“NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”: PCC Slams NYP Complaints Procedures

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“NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”: PCC Slams NYP Complaints Procedures

“NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”: PCC Mulligan Slams NYP Complaints Procedures

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD, reporting on an exchange with North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner Julia MULLIGAN (Con.) at the Royal Hotel in Scarborough on Thursday 24th April 2014.



“NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”: PCC Slams NYP Professional Standards (Complaints Procedures)

It was with great expectations that I attended Julia MULLIGAN’s ‘Question Time’ session at a meeting of the Scarborough Urban Area Forum last week. It was six months to the day since I last found an opportunity to engage with her – and even a week is a long time in politics.


Following a warm introduction by the Chair, Malcolm SHORT, Julia launched into a cheerful recital of crime statistics, anti-social behaviour, recruitment, new technologies, funding opportunities and eastern-European shop-lifting gangs. But she clearly knew quite well, as did we all, that such was not the fare that her audience had come to savour.

Not a natural public speaker, Julia’s composure was clearly ruffled by what she surely knew would be a fraught hour of damage limitation, with some highly public North Yorkshire Police (NYP) embarrassments uncomfortably fresh in the public perception; the MAXWELL/BRIGGS Personal Development Fund scandal; the controversial new Police Headquarters; the Chief Constable’s referral of NYP’s SAVILE/JACONELLI failures to the IPCC – to name just three.

She was not expecting a jolly time.

Julia has a mild speech impediment – a stutter – which bears an unfortunate resemblance to the classic sound of a Geiger-counter, accelerating and waxing more insistent by its closing proximity to any one of NYP’s more toxic issues. And there are many. But paedophilia is clearly the most toxic of all.

When my opportunity to raise a question arrived, I was moved to give her some respite following a measured and well-presented question from a lady of professional bearing regarding complaints against a headmaster whose particular foibles we were never allowed to hear (swiftly swept aside), and a gruelling nightmare of allegations against Scarborough Police and associates, past and present, by a gentleman who had apparently been beaten quite literally within an inch of his life, only to be arrested and further abused whilst in custody (also swept aside with no substantive response). I will return in due course to these two cases.

But first, allow me to pick out from Julia’s remarks this veritable rose amongst thorns:

  • “I completely agree with you about the Police complaints system; it is not fit for purpose.”

Consider for a moment the gravity of that remark: Not fit for purpose. Julia was referring to the Professional Standards Directorate of the North Yorkshire Police – the department dealing with complaints regarding Police misconduct. “Not fit for purpose”, declared Julia. And she should know.

I wonder, in passing, how much this vital organ of policing within a democracy is leeching from the public purse each year? Though even that telling question ignores the real cost – to the victims; the injustices, the frustration, the loss of faith in the very service most relied upon for integrity, fairness and support. But we have it straight from the horse’s mouth: the NYP complaints procedure is “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”.

JULIA_unfit_for_purpose copy

In fact, the NYP-PSD has no reason to exist. Worse; it is counter-productive. It is nothing more than a cover-up apparatus.

It was this simple truth that informed my thoughts as I rose to speak – impromptu, as always; from the hip and from the heart:

Nigel: “Good evening, Julia. I am aware – very much so – that I need to tread on egg-shells this evening and I will attempt not to break any. My name is Nigel. I am with the Real Whitby Magazine. I am an investigative-journalist, on an amateur basis.

I know that I cannot talk about operational matters. But I think that I would like to mention to you that, earlier in the week, I spent some time with Officers from Operation Hibiscus, which, as you know, is dealing with allegations against Jimmy SAVILE, Peter JACONELLI and some other names that I prefer not to mention.

Following that meeting, I had a very nice email from the Police – thanking me for the co-operation that I had given, and promising me that they would up-date me on the developments of that.

I feel now that the time has come for us to have a rapprochement between Real Whitby and the North Yorkshire Police. Our history has contained a certain degree of unpleasantness, and I would like to put that behind us.

