“Economical With The Truth?” [Part One]

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“Economical With The Truth?” [Part One]

“Economical With The Truth?” [Part One]

  • – an ‘In My View’ article by Nigel Ward, reporting on some widely-believed assertions about the NYP Major Fraud Investigation Team’s investigation into the formation of new minerals companies in the NYMNP.                [Part Two to follow in the course of the week].


An article appeared in our regional newspaper, the Yorkshire Post, on Friday 3rd May 2013, entitled “Councillor probed on ‘failure to register company”, in which Scarborough Borough Council Legal Director Lisa DIXON was quoted as stating that former SBC Councillor (Con) and erstwhile Chair of the NYMNPA Planning Committee Tim LAWN’s failure to register his formation of, and directorship in, Hollybush Minerals Ltd in October 2012 had been reported to the North Yorkshire Police. She went on:

“Although a member of the public referred this to us as a complaint, we were already taking steps in relation to the matter. However, the investigation has now been referred to North Yorkshire Police and we are unable to comment any further at this time.”

Is that so?

Real Whitby had broken the story of Tim LAWN’s Register of Interest irregularities eight weeks before, on 8th March 2013; “From York Potash, With Love”.

Tim LAWN resigned from SBC – and thus from the NYMNPA – on 18th March 2013. Strangely, his Register of Interests was adjusted to include his interest in Hollybush Minerals Ltd just two days later on 20th March 2103.

Real Whitby subsequently expanded on that first article a fortnight later on 2nd April 2013, in a follow-up article entitled “From Scarborough Town Hall, With Anger”, commenting on the belated appearance of Hollybush Minerals Ltd on Tim LAWN’s Register of Interests.

It has since been confirmed by the North Yorkshire Police that the matter was referred to their Major Fraud Investigation Team only a matter of days before the publication of the Yorkshire Post article – in fact, during the week 29th April to 3rd May 2013.

And I have in my possession an email from a Johnston Press (JP) reporter, sent earlier this month, asserting that in a telephone conversation to SBC a month previously (circa Monday 8th April 2013), the assurance was given that Tim LAWN’s apparent failure to have declared his interest in Hollybush Minerals Ltd was nothing more than an oversight – an inadvertent failure to update the on-line Register of Interests in a timely manner.

In fact, a Formal Complaint from a member of the public was sent by email to Lisa DIXON, in her capacity as Monitoring Officer of SBC, on 21st March 2013 – at least a fortnight before SBC asserted to the JP journalist that everything was in order.

In other words;


SBC’s assertion to the JP journalist on around 8th April 2013 (nearly three weeks after the Formal Complaint of 21st March 2013) that there were at that time no grounds for taking action against Tim LAWN  – let alone reporting him to the Police – was the truth  . . .


Lisa DIXON’s statement to the Yorkshire Post on 3rd May 2013 that it was already known before the Formal Complaint of 21st March 2013 that a serious breach of the law had taken place was outright disinformation – a lie.

Conversely, if Lisa DIXON was telling the truth, why had the JP journalist been provided with blatant disinformation – a lie.

Let us be clear; both cannot be true.

Somebody has been  “economical with the truth”.

But who? And why?

One explanation may be that any delay in reporting the matter to the Major Fraud Investigation Team was motivated by a desire to avoid any further adverse publicity damaging to the Council, the NYMNPA and the prospects of re-election of the ‘double-dippers’ (predominantly Conservatives) in the NYCC elections on 2nd May 2013.

Another explanation might be that Lisa DIXON’s letters threatening legal action against Real Whitby and the Corruption Busters (28th March 2013) would be terminally undermined by an admission that it was, in fact, Real Whitby who had alerted her to a very serious breach of the Code of Conduct on the part of Tim LAWN that she, as Monitoring Officer, had completely overlooked.

But there is more.

Stay tuned to Real Whitby – and ask yourself this:

If everything in the garden is rosy – why are they distributing so much ‘fertilizer’?



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  1. Rupert Ferguson May 19, 2013 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    As is so often the case in Local Government, we have a situation in which those who are supposedly in control are incapable of playing by their own rules!

  2. Brian Dodds May 20, 2013 at 6:34 am - Reply

    Wouldn,t you think that as a qualified solicitor Lisa Dixon would habitually pay attention to detail, she has made so many serious errors of judgement and told so many lies I don,t think she knows what the truth is any more. One fact is glaringly obvious, she is most definitely not a fit and proper person to hold the position of monitoring officer, she is lacking in all of the prime virtues required for such a responsible position. Honour, integrity, and strength of character are what is needed, she has not shown any of those qualities in her dealings with all the corruption that has come to light, exactly the opposite in fact.

    • Gerald. May 20, 2013 at 11:54 am - Reply

      Solicitors, a dominant area of law, is criminal – law. A solicitor is known to represent clients who make false statements, even ones who during a case will change their statement. And the solicitor will ” act ” as if they themselves are the apex of integrity and honour, and present a pose of strength of character, in presenting their clients lies, as if they are fact…… Do solicitors have capacity for independent thought ?
      Criminal law being so dominant, the methods used in courts are copied to all other areas of law. Solicitors as ‘notaries’ are mostly ‘copyists’.

      In most courts its the ‘policy’, decided by the ‘legal profession amongst themselves, with direct links to the political field, that determines how that particular court house runs, not law.
      Which may help to explain why corruption is large in some areas, but lower in others.
      The political and the legal fields are closely intertwined, which is behind the reasoning [certainly in Leeds ] why the public cannot find the ‘law books’ in the city’s central library. Yet its known the that the city has a large collection of ‘law books’… and also why, in the court houses, there in no ‘customer service’, where members of the public can consult regarding law and points of law, procedure in courts, how to find ‘precedent’ etc, even though its common knowledge, that any person can represent themselves in a court.
      So how does the ‘amateur’, representing themselves, or possibly someone else, manage against the ”professionals” ???

  3. James Miller May 20, 2013 at 10:29 am - Reply

    What goes around, comes around. Report on John Trebble in the (then) SEN, in 2005


    It appears that when you have corrupt councillors, the officers get away with it and when you have corrupt officers……..

  4. James Miller May 20, 2013 at 10:31 am - Reply

    Just noticed, Glenn. The site is still on GMT not BST.

  5. Nigel Ward May 20, 2013 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    Part Two tomorrow, folks. You may be shocked, you may be disgusted, but I promise you that you will not be surprised.

  6. Tim Hicks May 20, 2013 at 12:33 pm - Reply

    I think that Nigel makes a very interesting point above.

    On the one hand Mrs Dixon has written to Tim Thorne accusing him of publishing “malicious, untrue and defamatory” comments about Scarbroough Councillors on the one hand, but ignores the fact that his investigations about Councillor Lawn have assisted her in her duties as Monitoring Officer on the other.

    Tim Thorne appears to have acted entirely honestly and properly in notifying Mrs Dixon of potential misconduct on the 21st of March 2013. When Mrs Dixon investigated his concerns she found them to be sufficiently grave warrant her reporting them to the Police.

    Yet instead of thanking him for his assistance and bringing the matter to her attention, her response was to write to him seven days later calling him a liar, threatening legal action against him and demanding the closure of Real Whitby, -the publication which raised the issue- in what is obviously a clasic example of a free press acting responsibly in the public interest.


  7. Steve Old May 20, 2013 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    That must be the reason why they need the potash mine as lots of fertilizer is in great demand at SBC ask Lisa Dixon!

  8. Sage May 27, 2013 at 10:40 pm - Reply

    I would have thought that a complaint to the Law Society about Lisa Dixon might be worth considering.

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