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Are We Favouring Tourist’s Over Locals

Letter To Arguments Yard By Whitby’s Ian Dixon

I have lived in Whitby all my life, Whitby born and bred and seen how the town has gone downhill over the years.
since I lost my last permanent job with Europower I have been in and out of work due to no proper jobs in the town any-more.

Whitby has lost loads of jobs over the years, Europower , S and B, COOP Dairy, Burberry’s. what has replaced these jobs low paid seasonal, part time hour jobs with no prospects.

our nice little town has now become a tourist trap and absolute tip.yesterday the town was piled up with rubbish, dirty and packed with people. But what benefit to our town ?

lets start discussing what the future of Whitby is going to be for people who live here full time.
I live on Fishburn Park, every-time a house comes up it ends being a holiday home, locals pushed out again and unable to afford a home in their home town.

lets discuss Whitby’s future for locals.

Balance gone to far to Tourism !

Ian Dixon (Lifelong Whitby Resident).

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  1. Joanne McCudden – Maybe the question should be “how do we attract employers and other industries to the town?”. I guess it would most likely mean something farming, brewing or fishing related. The new hotel by the business park is a good start to show some infrastructure.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been coming to Whitby for many years and love the town and never take it for granted. Finally we did indeed buy a small flat in Flowergate as a second home. We use it regularly, as do our extended family. I was aware of buying a second home and it’s effects on first time buyers wanting to get there foot on the ladder. However Whitby I feel is still good value and one/two bed flats can still be bought for a reasonable price and decent terraced houses start for £110K, still a lot of money but comparable elsewhere. We pay our council tax, shop locally when possible and frequent the the many pubs, cafes and attractions. I’m also steadily getting to know a few locals and feel my custom and friendship is appreciated. This country has lost its manufacturing base and is being replaced by services, much of which is poorly paid. Yes this is happening in Whitby, but my hometown of Sheffield as Im sure your all aware has seen this decline and no amount of out of town shopping and call centres will make up for this. In Whitby I see a town fighting for its independence, Whitby is special as are it’s townsfolk. Nick

  3. As Whitby has been driven down the ‘tourism’ track by our Councillors why don’t those responsible for education in this area establish a catering/hotel industry college, where young local people could be taught the full range of hotel industry skills to the highest standard? Once such a college had established a reputation as providing the highest quality training, the young people of Whitby would then be in demand across the UK and this would allow them, eventually, to work anywhere in the world, and not necessarily just in the hotel industry. Education is about broadening horizons, not just equipping people with skills to keep a roof over their heads. What we need are Council staff with vision who can get the necessary government funding and see such a project through. At present all we have is a lot hand wringing, talk of “upselling the tourism offer” (whatever that might mean) and little action. It’s not good enough.

  4. Far too many holiday homes. I live in a village & younger people cannot afford to pay the prices that properties are sold at. The council tax should be doubled on ALL second homes. The occupants come up & we see a supermarket delivery being made so there is very little money actually spent in the area.

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