Letter To Arguments Yard By Whitby’s Ian Dixon

I have lived in Whitby all my life, Whitby born and bred and seen how the town has gone downhill over the years.
since I lost my last permanent job with Europower I have been in and out of work due to no proper jobs in the town any-more.

Whitby has lost loads of jobs over the years, Europower , S and B, COOP Dairy, Burberry’s. what has replaced these jobs low paid seasonal, part time hour jobs with no prospects.

our nice little town has now become a tourist trap and absolute tip.yesterday the town was piled up with rubbish, dirty and packed with people. But what benefit to our town ?

lets start discussing what the future of Whitby is going to be for people who live here full time.
I live on Fishburn Park, every-time a house comes up it ends being a holiday home, locals pushed out again and unable to afford a home in their home town.

lets discuss Whitby’s future for locals.

Balance gone to far to Tourism !

Ian Dixon (Lifelong Whitby Resident).