Those little stories that make your Day. This is a story Ive heard on my daily walk this morning. Its meant in good humour, its not posted to upset anyone. Its a true story told to me by I guy who moved here about 40 years ago. The fact hes stayed here that long illustrates how much he loves the town. If youve had a sense of humour byepass, your uptight, you don’t like swearing, or your just that way out, read no further. I have changed names etc to respect the source.

Whitby How To Become A Local

Whitby How To Become A Local – photography by

How To Become A Whitby Local !!

A Guy moves to Whitby from Derbyshire in the 70’s. His name for sake of the story – Arnold. He Gets on with the locals, works alongside them, he drinks in the locals bars etc. The locals really like Arnold and he fits right in. Arnold is friendly and makes many great friendships around town.

One day he asks his Whitby Born And Bred mate (Darren) – “When will I be considered a local ??”

Darren replies – “When you’ve lived here 25 years you can be called a local”.

On the 25th Anniversary of his arrival in Whitby, Arold calls round Darrens with a bottle of Scotch to celebrate becoming a local. Darren questions why hes turned up on this particular day with a bottle in his hand.

Arnold reminds him of his statement some 25 years prior with regards to becoming a local, to which Darren replies – “You know I fucking lied ?? youll never be local !!! but come in and we can drink the Whisky anyway !!!”