Duck Nesting In Whitby Harbour On Sea Otter 2

sea otter 2 duck nesting on boat roof at whitby

Ducks Nesting In Whitby Harbour On Paul Kilpatrick’s Boat Sea Otter 2

Well this really takes some believing, I went to the boat this morning just to check things over. I noticed a a scratching on the roof of the boat and I thought not the bleeding seagulls again,

This time last year I had a pair of herring gulls who  took up residence on my wheelhouse roof. I had a right job with them, I took the nest away once then they came straight back and nested again

I had to put string across the the top of the wheelhouse roof to stop them nesting .

But to my amazement it wasnt a seagull, it was duck and she was laying her eggs as  i looked on.

Now Im thinking just how are those little ducklings going to get into the water before the seagulls spot them .

She has just layed another egg.

Please keep up with the story of the ducks over on the Whitby Fishing Forum – Here

Thanks For Reading – Paul Kilpatrick (Sea Otter 2 Skipper)

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2 Responses to "Duck Nesting In Whitby Harbour On Sea Otter 2"

  1. admin  April 9, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    If they hatch, you will have to net it off and feed them until they can leave, otherwise the gullies will eat them one at a time. Ive never seen a family of ducks survive in the harbour as the seagulls always pick them off. Horrible I know, but that’s nature.

  2. Alan  April 9, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Thats quackers


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