So, having been thanked by an Officer of Operation Hibiscus, I wonder if you would be kind enough now, in public, to thank Real Whitby for the contribution that they have made to the SAVILE/JACONELLI enquiry?”

Momentarily, Julia seemed at a loss. But a tiny smattering of applause gave her some ‘cover’ as she launched into her halting response:

Julia: “I . . .er . . . and yes. Thank you very much. Erm . . . however, that doesn’t excuse some of the erm . . . really, erm . . . erm . . . disgraceful emails that we’ve been subjected to over a long period of time. I’m quite happy to put . . . erm . . . to move forward, erm . . . and, and, and all the rest of it. I think we have to acknowledge . . . perhaps, erm . . . that behaviour hasn’t been . . . it, it, it . . . it’s a two-way street, this.”

Other than that rather grudging “Thank you very much”, I have no idea what she meant – though I assume she must have meant something.

But let us go on.

Nigel: “Well, may I just say that you never received an email from me other than in the most respectful terms?”

Julia: “I’m not going to go into the details, but some of those emails, some of them are quite disgraceful.”

Nigel: “Not from me.”

Julia: “Not from you, no.”

Nigel: “Well, please make that clear to the audience. I am a gentleman, a man of honour and I would like to expect…”

Julia (interrupting): “Not from you. But from . . . from . . . from . . . associates.”

Nigel: “I don’t know who you mean.”

Julia: “Right, well I’m not going to choose any names…”

Nigel (continuing): “But nevertheless, I appreciate your vocalisation of your gratitude to Real Whitby. I thank you for that, and I look forward to the next time I email you – I might even get a reply. That would be very nice. I thank you, Julia.”

And that was more or less it. Julia spoke briefly about Chief Constable Dave JONES’ referral to the IPCC of NYP’s various abortive investigations of the SAVILE/JACONELLI allegations – apropos of which she informed us that they presently continue to await the decision of the IPCC.

Julia: “Erm, we are very keen that they do an independent investigation. Erm, we . . we are slightly concerned that they may not deem it serious enough and actually pass it back to the North Yorkshire Police . . . we are hopeful that they will do an independent investigation. Given that we are giving them a whole load of extra funding, I think it’s the least we can expect from them, really, but anyway . . .”

Let us pause for thought.

The North Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Julia MULLIGAN, is “slightly concerned” that the investigation into the repeated systemic failures of North Yorkshire Police in its various abortive investigations into paedophilia allegations against Jimmy SAVILE, Peter JACONELLI and ‘associates’ over five decades will not be deemed “serious enough” for an independent investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (or some external Force), but that the IPCC may “actually pass it back to the North Yorkshire Police”where, she has just told us, the Professional Standards Directorate is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

What? Let the incompetent (or worse) investigate themselves? Has the world gone mad?

Some of us are more than “slightly concerned”. Some of us are outraged.

Detective Superintendent Steve SMITH, the Officer in charge of Operation Hibiscus, has asked me to appeal to victims/witnesses known to Real Whitby who have thus far preferred not to present their evidence to NYP to reconsider; I have done so. I hope they will respond – but I can appreciate their reticence, and it will come as no surprise should they choose to await the outcome of the IPCC deliberations. They cannot be faulted for mistrusting the people that Julia describes as “not fit for purpose”.

Of no less concern to me are the allegations that NYP Officers have effectively covered up attempts made by some of the victims/witnesses to pursue charges against several high-profile Scarborough ‘celebrities’ in the past. (I know of a prominent SBC Councillor whose identity is presently the subject of allegations of sexual abuse – and that Councillor’s identity is presently protected by a court order).

Elsewhere in the country, Police are presently examining whether there is evidence of a criminal cover-up over claims of sexual abuse by the late Sir Cyril SMITH MP and associates, also allegedly covered up by individuals at Rochdale Council. Victims/witnesses featured in the BBC “Inside Out” documentary on 10th February 2014 have also made allegations that complaints regarding Scarborough’s former Mayor, Peter JACONELLI, were covered up by Scarborough Borough Council.

