Biographies of people who are no longer with us

North Yorkshire Folklore By Clare Welford

Submit your stories to The North York Moors have long since been surrounded in mystery..with folk tales of fairies and witches

Caedmon – The First English Poet At Whitby

Caedmon is perhaps one of Whitby's most famous ancestors, and although he lived a very long time ago he is

The Synod Of Whitby AD 664

The History Of Whitby In 596 the missionary Pope Gregory sent a reluctant bishop, Augustine, to the court of Ethelbert of Kent

R.I.P John Justin Coope b. 30.06.1956. d. 16.12.2012

RIP Justin. Another Whitby Character Gone, But Never To be Forgot John Justin Coope, Master Chocolatier, generally known as Justin,

Huntrodds Gravestone At St Marys Grayeyard

The History Of Whitby - The Huntrodds Gravestone The Huntrodds Gravestone can be found at the rear of St Marys Church. The

Martin Carthy: ‘I’m not interested in heritage: this stuff is alive’

On the eve of his 70th birthday, the singer and guitarist Martin Carthy talks about tradition, family – and why subversion is at the heart of English folk music

Roy Townsend RIP

Pictured here outside the Railway Station is Roy Townsend with his record breaking Esk Sea Trout. Roy was a local legend on

Whitby Brunswick Centre – Brunswick Church Gains New Lease Of Life !!

Located half way down Brunswick street, the Whitby Brunswick Centre was originally the Brunswick Methodist Church. This beautiful listed building is now