, 2014 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    I read this with further interest and am dissapointed again that elected and paid officers in public service fail to act in the public interest…and when exposed by those prepared to tell the truth act with the minimum of transparency and the maximum amount of self serving praise of their own niggardly ( & enforced ) actions.

    Poor at least, complicit most likely and criminal in e(a?)ffect.

  2. janice dewdney May 11, 2014 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you for making a difference by creating positive posts to get the people to wake up and unite to get to the bottom of all the corruption that is before our eyes..

  3. JT May 11, 2014 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    Well done Nigel but I think that if you expect an acknowledgement from Mr Fox you might as well save your breath for blowing your porridge.

    You may well describe his comments as hollow and sanctimonious but that could also describe Tom Fox himself. One could maybe add arrogant and pompous if you knew him.

    The thing he cannot do is apologise or say he was wrong. If he did that then it may be remembered that he used to be Acting Chief Inspector Fox the gauleiter of Scarborough Police Division whilst much of the later activity was going on. So to admit anything, even a weakness, would be the same as saying ‘I was not a very good Copper’. However, I am sure his day will come. His Weaponness ward is very Conservative but eventually the voters there will ask questions. And they will expect answers not stone walling.

  4. peter gallagher May 11, 2014 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    Itseems they*re under the impression the longer they stall it will all go away.what a dissapointment they are.i’m in agreement with john Willis…..

  5. Barrie Lynes May 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    I can’t believe these people are still in office!
    What the hell is wrong with people?
    Suspend ALL members of sbc and launch a full INDEPENDENT enquiry. A cover up is not only a disgrace and total violation of respect and duty owed to those innocent children but it is also a clear sign that some people are afraid of the truth coming out and clearly have something to hide.

  6. Zen May 11, 2014 at 5:22 pm - Reply


    Great to see their shabby ‘democracy’ and ‘rule of law’
    withering away in the face of Truth.

    Truth is,
    we can never rely upon government –
    MPs, councillors, or council officers –
    because lies, deceit, cover-ups,
    and perverting the course of justice,
    come naturally to them.

    Plymouth has exactly the same kind of challenge,
    in that Alan Harris, a duty solicitor,
    has been blackmailing his clients into sex
    for at least 20 years,
    and police not only know he is doing it
    ( they arrested him in a public toilet with a 15 year old boy ),
    they hand a steady stream of boys and young men on a plate,
    and they rig the local Magistrates Court
    to convict anyone who seeks to reveal The Truth.

    The system is nasty and evil,
    which is why
    the Jimmy Saviles, the Cyril Smiths, and the Jaconellis of this world
    almost always get away with it.

    Many people believe
    that the system creates honey-traps with children,
    and photographs are taken of rising stars
    in sexually-compromising positions with children,
    so that these people are controllable for life.

    This would explain
    the extraordinary lengths the system goes to,
    to protect certain people until safely dead,
    and why certain other types of people frequently end up dead.

    Wherever one looks,
    there is an atmosphere of fear –
    the favourite energy of the system –
    so to deal with this situation,
    we have to FACE THE FEAR,
    and bring taboo subjects out into the open.

    This is our challenge.

    🙂 Zen 11 MAY 2014

  7. Glenn Kilpatrick May 11, 2014 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    Ive said before and Ill repeat again, this man should stand down, his position is untenable.

  8. Brian Dodds May 11, 2014 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    If some of the tales I,ve heard and read about are true, then Tom Fox was no better as a senior police officer than he is as leader of SBC. The habit of lies, deceit, cover up and corruption is a hard one to break, it is easy to believe he merely transferred his dubious abilities from one post to another when he stood for election. That these people at Real Whitby have, for quite some time, been exposing these unacceptable qualities among our elected members to be greeted by a blank wall of silence is no surprise. The stock in trade of politicians at all levels in this country appears to be the same, lie, when you get caught out plead ignorance, say nothing, use bullying tactics to silence the people, in the meantime, carry on feathering your own nest until you get voted out. The whole system is rife with self serving, corrupt individuals who are happily riding the gravy train for as long as possible, knowing that when the end of the line is reached there will be no repercussions, that needs to change. Great job Nigel, eloquently written and backed by a mass of evidence, it should be impossible to disregard it, well done mate.