Some of the victims/witnesses take the view that to cover up allegations of sexual abuse is to condone sexual abuse.

More than that, it is tantamount to aiding and abetting serial perpetrators – perhaps perverting the course of justice. Little wonder that many victims/witnesses have no faith in a system that they , like Julia MULLIGAN, regard as most definitely not fit for purpose.

And, in my view, relying upon the NYP Professional Standards Directorate (NYPSD)  is especially ludicrous when one recalls that retired NYP Officers frequently join NYP-PSD as a second career. Others move on to the IPCC.

This goes beyond the risk that they may be called upon to investigate former colleagues; it runs the even  greater and far more untenable risk that NYP-PSD personnel may actually be investigating acts or omissions in which they themselves personally played a part.

Is that the route to truth, to accountability and to justice?

Now there is a question for Julia MULLIGAN.

But it would be unfair to close this report on a negative note.

In fact, some rather positive points were established during the course of the meeting:

  1. Julia MULLIGAN has thanked Real Whitby for its contribution to Operation Hibiscus;
  2. Julia MULLIGAN has deemed the Professional Standards Directorate of NYP “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”;
  3. Julia MULLIGAN has not deemed the Police & Crime Commissioners “NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE”.

Didn’t she do well?

When Chair Malcolm SHORT closed the meeting, he very kindly permitted me a few closing words, which I reproduce here:

“I think the common thread coming from many of the people whom we have heard speak tonight about their concerns has been this: there is an underlying feeling that it is almost impossible to raise a complaint against any of the authorities because they close ranks in such a determined way that the man-in-the street, unless he is extraordinarily articulate and extraordinarily persistent, is in fact going to be stone-walled and palmed off.

What I would like Julia to take away with her tonight is the idea that there are members of the public who can articulate themselves and will help other members of the public to raise their problems.

These problems need to solved – not brushed under the carpet. Let’s try and work together.”

. . . for which I was roundly applauded. I am glad of that, because I really could not have been any more reasonable.


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About the Author:

Website Admin for the Real Whitby Website. All authors of the Real Whitby Website have access to publish on the website. Individual authors will usually sign off their articles with their own names.


  1. Brian Dodds April 28, 2014 at 12:07 pm - Reply

    First let me say, good job Nigel, although considering the time and effort that yourself and the other guys at Real Whitby have put in to this investigation, I think I would have been a little more forceful. Please don,t take that as a criticism, I just think you erred on the side of compassion, and in my humble opinion Julia Mulligan is not deserving of it, she has failed miserably to uphold the roll and responsibility of her office. That she has at last made a statement to the detriment of part of the NYP is a major step forward, whether this continues to develop is another matter, bu we can live in hope. Again, I say well done Nigel, there,s nothing like a good public session to bring out the best or worst of any public official, in that respect I think madam Mulligan did not make a very good impression on the audience.

  2. Zen April 28, 2014 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    Devon & Cornwall Police are just s corrupt,
    perverting the course of justice,
    rigging local Magistrates Courts,
    and covering up sex-blackmail
    by a Plymouth duty solicitor, Alan Harris,
    and planning corruption
    by the former Caradon District Council.

    This sums up police in my experience:-


    A JPG image for
    is available at:-

    is the one unifying factor
    in thousands of individual experiences of police,
    and simply by displaying this campaign slogan,
    it is a standing reproach
    fir the appalling standard of police.

    And it is a slogan
    than no reasonable person can disagree with,
    as it attacks no-one,
    merely states The Truth!

    I hope it will become a UK National Campaign,
    because if the slogan
    enters the National Consciousness,
    and is accepted by government,
    lies by police
    will no longer be in anyway acceptable.

