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Whitby, Scarborough And North Yorkshire Politics From An Anti Corruption Perspective. Looking Deep At The Ongoings At Scarborough Borough Council, Whitby Town Council And North Yorkshire County Council. Including An Occasional look At Our Conservative MP Roberto Goodwill.

Real Whitby: The ‘PRIVATE EYE’ Collection


The ‘PRIVATE EYE’ Collection In recent times, the investigative-journalism of the Real Whitby CORRUPTION BUSTERS team (TIM HICKS, NIGEL WARD and TIM THORNE – supported by a growing number of researchers, analysts and informants) – has drawn the attention of the country’s pre-eminent political exposé magazine PRIVATE EYE. In the ...

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Questions From Reporter Anne Czernik


I have, perhaps foolishly (Ive been warned never to speak to journalists), agreed to speak to a reporter regarding threat of closure of the site by Scarborough Borough Council.  Anne tells me she intends to try sell the story to The Morning Star and The Guardian. Scarborough Borough Councils Threat ...

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