My Favourite Place In Whitby

The first in a series of Favourite places was written for Real Whitby by Dave Agnew who some of you will know as the Owner of The Humble Pie and Mash Shop on Church Street.

Whitby is blessed with more than its fair share of iconic beauty spots, nestled between the moors and the imposing cliffs we are literally spoilt for choice of hundreds of little spots to take photos, have a picnic or a romantic walk, I want to share one of mine which I think is a bit different to the normal ones.

Whitby Slipway Langbourne Road Looking Towards Whitehall Landings

Whitby Slipway Langbourne Road Looking Towards Whitehall Landings

If you drive down langbourne road past the coop you enter the marina area,  next to the slip way is a small patch of grass with the tenders for the local yachts berthed upside down, waiting for their owners to flip them over and paddle to their own private floating island. For me this spot is where I come.

Sitting atop one of these little boats your presented with the place where the river and the sea meet, at low tide you can see the stepping stones, once well used in the past at low tide to cross the harbour, if its been raining hard this becomes a maelstrom of violent water brought down from the valleys in the Esk to spill and churn over the stones totally fascinating to watch. If the tides in, there’s no evidence of what lurks beneath the dark harbour water.

whitby yacht club

Looking straight across you can see the mud flats and tidal estuary of calla beck, the only such estuary for miles. It is alive with life, Swans , mudskippers and such like. At high tide it resembles an archipelago of mossy islands ready to be explored by the swallows and amazons.

Look to your right and follow the course of the river, each side dense with Amazonian like greenery. Puffs of smoke come from people’s pot-bellied stoves who like me, see the beauty in this spot and have gone on to live off grid as it were.

Framing this meandering green valley is the huge New bridge, from this angle it is impossible not to admire the engineering and over bearing size, reflect for a moment on the man power needed to create such a thing, some may say it is ugly, all grey concrete and rebar, I see the perfect picture frame for the lush mouth of the river.

I see a stamp of humanity bigger and better than the stepping stones but yet still serves the same purpose.

Walk down on to the pontoons and admire people’s dreams of nautical adventure, some left to rot, unfinished projects, yet all have a story to tell. If its autumn raspberry’s and blackberry’s cascade down the stone walls, almost within reach,  bring some wellys and you too can make some of the finest homemade wine Whitby’s bounty can offer, for no one walks these pontoons without thinking about boats not homemade wine or a delicious snacks to share with your kids while they splodge in the mud.

Whitby Favourite Places

Whitby Favourite Places

Or you can continue walking and come upon the old railway lines, where will it take you indeed. Over the viaduct and pause to look down at the spot you just left, shiver at the height as you lean over, spot the old gas tank pits at the gas works.

On the opposite bank can you find the remains of the old pump house and cottage?
But sometimes I don’t want to walk, I will drive my car, get a bag of chips and park at the top of the slip way, cocooned in my warm car as I eat my chips and watch the place where the river and sea meet.
whitby viaduct

6 Responses to "My Favourite Place In Whitby"

  1. Dave a  March 2, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Thanks, Glen great photos to compliment it. got my second one in mind. cheers.

    • Glenn Kilpatrick  March 3, 2014 at 8:50 pm

      Nice one Dave. You have inspired me to write some as well now.

  2. Simon Scott  March 2, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    No-one comes to Whitby and leaves without at least one perfect spot. Locals and visitors alike are spoiled on a daily basis. Great memories.

  3. Frank Chalmers  March 3, 2014 at 7:23 am

    Lovely article.

    Keep up all the good work guys.

  4. graham lanna  March 3, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    I could just visualise that Glen I’m a biker who visit’s on Thursday’s and Sunday’s me and my wife stayed in the cottage opposite the fleece for a week end of October last yr .Unfortunately the cottage was caught up in the floods so 6 month’s drying out, the place was gutted . before that we always stayed at the resolution, often had good bands on Whitby has definitely got under our skin love it

  5. mike mccourt  March 4, 2014 at 9:02 am

    Great artical Dave and sure we all have our favouite spot.. Mine was a path that only locals knew about leading from the back of Mr chips up to the Donkey path where some parts were pretty bad and I am sure we crossed what seemed like a waterfall as a nipper lol. Thats gone and now is a public footpath. But at least I guess more people get to have a bag of chips, Scraps and Gravey on the seat looking out to the spectaculay views of our home town.


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