    As we know,
    lies by police now,
    are part of ‘The Game’ –
    to be expected,
    because we are trained by experience
    to expect nothing better.

    Police see it as a Cat & Mouse game.

    We must see that this game ends,
    if our country is to move forward,
    because police lies cause enormous grief,
    which ripples throughout society,
    profiting a select few.

    (R)evolution –
    is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind.

    Zen 🙂

  3. Steve April 28, 2014 at 1:52 pm - Reply

    Hi, Nigel,

    I thought it was you talking, but was not sure; maybe we could have a chat next time over a sticky bun with a cup of Yorkshire’s finest tea?

    Julia mentioned that the problem stemmed right back to Government were she stated that “ I have been lobbying at a National level to change police complaints procedures as it’s stacked in the favour of the police” Julia is working with the Home Office to put into place important changes to the IPCC to take affect before the next general election.

    I heard three conversations where Julia appeared to not want a lady and a gentleman to speak, the first one a gentleman who spoke to Julia before the meeting started, Julia said to him words to the effect of “I will not be answering that”. I was under the illusion that this was an open honest and transparent meeting?

    I still feel that, since the first meeting that I attended, Julia was more comfortable and relaxed – more honest – than when she was sat next to Chief Constable Dave Jones.

    I heard a lady at the back had an uncontrollable outburst yet I could not see or hear any of it due to all the people around me talking about her, is it possible that someone who heard or saw this let me know what it was about?

    The police certainly seem to be in the thick of things; Julia’s words “I do really take these issues seriously. I am not at all complacent about them, and I do recognize that you have a lot of legitimate and claiming concerns here.”

    Julia talked about services available to victims of crime that money was available, the way I see it: “If the police do not see a crime or take note of such crime, then what use is that to the victim?”

    New police officers starting in April. 1,401 instead of the 1,270 that they were heading to, plus another 20 officers Chief Constable Dave Jones is trying to free up to get them on the street. Mobile devices being given to officers to free up their paper work time.

    Tweeting was allowed live, that’s another good move forward.

    As for crime figures that Julia spoke about.

    Sex abuse allegations on the increase, yet the police track record with the biggest sex abuse allegations: “They appear to the general public to do nothing? Or want to try their best to cover it up? “Is this another Hillsborough”?

    Julia said she has to buy in and commission services, after a gentleman said he had been beaten nearly to death. He said “if I had have been a prisoner of war, I would have been covered by the Genevieve Convention”.

    I was like other people – under an illusion that Julia Mulligan the Police Commissioner for North Yorkshire had some powers over the Police. Julia’s words when asked were “I have no remit over any Officer’s behaviour under statute law legally”. Julia did at one stage ask a gentleman if he wanted to put a complaint in regarding the Chief Constable. By this time I am sure the public thought “What’s the point, they investigate themselves”

    Grahame Maxwell and Adam Briggs will be asked to return the cash to North Yorkshire Police following a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) review.

    Still great work and effort as Brian as previously mentioned.

  4. Glenn Kilpatrick April 28, 2014 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    Nigel, in the coming months will you be liasing with Julia about the emails she mentioned ?? I would like to know which contributor has sent unpleasant emails to the police and exactly what has been said as we may need to take appropriate action at this end. I know its not me as I don’t even know who she is or what she does. However we don’t want any connection between Real Whitby and unpleasant communications, we need to be professional and courteous in all correspondence and once we find out who and what she is talking about we must issue an apology on behalf of the site. I trust this will be followed up and all emails / correspondence and of course Julia’s replies published to the site along with our apology if required ??

    • Tim Hicks April 28, 2014 at 6:16 pm - Reply

      Hi Glenn,

      In December 2013, the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel Complaints Sub-Committee recommended that Commissioner Mulligan should make an apology to me over the way she has treated me.

      She didn’t of course.