  9. Tom May 11, 2014 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    Three times I have asked the so called chief executive of SBC to ask if SBC has been abolished as a publicly elected democratic body. NO ANSWER!
    So electors and councillors mean nothing. If it was an elected body it would have to answer by law but since it is not it is not obliged to

  10. Timeonmyhands May 11, 2014 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    It is clear to me that without the work of Real Whitby and the BBC Inside out programme the vote by SBC on the 12/5/14 would not have come about. I was one of the Inside Out contributors and have waited 45 years for Jaconelli to be outed for what he was, no thanks I believe to the SBC.

    I made a complaint to Scarborough Police all those years ago and nothing was done about it. Although I was believed by the interviewing officer I am pleased to say that the NYPolice officers I have dealt with on this occasion have treated me with courtesy and professionalism and progressed the case to the point we are at now. Updating me on their progress.

    In contrast I have only received one, three line email from the leader of SBC in February 2013 all other info including the councils comments about Jaconelli victims have come via the Real Whitby website.

    I am pleased at the outcome and grateful to Real Whitby for what they have achieved in this matter, although there are still a lot of unanswered questions

    As for SBC it seems the electorate of which I am not one will have to decide what they think of their actions or lack of them at the next local elections.

    • Tim Hicks May 12, 2014 at 3:43 pm - Reply

      Dear Timeonmyhands,

      Thank you for your kind remarks. I would like to support Niggel’s remarks below.

      I greatly admire you for coming forward and I am glad that the detectives at Operation Hibiscus are behaving professionally towards you and the other victims. I feel very sorry for all of the victims, but particularly Councillor Geoff Evans, who is a good man of courage and integrity.

      I hope you feel better now that some of the truth has come out. It makes all the threats and intimidation we have suffered from SBC and NYP worthwhile.

      However we have still not got to the bottom of:

      1. The other members of the paedophile vice ring that operated in Scarborough around Jaconelli and Savile.

      2. The police officers and Council officials that allowed them to ofend with impunity.

      There is still a lot more to come out.

      Best regards,


  11. Nigel May 11, 2014 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    @ Timeonmyhands:

    I thank you for your kind words. Whatever part my colleagues and I have played in bringing the matter to this present juncture stands as nothing compared to the courage shown by you and the other victims/witnesses who, having been failed by the system throughout their adult lives, have placed their trust in Real Whitby.

    Individually, it was never difficult for the authorities to ‘contain’ the allegations (‘Divide & Conquer’). Collectively, it has been a different matter. What has made that possible is the internet – blogs and social media.

    To this day, not all of the victims/witnesses can bring themselves to do as you have done and trust the Council or the North Yorkshire Police. With them in mind, we will continue to press for a totally independent investigation – not by NYP, or even their close ‘cousins’ at the IPCC, but by another Force, geographically well removed from the Yorkshire sphere of influence.

    But we will also continue to expose those who knew all along what SAVILE and JACONELLI were(and others, who we will not hesitate to name) but breached the public trust by deterring complainants, ‘disappearing’ evidence and statements, or even (as we have been hearing) organised ‘pay-offs’.

    Monday 12th May 2014 will mark a great milestone in the lives of the many victims, but it will not mark the end of the matter. SAVILE, JACONELLI (and several others) are dead now; they will not be facing a jury. I hope that their protectors will.

  12. Gerald. May 12, 2014 at 1:49 am - Reply

    People should raise their awareness that there are two developed lines of ideology in the King James Bible, one of the God characterisation, and one of the Satan/devil character, which itself is said to have been created by the god character.
    The concept of the DNA strand, Double Helix (Spiral) fully intertwined, is far older than most people think.
    The intertwining of the male and female, the basis of the breeding economy of the species, similar to the ribbons on a Maypole, as the boys and girls dance in opposing directions, resulting in a bonding of the ribbons into a pattern down the pole.
    But at the same time, unsimilar, as both Spirals or the DNA strand run in the same direction.
    The Greeks who compiled the Old Testament, made from revisionist versions of old Aramaic writings, borrowed or stolen, along with large additions in Greek or Hebrew, neither of which were languages in their own right, but both being dialects of the Phoenician language, were fully aware of what they were doing in favour of religious imperialism.
    An aid to the indoctrination of the populace, mainly via the children, as a means of overriding any impulse to rebellion, the very basis in the present time of what is reffered to as ”the apathy”. .