    • Tim Hicks April 29, 2014 at 9:02 am - Reply

      Open Letter to Police and Crime Commissioner Mulligan

      Dear Police and Crime Commissioner Mulligan,

      I write concerning your recent public comments reported by my colleague Nigel Ward: http://www.real-whitby.co.uk/fit-purpose-pcc-mulligan-slams-nyp-complaints-procedures

      Given that other than Nigel Ward, I am the only contributor to Real Whitby that has had any substantial correspondence with Police and Crime Commissioner Mulligan, it is clear that your reference to “disgraceful emails that we’ve been subjected to over a long period of time” and “some of those emails, some of them are quite disgraceful” is obviously a public reference to the emails raising issues that I wish to have addressed in the public interest sent to you by me. Many of which have been confirmed as accurate.

      You have never responded to any of my correspondence or denied any of the allegations and have already been reprimanded once by the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel Complaints Sub-Committee over your response to my correspondence. Your Police and Crime Panel Complaints Sub-Committee also recommended that you issue an apology for your conduct. Predictably, you have ignored its recommendation and have now used a public platform to make offensive remarks about me.

      Quite apart from the fact that you are unwilling to specify exactly what it is you allege is disgraceful about my e mails, although you have had ample opportunity to do so, your remarks discourage people from making complaints by raising the spectre of being publicly vilified by the Police and Crime Commissioner, if they do so. This is contrary to your duty as Police and Crime Commissioner, particularly as you are aware that there is an IPCC investigation ongoing into the allegations I have raised about Savile and Jaconelli.

      Real Whitby is willing to consider any comment or complaint you may wish to raise concerning correspondence you have received from any of its contributors. However, I would ask that if you are unwilling to respond to my correspondence and state openly what it is you object to, that you observe the normal conventions of someone in public office and cease abusing your position as Police and Crime Commissioner, to use your office as a platform to make offensive public comments that you are unable and unwilling to substantiate.

      Yours sincerely,

      Timothy Hicks

      • Steve April 29, 2014 at 10:56 am - Reply

        Thank you very much Tim for the reply to my question below.

    • Steve April 29, 2014 at 11:27 am - Reply

      Hi Glenn,

      We have met but never spoke or had a conversation, I once bumped into you in Whitby near the bridge, I presume you were out taking photographs for the website.
      I attended this meeting, the conversation regarding these so called emails was a very strange one, Julia had mentioned these emails several times to the whole meeting. Nigel tried his best to clarify this with Julia, I had the impression which was very clear to all the people at the meeting that Julia did not want to make any of this clear to anyone. She certainly never even asked Nigel to get in touch with her afterwards to sort this out. I was left with the feeling that the emails that Julia was talking about were going to be used against Real Whitby or Nigel. As most people know if these people are ever wrong or mistakes are made, the general public are expected to apologize, yet receiving apologies from the police and other establishments appear very rare or non-existent. We all make mistakes none of us are perfect; life is a learning curve. I have a very strong feeling that the Police and the Council do not really want to work with the public or Real Whitby. It seems everything has to be whitewashed for as long as it can be. These allegations of corruption, fraud and wrong doing I have been reading on Real Whitby, a long time before it ever surfaced via regular media channels, then I read articles or see them on the news that Tom Fox the head of Scarborough Council as engaged with North Yorkshire Police regarding the matter. No mention of Real Whitby’s campaign for honesty being the reason behind this.

      This took place long after the Real Whitby articles first started, as shown here (compare the dates):
      Date 28th February 2014 one year and a month after!

      (Date at the bottom of the article before the comments)January 18th 2013.

      • Glenn Kilpatrick April 30, 2014 at 11:58 pm - Reply

        To me this looks like the same tactic utilised by Scarborough Borough Councils Lisa Dixon when she accused us of a whole host of wrong doings before writing to our web hosts and requesting this website be terminated. On that occasion my solicitor advised I persue a damages claim against the council. Part of me wishes I had done. The silence shown by SBC when Inside Out asked them about these claims spoke volumes to me. They made it all up to rubbish us. Thank god for people like Inside out and Private Eye who are willing to take a look at these stories.

        Now it would appear to Me That Julia is employing the same tactic. Accuse us of being rude, aggressive or whatever it is she is suggesting. But as usual these people can never come up with any evidence. I challenge Julia to publish these emails here so we can all see who has said what and in what tone, and if any of us has behaved in any manner other than courteous and polite then we will sincerely apologise on site in front of all our readers. I know its not me as Ive never even heard of her before and I know I never contact the police unless its about a crime or something like that. Ill wager she cant come up with anything, no rude emails etc, because she has made it up.

        • Nigel May 1, 2014 at 7:57 am - Reply

          Experience tells me, Glenn, that Julia will not meet your challenge.

          Her smear attempt is without substance. She has named no-one – thus avoiding a slander action.

          But since Real Whitby has only three major political contributors and one of them has never emailed Julia or published anything about her – and since I forced her to concede that she was not referring to me – she has effectively identified the party whom she has publicly accused

          I imagine she is satisfied that she is safe to do so, sitting in her ivory tower with the entire North Yorkshire Police establishment forming a moat around her. But she has overlooked one very important element.

          The court of public opinion.

          As an elected and paid public servant, she is accountable to the public.

          She is accountable to you.

          She is accountable to me.

        • Tim Hicks May 1, 2014 at 10:41 am - Reply

          Hi Glenn,

          I couldn’t agree more. As Nigel points out, it is obvious that Commissioner Mulligan is referring to e mails received by me. I have given her the opportunity of responding with my open letter, but I predict that she will not, because like SBC, her allegations are without foundation.

          Indeed, by referring North Yorkshire Police to the IPCC, she has herself confirmed that the allegations we have been making about failures in North Yorkshire Police allowing Savile and Jaconelli to offend with impunity are entirely accurate.

          Best regards,


          • Glenn Kilpatrick May 2, 2014 at 12:02 pm - Reply

            It may be correct that b avoiding naming one of us she can avoid slander action. Im no legal expert but when I spoke to my solicitor about Lisa Dixon he said she had not named anyone, but had named Real Whitby which is a business registered to myself and thus I could be in a position to take action in regards to that. I’m sure you will both remember the discussions we had around that time.

  5. Steve April 29, 2014 at 7:01 am - Reply

    Hi Tim,

    Could you please give me some details about the reason that North Yorkshire Police Commissioner Julia Mulligan was advised to make an apology to you, would you also make it clear if the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel have wrote a letter to Julia regarding this or was she present at the time of the Sub-Committee? Did you receive a letter Tim phone call or was you present at that meeting? I do not know how these meetings are held.

  6. GERALD. April 29, 2014 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    An immoral attempt at a ‘moral’ argument, deceit, deviousness, in-sin-uation, ergo no argument, a way of avoiding discussion before it begins.
    Associates, plural, how many ? But not a one of the associates has a name.
    Common practice in internal party political meetings, most chair’s know the proceedure.
    Feudalism, on a battleground either side will attempt to gain the most favourable ground/position from which to fight.
    ”Disgraceful over a long period” (we’ve’, who is we?? ) can constitute harrasment, but Julia has made no complaint to the police, at least none that could hold any water.
    Nothing more than propaganda.
    The transcript of Julia’s words, dont shown any stutter, just consistent deviation.
    Julia: “I . . .er . . . and yes. Thank you very much. Erm . . . however, that doesn’t excuse some of the erm . . . really, erm . . . erm . . . disgraceful emails that we’ve been subjected to over a long period of time. I’m quite happy to put . . . erm . . . to move forward, erm . . . and, and, and all the rest of it. I think we have to acknowledge . . . perhaps, erm . . . that behaviour hasn’t been . . . it, it, it . . . it’s a two-way street, this.”
    Julia: “I’m not going to go into the details, but some of those emails, some of them are quite disgraceful.”