    According to many of the religious, even the political ones, the Satan character is dominant till the god character decides to remove it, the ‘human’ species has ”fallen’, full of sins.

    And religion is one of the most pervading forms of ‘conservatism’ irrespective of party politics, it overrides party divides to the extent it can unite them into one party, the ideological base has been taught for many centuries.
    And in some religious groups/sects the individual human cannot be punished, ostracised, brought before the courts, as they were not responsible for their actions, a greater power, god or Satan, was in control of them.
    John 8:44 … King James Version
    43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.
    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

    Priests defrocked and praying, yet none have been placed into courts, let alone prisons, interesting how the archbishop (below) insisted that the convention only applied in the Vatican state, which itself has only around 800 citizens.
    Surely not all 800 of the Vatican citizens have been defrocked. So where are all the rest of them ?
    Can any of the electors, in any country accept this ?
    Or should the demand to the Vatican, direct or through local churches, be that ALL offenders be handed over to the civil authorities to be charged and taken into the courts, so that full publicity be given to all cases.
    Does it make such a difference, whether a person pray’s wearing a frock or not ?

    Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s U.N. ambassador in Geneva, revealed the figures during a second day of questionning by a U.N. committee monitoring implementation of the U.N. treaty against torture.
    Tomasi insisted the convention applied only inside the tiny Vatican City state.
    Vatican reveals it has disciplined nearly 3,500 priests since 2004 for raping and molesting children and 848 of them have been defrocked
    Further 2,572 given lesser sanctions – such as ‘penance and prayer’



    Father of Lies is a 1998 novel by Brian Evenson. This psychological thriller describes moral corruption in a conservative religious sect

  13. robyne m foster May 12, 2014 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Having followed progress with sincere interest, this letter simply reveals the extent to which Councillor Tom Fox has been complicit in all attempts for this subject to be resolved justly and with dignity, it appears as if he would rather things be forgotten, hidden under the proverbial political carpet. This ‘incompetency’ leaves us the public, including the abused parties, with only two questions really, “Who?” and “Why?” Tom Fox is either under duress from other influential parties, in which case whom? Or he is in some way more involved than he would like revealed, because any genuine character with compassion in their makeup would be busily resolving this with due haste and care, that he is not requires him to be removed as Councillor, because his level of incompetence clearly expresses an inability to represent the welfare of the people who voted him in, he must be relieved of his tenure.

  14. JT May 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    We must remember that whilst this is frustrating, it is only frustrating because certain unethical people are deliberately trying to make it so.

    Not much has changed. My first meeting with Mr Fox was when he was an Acting Chief Inspector and I was a humble parish councillor. At a later meeting, after I had resigned in disgust, I asked him why a neighbour of mine, who had tried to stab another neighbour, had never even been questioned about the incident (nor had the witnesses), let alone charged, despite there being plenty of witnesses. A certain Brian Simpson (then SBC cabinet member for community safety, lol,) said that that was not what the meeting with NYP was about but he had totally forgotten the meeting a year later. Della Canning, the then Chief Constable, immediately said that Acting Chief Inspector Fox would send me a written report/explanation. 10 years later I am still waiting and Ms. Canning has apparently been flushed away in the shower. Just as Mr Fox should be.

    So, Brian Dodds, Tom, et al. All we can do is keep complaining.

    Anybody who has been on the inside of local politics knows that the majority of people on RW are quite correct. The guilty will never be brought before a court of law and will never have to answer the questions we are asking. They will continue to just say that we are whingers with no proof, and should be ignored. But one day I believe these people will be found guilty, in the court of public opinion, of stealing the democratic process and using it for their own selfish ends.

  15. Inga May 16, 2014 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    Thank you again, Nigel. Beautiful job..

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