    Julia (interrupting): “Not from you. But from . . . from . . . from . . . associates.”

    Julia: “Right, well I’m not going to choose any names…”

  7. Barrie Lynes May 1, 2014 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Why oh why is this complete waste of space still in a job. Police and crime commissioner??? What a joke! Cover up cover up cover up.
    No substance to anything she says.

  8. Nigel May 5, 2014 at 8:09 am - Reply


    A week is a very long time indeed in North Yorkshire politics:


    MPs bid to weed out crime tsar office ‘cronies’.


    Now what can you tell me about the new NYP Headquarters, ladies and gentlemen?

  9. Glenn Kilpatrick May 29, 2014 at 12:24 pm - Reply

    Hi Nigel, I was recently discussing your meeting with Julia whilst having a meal with a close friend of mine. I explained what had happened when you met Julia.

    My friend said, “Playing devils advocate, do you think the Police Commissionaires would have more important things to do than answer our questions. Things such as rising crime, child crime, rising child drug use etc should be what she is focusing on”

    My personal feelings were, perhaps she does, perhaps she doesn’t have more important things to be doing, but if that is the case then her answer should have been to clearly state that rather than trying to criticise one of us for emails we havent actually sent. At least if she said “Bugger off, Ive more important issues to be dealing with”, we would know the score and open dialogue on that or choose to acknowledge her situation, apologise and let her get on with her job.

    Secondly to that, I also said if she is soo busy with these other pressing issues then why bother meeting with the public at all. Surely if you hold a meeting, invite the public and encourage interaction with the public then your not in a position to say you havent the time to deal with the public’s issues, whatever they may be.

    Whats your thoughts Nigel ??

    • Nigel May 29, 2014 at 3:25 pm - Reply

      @ Glenn:

      You might have pointed out to your friend that Julia only invited me to meet with her following my Formal Complaint against her to the Police & Crime Panel. Our self-trumpeted “voice of the people” ignored eleven emails from me, over a 16 month period (hardly excessive correspondence) and had studiously failed to fulfill an assurance given three times in public that she would meet with me to discuss my issues privately (i.e. not in a public forum).

      The issues I had raised were far from trivial and much more particular than the issues your friend cited.

      There are only two major strands to the PCC’s remit: appointing a Chief Constable (which took rather a long time – though she did have the good sense to pass over Temporary CC Tim MADGWICK), and to set the North Yorkshire Police budget. This latter has become a murky issue, since it is overshadowed by the decision to construct a new Police HQ at South Kilvington (to replace the present HQ at Newby Wiske Hall – just to the south of Northallerton).

      It is important, too, to remember that Julia was something of a late entry in the PCC election race – the Conservative candidate was expected to be former Chair of the North Yorkshire Police Authority Councillor Jane KENYON-MILLER (as she now styles herself, following he marriage to Councillor T.W. ‘Bill’ MILLER), who dropped out unexpectedly when the Belvedere Computers Inc embarrassment was unleashed here on Real Whitby.

      In fact, Julia was elected with only around 7% of a mandate. I would say that so far it has been a chastening experience. I am far from convinced that she will cope well with the coming challenges and I will be surprised if she stands again.

      Like almost all elected representatives, she is very much ‘Officer-led’. For that reason, I see no point in expecting too much of her. I think it unlikely that her previous life-experience has prepared her for dealing with the common man (and they don’t come much commoner than me).

  10. Selene October 24, 2015 at 7:20 am - Reply

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  11. steve edwards April 11, 2018 at 10:11 am - Reply

    The NYP PSD is still not fit for purpose. I have complained about corruption and non-disclosure of evidence to the PSD. The first investigator assigned to look into my complaint soon chose to ignore me so I complained about him. The second investigator assigned to look at both complaints has obviously done a ‘shut up and go away’ job. It’s taken nearly 1.5 years to get here from my original complaint. They just want you to go away.

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